Jupiter and Saturn from 2019 04 19. The video is from the from after it has been stabilised with PIPP.
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Here is the stabilised video for the transit of Ganymede of Jupiter that I caught on 2019 06 26. I didn't have any tracking at the time so I used the drift technique where video of the planet drifting across the field of view. Jupiter pulsates because at edge of the field of view it dims. To stabilise PIPP ( is used.

This is a short video of my first attempt at tracking the moon with my motorised EQ2 mount. I couldn't see the celestial pole from my observing location so I had to use an app to align my mount so not ideal.

Here is some footage taken with my telescope on an un-tracked Dobsonian mount and webcam then a still was created from the video. The still was created using Image Composite Editor from Microsoft Research division of Microsoft Corporation.
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