Lt. Deckers hosts a true crime show set in Mergatroid City

The classic mix that had to happen...

A call-in talk radio show with JFK assassination researchers as guests.

A marriage grown bitter...

A "what if" episode that could have happened...

A day we will never forget.

Outstanding vocalist Queen Colleen performs.

Amazing performance from an outstanding performer.

Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, all the best in horror comics!

A tribute to Marilyn Monroe

The Spectator expresses his sentiments for Mergatroid City in song. Written and performed by Rich Vernadeau (Jeffrey Richard Varnado)

A satirical novelty song written by Rich Vernadeau (Jeffrey Richard Varnado)

Music video I created of the classic BALLAD OF BONNIE AND CLYDE

A tribute to the star of Herk Harvey's 1962 cult classic CARNIVAL OF SOULS

Shimiko Hiromoto consults the I-Ching and determines that Uncle Frank must marry her.

The Paperdoll War has escalated with increased incentives for human citizens.

Helen Skitters is being held captive and the Mergatroid serial killer claims more victims.

The kidnapped wife of Lt. Skitters analyzes her predicament.

Rich Vernadeau productions

The Top Secret Biotech Lab offers a number of services.

The search for the missing wife of Lt. Skitters.

The Mergatroid serial killer is back...and the wife of the lead investigator on the case is missing.

A tribute to some magnificent covers of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND,

Even in his sleep, the lead detective in the Mergatroid serial killer case cannot escape the case...

In the Parallel Universe, the counterpart of the Mergatroid serial killer is a successful corporate exec.


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A panel discusses self-publishing.