Who won the Dakar rally from 1979 to 2022?
Let's praise our heroes the Dakar winners: Cyril Neveu, Hubert Auriol, Gaston Rahier, Edi Orioli, Gilles Lalay, Stéphane Peterhansel, Richard Sainct, Fabrizio Meoni, Nani Roma, Cyril Depres, Marc Coma, Toby Price, Sam Sunderland, Matthias Walkner, Ricky Brabec, Kevin Benavides.

More from the Dakar rally: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6XMXsEOUKL5-7XZbWevBcyZ6yi2Vhj5u

00:00 Intro
00:04 1979 - 2022 Dakar Rally Winners
00:11 1979: Cyril Neveu (Yamaha XT 500)
00:17 1980: Cyril Neveu (Yamaha XT 500)
00:23 1981: Hubert Auriol (BMW R 80 GS)
00:29 1982: Cyril Neveu (Honda XR 550)
00:35 1983: Hubert Auriol (BMW R 80 GS)
00:41 1984: Gaston Rahier (BMW R 80 GS)
00:48 1985: Gaston Rahier (BMW R 80 GS)
00:53 1986: Cyril Neveu (Honda NXR 750V)
00:59 1987: Cyril Neveu (Honda NXR 750V)
01:05 1988: Edi Orioli (Honda NXR 800V)
01:11 1989: Gilles Lalay (Honda NXR 800V)
01:17 1990: Edi Orioli (Cagiva Elefant 900)
01:23 1991: Stéphane Peterhansel (Yamaha YZE 750T)
01:29 1992: Stéphane Peterhansel (Yamaha YZE 850T)
01:35 1993: Stéphane Peterhansel (Yamaha YZE 850T)
01:41 1994 Edi Orioli (Cagiva Elefant 900)
01:47 1995 Stéphane Peterhansel (Yamaha YZE 850T)
01:53 1996 Edi Orioli (Yamaha YZE 850T)
01:59 1997 Stéphane Peterhansel (Yamaha YZE 850T)
02:05 1998 Stéphane Peterhansel (Yamaha YZE 850T)
02:11 1999 Richard Sainct (BMW F650 RR)
02:17 2000 Richard Sainct (BMW F650 RR)
02:23 2001 Fabrizio Meoni (KTM LC4 660 R)
02:29 2002 Fabrizio Meoni (KTM LC8 950R)
02:35 2003 Richard Sainct (KTM LC4 660 R)
02:41 2004 Nani Roma (KTM LC4 660 R)
02:47 2005 Cyril Depres (KTM LC4 660 R)
02:53 2006 Marc Coma (KTM LC4 660 R)
02:59 2007 Cyril Depres (KTM LC4 690 Rally)
03:05 2009 Marc Coma (KTM 690 Rally)
03:11 2010 Cyril Depres (KTM 690 Rally)
03:17 2011 Marc Coma (KTM 450 Rally)
03:23 2012 Cyril Depres (KTM 450 Rally)
03:29 2013 Cyril Depres (KTM 450 Rally)
03:35 2014 Marc Coma (KTM 450 Rally)
03:41 2015 Marc Coma (KTM 450 Rally)
03:47 2016 Toby Price (KTM 450 Rally)
03:53 2017 Sam Sunderland (KTM 450 Rally)
03:59 2018 Matthias Walkner (KTM 450 Rally)
04:05 2019 Toby Price (KTM 450 Rally)
04:11 2020 Ricky Brabec (Honda CRF 450 Rally)
04:17 2021 Kevin Benavides (Honda CRF 450 Rally)
04:23 2022 Sam Sunderland (GasGas 450 Rally)

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The Belgian Gaston Rahier (1947-2005), with 1.57m (5ft 1.8in), contributed decisively to the dissemination of off-road motorcycle races, the result of his sporting success and his personality, both combative and relentless in proof, as well as affable, at ease and always available to the press.

00:00 Please use headphones
00:05 Disclaimer: viewer discretion is advised
00:08 Intro
00:41 The sporting career of Gaston Rahier (1963-2000)
00:44 The motocross career (1963-1982)
00:53 1963 Rahier is the Belgian junior champion (Benelli)
01:10 1968 Rahier gets 1st point in the 500cc world motocross ("CZ")
01:26 1970 Rahier is the Belgian 250cc motocross ("CZ") champion
01:32 Suzuki publicity for Gaston Rahier 125cc motocross world champion in 1975, 1976 and 1977
01:38 1974 Jacky Everts, Roger de Coster and Gaston Rahier (the Belgian world champions)
01:59 1978 Rahier World 125cc Vice Champion (Suzuki)
01:53 Interview with Gaston Rahier: "the world champion motocross in 1979?"
02:30 1982 The crash that ended Rahier's motocross career
02:44 The motocross bikes of Gaston Rahier (1963-1982)
03:12 1975, 1976, 1977 "Suzuki" Rahier 125cc Motocross World Champion
03:22 1978 "Suzuki" Rahier Runner-Up World Motocross 125cc Champion
03:37 The endurance rally career of Gaston Rahier (1983-2000)
03:43 Rahier (nr 98), of the “BMW Capito Team”, leads the Dakar 1983 rally from the start and gives up due to oil pump failure on January 6, 1983
05:44 1984 Dakar Rally Interview with Gaston Rahier
08:14 Gaston Rahier wins the 1984 Dakar Rally
09:49 Gaston Rahier wins the 1984 Pharaohs Rally
16:42 Gaston Rahier wins the Paris Dakar Rally 1985
17:55 Interview with Rahier at the 1985 Pharaohs Rally (fired at Gaston Rahier and Cyril Neveu)
19:24 Gaston Rahier wins the 1985 Pharaohs Rally
19:41 1985 Safari Rally Australia (Sydney-Darwin). 10,000kms (6,214 miles)
20:28 Gaston Rahier wins Rally Safari Australia 1985
21:11 Gaston Rahier receives "Belgian Sportsman of the Year 1985" award
23:32 Gaston Rahier accident at the 1986 Dakar Rally (broken 6 ribs and a calvicle)
27:00 The participation of Gaston Rahier in endurance sports car competitions (1986-1988)
32:34 Hubert Auriol's accident at the 1987 Dakar Rally
34:10 Dakar Rally 1988 interview with Rahier about the move from BMW to Suzuki
Rahier's participation in the Dakar 1988
39:16 Gaston Rahier wins the 1988 Pharaohs Rally with Suzuki
39:45 Interview with Rahier at the 1989 Dakar Rally
41:39 Interview with Rahier at the 1989 Tunisia Rally
43:14 4th place Rahier in the 1989 Tunisia Rally
43:33 Rahier in 1990 Dakar Rally 11 420kms (7 096 miles). 136 motorcycles at departure. 46 motorcycles upon arrival.
45:27 The Gaston Rahier team at the 1991 Dakar (Raimond Loizeaux, Franco Picco, Gaston Rahier, Jean-Christophe Wagner, Andy Brunner, Akira Watanabe)
46:48 Gaston Rahier's rally bikes (1983-2000)
48:24 Gaston Rahier from 1992 to 2005
48:27 Interview with Gaston Rahier (1993) about his sporting career
48:49 "What is Gaston Rahier's best memory from his sporting career?"
49:13 Drivers who crossed the finish line at the 1985 Dakar Rally (in order of arrival): Gaston Rahier, Jean-Claude Olivier, Franco Picco, Andrea Marinoni, Cyril Neveu, Chuck Stearns, François Charliat, Hubert Auriol, Grégoire Verhaeghe, Christian Courtois, Alain Spira, Gilles Picard, Carlos Mas, Alessandro Zanichelli, Giles Lallay, Raphael de Montremy, Marcel Pilet, Dominique Valadon, Marc Joineau, Jean-Michel Baron, Herbert Schek, Daniel Pescheur, Michel Parmentier, Julian de Jonghe, Herman Verboven , Gérard Paineau, Beppe Gualini
49:31 "Was the motocross accident in France in 1982 a bad memory in the career of Gaston Rahier?"
50:02 "Gaston Rahier won the Paris-Dakar Rally twice?"
50:21 "In Gaston Rahier's opinion, what are the main differences between the early Dakar Rally and the current (nineties)?"
51:05 Gaston Rahier at "Mongolian Rally 1999" (SSER Organisation)
52:07 Gaston Rahier at the 1999 "Rally Gaston Rahier Meeting"
52:24 Gaston Rahier at the 2001 "Rally Gaston Rahier Meeting"
52:30 2001 Gaston Rahier supports new talent: Christophe Martin with France Lartigot
52:38 Gaston Rahier at SSER Organisation's "Rallye Gaston Rahier Classic"
52:46 2002 Gaston Rahier at SSER Organization's "Rally Raid Mongol"
52:54 Gaston Rahier at the SSER Organisation's "Rallye Gaston Rahier Classic"
53:03 2002 Gaston Rahier supports new talent in Loisirs (Paris), France
53:05 Gaston Rahier at "Rally Raid Mongol" (2003) by SSER Organization
53:17 Gaston Rahier at SSER Organization's "Rally Tour de Nippon 2004"
53:37 The Belgian Post issues a postage stamp in honor of Gaston Rahier (2004)
53:41 Gaston Rahier explains the difference between motocross and endurance rally
54:13 Gaston Rahier 1947-2005
54:20 Our special thanks to: "Amotoras Cheias Chão", "Bensound", "CO.AG Music", "Repulsive", "Soundimage.org", "SSER Organisation" and "Stefan Hessler".

New Aprilia Tuareg 660 with specs.

Bike ÉCUREUIL 1000 ERS (prototype).

See the pilot Pierre-Marie Poli at 180km/h (112 miles), just 2 meters from the filming helicopter, in search of greater top speed, in the memorable dispute for the leadership of the general classification with Patrick Tambay's Range Rover at 200km/h (124 miles), in the 1988 Dakar.

They finished the stage tied after this epic duel.

Due to the spark plug failure, he was 15 kms from the finish line at Dakar beach, when he was still leading the race.

Pierre Marie Poli's motorcycle (nr. 88) is the Écureuil 1000 ERS prototype.

Number of motorcycles entered in the 1988 Paris Dakar Rally:
1) on departure: 180
2) reaching the end of the Dakar: 34

00:00 Start
00:02 Pierre Marie Poli Dakar 1988
00:14 The duel between Patrick Tambay (Range Rover) and Pierre-Marie Poli (Écureuil) for the leadership of the general classification, was constant throughout the stage
00:51 Pierre Marie Poli at 180 km/h (112 miles), finds his solution to increase his top speed.
01:26 Patrick Tambay (Range Rover) was traveling at 200 km/h (124 miles)
01:51 The stage of the race ended in a draw
01:57 Arrival at the Pierre-Marie Poli stage finish after a sandstorm. It arrived 3 hours ahead of the rest of the competitors.
02:22 Due to the spark plug failure, he was 15 kms from the finish line at Dakar beach, when he was still leading the race.

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“We Will Get There”
“Now so Peaceful”

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The AJP Motos brand.
AJP's history, models and mission.

00:00 Start
00:01 Introduction
00:09 Factory
00:12 The History of AJP
00:17 António Pinto, founder and executive director of AJP
00:29 AJP's initial objective was the design, research and development of motorcycles
00:45 AJP changes its aim for design, development and production
01:19 The Ariana 125 was AJP's first model
01:29 AJP's Galp 50 model
01:35 AJP's 4-stroke engine
01:54 AJP's first generation of PR4
02:07 The 400cc Proto. The base model of the AJP range.
02:20 The PRP PR3 PR4 PR5 models from AJP
02:26 The AJP Mission
02:54 The location, research and development, production of AJP
03:50 AJP PR7

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Version 2020

00:00 Start
00:01 Introduction
00:06 New rear view mirrors
00:12 New flashers
00:18 PR7 ADVENTURE in action
00:24 New BREMBO brake system
00:31 New brake discs
00:36 PR7 ADVENTURE in action
00:42 New front suspension forks
00:50 New geometry of the rear suspension
00:52 New machined rear suspension linkage
00:55 PR7 ADVENTURE in action
01:01 New air filter cover
01:07 Improved fuel pump, new MAHLE fuel filter, new racing and standard injection maps
01:12 PR7 ADVENTURE in action
01:19 New lithium battery
01:25 Redesigned radiators
01:31 Improved rear wheel axle
01:35 PR7 ADVENTURE in action
01:42 New stickers
01:51 New tablet panel

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Pierre Marie Poli Paris Dakar Rally 1988. Ecureuil 1000 ERS. Motorcycle bike. Bike enduro. Motorcycle Rally. Paris Algier Dakar Rally 1988 1989.


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