A misc update

Part 3

The land has sold and we all must leave but not before 9 of us decided we wanted to solidify our friendship/association with each other.

Part 4

The new owners are making it difficult to stay on the land by removing the ONLY stove to cook anything! I've decided to go to Kaua'i and work at a La Ola farm in Kilauea.

goes along with number 1

I have decided to leave the farm because of the power struggle going on between the two owners (a couple) and hike Kalalau Trail; rated as one of the top 10 most dangerous hikes!

I honestly don't remember what I said in the video. It's been many years since I've watched any of these! We are ALWAYS ascending in vibration... especially during this particular cycle we are in. Energies are increasing every day; helping us purge the lower vibrations from our mental, emotional AND physical bodies.

I re-watched for the first time in years and realize that I don't have part II of this. When it cuts off at the end, I was saying that the Sun, Earth and the Galactic Center were going to line up. what I have since learned is that Dec 21, 2012 (and I was in Kalalau Valley for this!) was when our Earth became completely engulfed in the Photon Belt of (I'm assuming) our sister Sun, Alcyone of the Pleiades. This time was also a marker that if we made it past that date without destroying ourselves, that we are assured (by our own CHOICE) that we, as a collective and a planet, WILL ascend. This video stands as part of my story of going to Kalalau. You can read about that adventure by going to my blog.

This was done while I was at Ola Farm In Kilauea, Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

Continuation of my experience with Grandmother.

Last one of three.

The land sells and people start leaving one at a time.

not sure what this one is...

If I remember right, I had to tell the group that I didn't feel like I was integrating well and I felt left out.

Update from Pangaia 2010

another video from when I was on Big Island. This was the earthquake that happened on March 11th, 2010 in Japan that struck Fukushima. A few of us decided to move to higher ground while we waited for the Tsunami that never came.

This is a video I have on YT and I made back in 2010 when I left mainstream living to go to the Big Island to live within a raw/vegan community called Pangaia. Pangaia is no longer. It's now a different community and NOTHING like it was. I followed intuitive guidance going there.

Kudos to Tim Pool, Gary Lamb and THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!! Donald J. Trump. I forgot to mention... my point in mentioning Kerry Cassidy interviewing Bill Wood and Dan Burisch was that they were talking about the ET tech called "looking glass". This has been mentioned by Q. There is no doubt that they did indeed look into the future to see the potential outcomes from choices made. This is why Trump has been at least 10 steps ahead of the "left" in his countermeasures to foil the plan of the deep state.

My mind got blown last night and I had to make a video telling people why I don't agree with what Zach H. (Gematria Effect News on YT) says about Trump and our Anon Patriot Insider. I also talk a little bit about my "revelation".

The chaos we are seeing is a symptom of the high frequency energy that is coming to our planet right now and for many years now.

This is allowing us to see what we haven't allowed ourselves to see (until now). This is preparing us, for all of us, as One, to create the new reality that we all wish to experience... it will be a Reality that "works for the best and highest good of All involved". Period. No details needed. "The Devil is in the details" is referring to the ego needing to add what it thinks is needed based on PERSONAL need, not collective. "best and highest good for all involved" takes into account EVERYONE'S needs and desires and allowing the Universal Heart to fill in the details as it ALREADY KNOWS what the needs and desires are... ;-)

a continuation.

My first time being on the air @ the radio station.

Gang stalking and electronic warfare is REAL! It's all coming to an end and even closer since I made this 2 years ago. Hang in there!

How seeing things as they are sets aside judgment. Free Will explained.

What you resist persists.


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This has been started as a BACKUP to Youtube. I have no idea if I will be censored, however, given that I have started talking about what is going on in the outside world... and that I promote Love, Empowerment and TRUTH etc., I am erring on the side of caution as these values hold no value to the far "left" and controlling factions we have in our society.

I believe in people, I believe in Love and KNOW without a doubt per my OWN experience that Love does indeed, conquer fear, hate and all of the other emotions on the negative side of the scale.