Spider Man and Deadpool decide to prank their local Chick Fil A and McDonald's by going to the drive thru and ordering some food!

Richard tells the story of his first ever date!!

An animated music video.

The Extra EXTRA early edition ūüėā


Gotta stay High, all the time. Animated by me Richard.

An animation by me, the song used is called, "Two Time by Jack Stauber"

The Undead Reunion Video will be uploaded very soon! So stay tuned!!

Even more animated videos!

More animated music videos!

A bunch of animations in one video!

Richard talks about his visit back to his ex's house. If you like this video subscribe, and become part of the RICH ARMY!

Mr.Happy is new to the Tree Corporation. He has one goal in his mind, prove everyone wrong.

Richard talks about Fuck Boys and how they are the scum of the Earth. If you like this video, make sure to subscribe and become part of the RICH ARMY!


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