A review of the 1970 Neil Simon movie starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis.

Dippity-Do, Hai Karate, Ivory Soap commercials from the 60s.

Classic early 60s girl group sound.

Imogene Slowkowski has Uncle Frank as a guest on her show.

The madness in Mergatroid continues...

My fictional Italian director has been at work again...

The Spectator and Cassandra discuss mortality, immortality, and human affairs.

My fictional Italian director's exploitation movie best!

Former State Senator of West Virginia Jerry Ash on the DAILY TALK Show

This one has a surreal quality to it...

It could have happened...

A leader emerges in the Parallel Universe

A satire...

King Pedestrian declares war on the Parallel Universe.

What are YOUR memories of 1960s TV?

Imagine, if you will, a cocktail party at Sterling-Cooper...

A countdown of the Top 10 songs with the word rain in them.

Bette Davis Halloween mashup.

A tribute to David Chase and James Gandolfini, music by Europe.

Lt. Deckers hosts a true crime show set in Mergatroid City

The classic mix that had to happen...

A call-in talk radio show with JFK assassination researchers as guests.

A marriage grown bitter...

A "what if" episode that could have happened...

A day we will never forget.


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A panel discusses self-publishing.