18 years ago, shortly after the terrorist attacks, I gathered footage from various news sites' online videos using a really crappy video capture program (hence the low resolution and jerkiness of the footage) and edited it together into this commemorative video.

An a cappella group provides an alternate English opening for the Japanese romantic tragedy game Kana Imouto.

For some reason, Journey decided to do its music video for this song in various spots around an industrial warehouse.

"...but it was all a dream; a creepy mullet-headed checkered-shirted dream..."

A national spelling bee takes a dark turn when the judges require the contestants to spell a word that's easy to spell, but not very diplomatic to recite in mixed company.

Lord Salisbury throws a party at his manor at which several guests who are later to become quite famous for their inventions are in attendance.

In the era of Abscam, Abdul and his family decide to show the FBI how to do the job properly.

Arab bedouin Abdul and his family deal with living in Bel Air with all the swimming pools, movie stars... and Jews.

Billy Idol does some weird stuff with some weird people in some weird settings in this weird music video.

Dusto McNeato sings about Billy Idol doing some weird stuff with some weird people in some weird settings in this literal interpretation of this weird music video.

This is the video the gaystapo got banned in Canada and on YouTube because it dared to refer to them by the proper term for a bundle of wood used as fuel for the fire.

This instrumental from Larry Fast was always good musical accompaniment for long journeys at night, which is exactly what happens in this Japanese animated movie.

A love song, of all things, proves to be a good fit for Catherine Hardwicke's adaptation of the classic Christmas story for this music video.

Lisa Loeb's song proves to fit remarkably well with an anime about a pair of siblings on the road to ruin.

A song about fiery passion from the first Terminator movie also proves rather appropriate for a short anime flick about a girl who "trips" through time every time she gets caught in a blaze. Who'd have guessed?

For an anime series about a guy who inadvertently proves to be quite a chick magnet, Robert Palmer's apologetic song is a good fit.

As it happened, a song about the snowfall by Nightnoise fit very well with a particular episode of Hana Yori Dango.

From some of the best animated adaptations of Biblical stories, here's another excellent video for Easter.

An anime series about abuse and reconciliation gets fitted to Michael W. Smith's song about reconciliation.

Jewel's song goes well with a Japanese animated series that could just as easily be called "Hot For Teacher: The Anime."

This song by Alison Krauss pretty neatly summarizes what everyone's thinking by the end of I My Me Strawberry Eggs, in which pretty much all of the romances end in tears.

Janis Ian's "Light A Light" + Steven Spielberg's AI: Artificial Intelligence = a pretty decent music video.

An excellent music video for Easter.

Here's an alternative music video someone made for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's epic Christmas medley using footage from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sue Saad performs what might as well be a music video in Radioactive Dreams.


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