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Jim talks about Ice Poseidon van rape incident and the Hong Kong protests.

Palmer as co-host, Kittystyle spergs, but otherwise low IQ takes.
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Guntman swears to perish the menace that are A-Logs from planet Earth. Join this superhero in his glorious fight against internet trolls.
Restreams: https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream, every weeknight at 9:30PM EST

Montagraph/OctoberReignz talks about the recent stream that Mister Metokur did with Nick Rekieta (archive available on my channel).

Jim is being threatened with a lawsuit from some boomer on the internet. Pay him. Pay him pay him pay him.

Dick Masterson joins Ralph as he tries to contain his seething rage for the newly returned Flamingo.


First the democratic debate, and then the BPS interview (pre-recorded). Nothing interesting.


A-log callers, technical issues, and sperging. Tonight has it all.
Raw video version: https://www.bitchute.com/video/lpkDQowgQD9W/
Restreams: https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream every weeknight at 9:30PM EST.


Jim collects his rent while it's not even hot outside.
01:39:45 Jim plays edits of ralph audio


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This channel documents the life of a man who cannot help her mother get to dialysis.
She has the option to call an uber; barring that, her only options are to get a ride from the man or hitchhike herself.
This is the story of a man known not by name but by his Gunt.