An analysis of the causes of violence and how to put an end to it.

Rich Vernadeau productions 2019

Rich Vernadeau productions 2019. The times they are a changin'...

The 700th episode of Crazy Insane Radio the series.

Switching channels on TV in the 1960s

Gianni Versace, Andrew Cunanan, death of Princess Diana and a deadly black bear attack at Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia. Rich Vernadeau productions 2019

A tribute to the classic Hammer horror films with Christopher Lee

Tribute to a young Paris, Texas man (1986-2009).

A satire of a recent news media event.

Rich Vernadeau productions 2019

Looking back at a monumental classic.

Classic early 60s girl group doo wop.

A tribute to the late great CAROL CHANNING

Talk show about Dane Andrews book on things you can do in your lifetime.

A look at the fabulous advertising art of the Sixties.

Classic retro doo wop written and performed by Rich Vernadeau (Jeffrey Richard Varnado), Rich DeVerne and the Turns

A tribute to the George Romero classic with updated 2019 dialogue!

Take a retro trip down memory lane...

Rich Vernadeau productions

Rich Vernadeau productions

Rich Vernadeau productions. Crazy Insane Radio Season 12, 269-276

Rich Vernadeau productions 2018

A tribute to Sharon Tate

"They're coming to get you Barbara" written and performed by Rich Vernadeau (Jeffrey Richard Varnado)

Lively call-in talk radio show.


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A panel discusses self-publishing.