Holy shit! More head spins then death....WTF?
The poison sets the conditions to have a stroke. Strokes do exist. Graphene oxide blocks the blood flow, creating clots, especially when it is electromagnetically stimulated (a strong signal).
Notice the vascular condition of his jugular how it's bulging, that occurs due to blockage or JVD and a sign of heart failure. Don't ever get the vax guys no matter what they say!
Poor man and may he Rest In Peace.....

More spinny spinnies!! Poor chap.
All happy chatting then......he spins then dies.....
He did that weird “head spin” before he died. Whats with these spins??
What are these people seeing?
Dead whilst live on air.....
He did the "spin", turns around and around. And dies in agony. We have seen this many times before. He was so young.

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Guest: Christopher Saccoccia (Chris Sky) - (Controversial but well known) Freedom, Health and Human Rights Activist
Content: About his activities in the last two years in Canada. Where are we today?
Is COVID over? They seem to be on the decline in many countries - travel restrictions and vaccination ordinances are being lifted....
Also about the influence of George Soros in the opposition and the issue of controlled opposition.

Dr. Tom Cowan responds to other doctors who are against the TOXIC JABS but oppose his views about viruses.

Leeds rally for freedom UK 26/11/2022

Keep fighting and spreading the truth.
Join the criminal investigation teams at save us now.
Fuck the BBC! (British Brainwashing Commission).
[email protected]

New bill in Canada set to target ppl who refuse the TOXIC VACCINES by declaring them mentally insane & putting them on psychiatric meds, ability to seize property, censor them, and change def. of 'informed consent'. Bill C-36 lays the groundwork for forced vaccination.

Ex Vice President of Pfizer Dr. Mike Yeadon speaks with Dr Stephan Becker on why the depopulation - eugenics agenda is real & how to fight it.

So green!!! So environmentally friendly!!!!
Electric green scooters that have reached end of battery life.
A) Due to the battery itself being so expensive to replace it makes more sense to judt buy an entire brand new scooter.
B) Being highly corrosive and dangerous.. digging, breaking, dumping in water, or destroying can't be done so instead they get stored like this forever.

MAN IN AMERICA - Dr. David Martin does a great and honest interview. States the truth; Billions will die from the 'vaccine' not millions.
Estimates say 70% of the entire world is 'vaccinated' which is probably closer to 50%.

Without a heart, evil, satanic, delusional monster🤯
Evil to the core.... Satan personified 🤬🤬 Remember he is Klaus Schwab's (World Economic Forum) chief advisor!! Never forget that.
Note - he is also a massively gay Jewish poo punching faggot......ummmmm just saying....

Billionaire & Freedom Fighter Steve Kirsch who offered $2M USD for Fauci and other toxic 'vaccine' pushers to debate him & other MD's against the 'vaccine' gets interviewed in detail.

Ever wonder why Leftist-Liberals keep calling our country a 'democracy' when it's a Constitutional Republic?

🔴Russian prisoners of war executed in cold blood by Ukrainian AZOV Nazi's.
And of course the World "Stands with Ukraine"
🔴Special investigative report by Swedish Doctors for Human Rights.
Don't worry the moment of death is not shown for anybody who is a bit Squeamish....
I don't like to show these videos but it has to be shown....

TERMINATOR IS FINALLY HERE!!! San Francisco future dystopian city today! The once beautiful city and now place of PUBLIC SHITS, GARBAGE, and USED SYRINGES will now use POLICE 👮 ROBOTS 🤖 WITH DEADLY FORCE.
This is what LIBERALISM DOES TO YOUR CITY. It's YOUR FAULT you BRAINDEAD LEFTISTS for voting this crap in!!!

What is your msg for her/him/they/them/it?
I actually debated with myself about giving this SOYBOY FASCIST any airtime but I felt it important to let my subscribers know what these fuckwits think.
UTL COMMENT:- if that's what he likes, I would be happy to hold this fuckface down and inject him with Pfizer / Moderna / J&J / Sinopharm until he's having epileptic spasms all over the floor.....
For his health of course...

Avi interviews Clive Palmer...


Professor Patrick M. Wood and Dr. Mercola discussion on who and what the enemy is that is behind 'the great reset', sustainable development, ESG, Green/electric vehicles, transhumanism/transgenderism

UTL Comment:- this is a great interview.
Put your headphones on and listen to it whilst working in the garden or doing something else this weekend...that's what I always do when busy...

Avi Yemini talks about the Sack Dan Andrews Party....
Send this to ALL of your sleeping family and friends!!!
The world has gone mad!!!

Great message from this Canadian woman!!
Trudeau's mandates and divisional bullshit ruined Canada!
Fidel Castro's love child has caused society to be torn at the seams...
He caused division, hate and economic collapse.
Trudeau is a RACIST PIG.

Sorry all I have no idea who this chap is so I shall call him - 'Some guy sitting on a chair'!
(But I like his message).
NO AMNESTY!!! (They gave us none!!)

PS - If you know who he is let me know in the comments below...(this was sent to me)...

The shitty thing is is that most of 'good' cops left their force in these past couple of years, leaving all the methed up, raging Godless Gay angry wannabe communist pigs to wreak havoc and defend the political pedos and shit-fiddlers.
Its frustrating to see the sheep's running around getting their shots and boosters. Completely clueless of that it WILL kill them in the end. That's what the COVID 'vaccines' were manufactured to do. It can take up to 10 years, but it will kill them. They were designed so it would take some years for most to die. So when the death toll rises dramatically, no one's gonna put it together with the COVID vaccine they got in the beginning of the decade.

UTL COMMENTS:- Corona Virus = common cold. Its the definition in all medical dictionaries. The world has gone full retard.
Ummmmmmmm.....nothing more to say here.....except that I hope that the jab was worth it and may she rest in peace.......

Catch and release???
Time for a good laugh.
UTL Comment:- I did that once with a new battery - I was in a dinghy - it was night and we needed torchlight and I opened up a packet of new batteries. I took the old battery out of the torch and then threw the new battery into the water!!! AGH!!
I looked down at my hand and thought - FFFAAAARRK THAT'S THE OLD BATTERY IN MY HAND!
The people around me laughed - yep - embarrassing.......!
.....but doing the same thing to your phone is much worse!!!


Created 1 year, 9 months ago.

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Category News & Politics

I don't do this Channel for money - in fact it isn't even monetised. (Bitchute is poorly monitised anyway). I am only doing this out of an instinct to save lives and save humanity - plus to wake up and UNITE my fellow man from the tyranny that is currently happening and even worse is coming.

I have actually personally lost 3 of my friends from the killshot which is one of the reasons why I have this channel.
But I don't know of anyone who has died solely from COVID-19? Hmmmm....
COVID was #38 in the top deaths in Australia last year and 74% of them died from other comorbidities (ABS website)! It's nothing to worry about. The median death age from it is 86.9 years old (source ABS website) which is 4 years older than the average life expectancy!!!!!!!
The whole thing is a MASSIVE SCAM and all they want is to get that damned shot into your body. That's all.
If you have had it then sorry but you have been massively CONNED. Please don't have another one.

I did have another channel of the same name on YouTube, however they KEPT ON DELETING THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL! It's been deleted 12 times now. HENCE I HAVE CREATED THIS NEW CHANNEL AT BITCHUTE where I can put 'more risky' material (aka THE TRUTH)!

My 12th YouTube incarnation YOUTUBE have just DELETED on 17/03/22.
I think I give up on YouTube now.
YOUTUBE ARE ANTI-FREE SPEECH [email protected] COMMUNISTIC [email protected]@RDS!!! So thanks Bitchute for allowing free speech on your platform.

Remember - those who are behind today's current man-made crisis, are those who control the worlds Media, Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc) and most Governments World-wide.

What do I stand for?
I support freedom and true democracy for all.
I support the right to choose. If you want the death shot then go for it. But they are calling it 'informed consent' but it's NOT. They are not telling you about the millions of vaccine injuries and deaths now are they?
I support human rights and bodily autonomy for everybody.
I support the TRUTH to come out about this virus scam and also about other scams perpetuated upon humanity in the past.
I am very concerned at what's coming down the line for humanity and I wish to wake up as many people as possible.
If that makes me an 'extremist' then so be it.

If you want what's been proven to be a death shot - go for it - it's a free World, but I don't. You have been massively LIED to about COVID and also the inoculations (oh sorry, 'vaccines') and it's my job to provide more info here so that you can make an 'informed decision'.
The Inoculations killed every single animal in the very short period of trials that they had. That's all you need to know!

BRING ON NUREMBURG 2.0!!! And all trialed and found guilty should be punished!!!!