Finished it after the Christmas 8chanmania so it was not used. Enjoy.

A Flour Commercial

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Default chan survives peeping coma and space turkey invasion.

Default chan is transformed for Halloween mania

Cooking with snek final episode.


Don't be mad.

It worked less than 24 hours ago now suddenly this box provides a minute long struggle in the Bloodstained Demo. Now with more bloody tears.

8ChanMania Final Tournament Preshow

8ChanMania final tournament Intro

The final tournament begins

Part 2

The battle continues

Half way there

Closer to the finals.

Last rounds and the Final battle.

This final video includes the winners wish, the credits and the alternate wishes.

After winning the 8chan tan mania Sly Marbo received a lucrative commercial deal.

Credit to Bruva Alfabusa for his original Sly Marbo video and the audio stolen from it to make this video

Another animu request.

First Match
Umaru vs Cola Polar Bear for the last bottle of cola

Second Match
Cerno vs Jack Frost For the Ice Championship belt.

Third Match
Yuuka and Mio vs Yule Log and Gingerbread Man for the tag title

Fourth Match
Eight Tiny Reindeer compete in a battle royal to determine who will fill the empty slot in the tournament main event

Fifth Match
This main event tournament features the following fighters

Frosty Snowman
Iczer One

Christmas Tree
Real Santa by Uber-n00bie
The Ghose of Christmas Future
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Elf Foreman
The winner of the reindeer battle Royal fills the final spot.

I would like to thank the Drunken Mall santa who stepped in to referee at the last minute.

All of the Christmas music is Royalty free music avaliable at http://www.freexmasmp3.com/

Kazuma Vs Chris battle for the pantsu.

A-ko Vs Mari anime to Fire pro and back.

March 30 2018
Original draw and edit Time 3 hour 11 minutes
Saturday Nights Mon Event parody of the old WWF Saturday Nights Main Event intro created for MONOUNCER and 8 /monster/ Federation Wrestling Fire Pro Wrestling World events held 6pm CST Saturday's. https://cytu.be/r/8chMonsterFedWrestling

After a long and entertaining Oekaki filled "consoles as weapons" thread on 8 /v/. OP's fortress was created in Oekaki
September 24 2017
Multi image short.


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