The Apocalyptic Hour is interrupted by a breaking news bulletin by Hugh Millotson.

The crime boss of Mergatroid and a woman who murdered her abusive husband are guests on THE LES TOMAC SHOW.

Anastaz Bulemi has a new exploitation movie out...

More of those classic TV ads from back in the day!

A "what if" episode...

Mergatroid's drive-in theatre offers some chilling fare...

The mother of the slain artist Blatson is out for revenge against anyone who ever slighted her son.

A look at a legendary institution as it moved to a new location.

The announcement of imminent nuclear missile strikes upon major cities.

Sharon Cielo is becoming more more than she once was


Mergatroid's televangelist is on a roll...

A tribute to one half of STERLING-COOPER...

The men of Sterling-Cooper...

A tribute to the female cast members of MAD MEN

Tribute to the MAD MEN character BETTY DRAPER (January Jones)

Another great assortment of entertaining vidoes.

An in-depth look at the MSK killer.

Call-in talk show about the Sana Fe, Texas high school shooting

RICH VERNADEAU productions 2018

The Texas school shooter was apprehended and has been identified.

When similar TV shows collide...

A leading animal healer is the guest on the call-in talk show DAILY TALK.

Take a trip back to the Sixties...

Analyzing the debacle of the mass demonetization of 95% of the small content creators on YouTube and how it is part of the downward spiral into which YouTube has fallen.


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A panel discusses self-publishing.