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07/13/2021: R&B Monthly Seminar: "Medical War Crimes: Amalek -- His Nature and Methods and the Erev Rav" (Episode Two) with Host Rabbi Chananya Weissman and Special Guest Speaker Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

07/07/2021: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko talks with author John Leake about treating his patients for Covid-19 and then sharing his insight with the White House. In spite of (or because of) President Trump’s initial embrace of Dr. Zelenko’s treatment protocol, government agencies such as the NIH and FDA first dismissed it, and then prevented public access to its key ingredient, hydroxychloroquine. This deliberate suppression of a life saving medication led to the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
Dr. Vadimir Zev Zelenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine and grew up in New York City. He earned his M.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

06/30/2021: Dr. Peter A. McCullough interviewed by Australian propaganda media

06/30/2021: Professor Harvey Risch talks with author John Leake about how hydroxychloroquine -- a safe, effective, and inexpensive drug -- was fraudulently misrepresented and suppressed by public health agencies, academic journals, and the mainstream media. This propaganda campaign has resulted in the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

To All humanity.

If after all the information that is now available about the dangers of Covid-19 deaths shots you still choose to take the poison—-the negative consequences are completely on you.


1. Covid-19 is an extremely easy infection to overcome if you are young and healthy or you start treatment immediately upon the onset of symptoms.

2. Covid-19 is a bioweapon designed and paid for by sociopaths in order to create global panic and manipulate humanity into sheepishly getting injected with a poisonous death shot.

3. The poisonous death shot causes
acute, subacute, and long term death consequences

Acute death
-spike protein induced blood clots that cause heart attacks, strokes, lung infarcts
-increase in miscarriages and spontaneous abortions by 8 to 24 times before 20 weeks gestation
-extremely dangerous heart inflammation called myocarditis that is killing many more young people than covid-19 itself.

Subacute death
-antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or pathogenic priming that will kill off a large percentage of humanity within 3 years. This estimate is based on animal models and the willful lack of long term human studies

Long term death
-infertility from reduced sperm counts and ovarian disfunction
-increased rate of autoimmune diseases
-increased rate of cancer

- do not take the poisonous death shot
- if you already took the poisonous death shot, do not take it or any boosters again.
- take prophylaxis to prevent ADE
- ignore the murderous advice of nih, cdc, fda, who
- ignore the fear mongering of mainstream and social media
- reject pathogenic and idolatrous fear caused by the sociopathic enemies of humanity
- bow down to God and ask Him for protection and salvation

- the time of our redemption has arrived.
- increase in random acts of goodness and kindness
- be prepared to sacrifice everything for the future freedom of your children and humanity.

Vladimir Zelenko MD

06/09/2021: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko & Steve Kirsch join Ask Dr. Drew to discuss COVID-19, vaccines, coronavirus origin theories, and more.

06/03/2021: Dr. Zev Zelenko tells Jenna Ellis "What is called 'gain-of-function' is a very deliberate term to mislead the public"
For more news - https://www.americasvoice.news

05/10/2021: In a conversation with Zelenko we will talk about his protocol that saved the members of the community in which he lived in New York at the beginning of the plague. He goes on to elaborate on the attempts to silence the protocol, and how, despite the difficulties it posed, he was still able to implement it with great success.He also talks about the help he gave to Health Minister Litzman, and how his protocol was apparently halted in Israel.

04/23/2021: Dr. Zelenko is my hero of COVID-19. He was the first to focus on how to successfully treat COVID-19 in its early stages and set the stand for both prevention and treatment. I do not know anyone who has survived and triumphed, and contributed so much, with such spiritual resilience as this wonderful man. When his immune system was compromised, he recently contracted COVID-19 and is now recovering. He remains as resilient and as inspiring as ever, and he happily shares his love and wisdom with us.

Dr. Zelenko's new website is https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/​.

The Breggins' new book is COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey. With prepublication purchase of their book, the complete 450 page manuscript and endnotes is instantly provided to get the information out to you while the book is at the publisher's. Go to: www.WeAreThePrey.Com

05/26/2021: Dr. Peter McCullough | ACWT Interview 5.26.21

05/19/2021: Dr. Peter McCullough has been the world's most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death. On May 19, 2021, I interviewed him about his efforts as a treating physician and researcher. From his unique vantage point, he has observed and documented a PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING POLICY RESPONSE to the pandemic -- a policy response that may prove to be the greatest malpractice and malfeasance in the history of medicine and public health.

Dr. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dallas, TX USA. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has 40 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in TheHill and on FOX NEWS Channel. On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, and New Hampshire Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.

Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine
Board Certified Internist and Cardiologist
President Cardiorenal Society of America
Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine
Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology
For more information about Dr. McCullough, please visit: heartplace.com/dr-peter-a-mccullough

05/08/2021: Courageous Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH Professor of Cardiology, esteemed researcher, journal editor, and treating COVID-19 frontline physician has written the top scientific reports on early treatment of COVID-19 and testified before the US Senate. He regularly communicates with other courageous scientists around the world. He devotes this hour with us to the most current information you need and want to know--and will not hear almost anywhere else. The best place for current news on COVID-19 is here!

05/13/2021: Freedom, Great Reset and Democracy. Interview with Rabbi Avi Schwartz

04/16/2021: FACTCHECKING THE FACTCHECKER: DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH REBUTS AFP REPORTER AND “FACTCHECKER” REMI BANET’S ASSERTION THAT HE MADE FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT COVID: On the same day Dr. McCullough was interviewed on THE WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM, and without talking to Dr. McCullough before writing his piece, AFP reporter and “factchecker” Remi Banet posted an article claiming that Dr. McCullough had made three claims that Banet says are false: that healthy people under 50 don’t need the Covid vaccine, that people recovered from Covid don’t need the vaccine, and that there is no asymptomatic spread of Covid. In this hour, Dr. McCullough rebuts Banet’s assertions in detail and offers to speak to him directly.

04/09/2021: DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH BLAMES HIGH COVID DEATH TOLL ON MASSIVE CENSORSHIP OF EFFECTIVE TREATMENT PROTOCOL AND SAYS THAT 85% OF PATIENTS GIVEN MULTI-DRUG TREATMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER TESTING POSITIVE RECOVER WITH “COMPLETE AND DURABLE” IMMUNITY: An Internist, cardiologist and professor of medicine, Dr McCollough treats covid patients and was involved in two major studies indicating that treatment is the key to getting covid under control. The pandemic could have been over by now, he says, if those who tested positive for covid had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized. He also says that thousands could have been, and still could be saved if the treatment protocol he and other physicians use were not suppressed.

03/11/2021: Richard Urso, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee

03/11/2021: Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee

12/10/2020: Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH is a world expert and leader on the Early Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19. Millions of hospitalizations and deaths worldwide can be prevented when prompt multidrug treatment is prescribed. We explain where and how to get the latest preventive and early treatment guidelines, plus contacts for national telemedicine services which can prescribe medications in the event personal physicians are indisposed. We also discuss the incredible story of how and why the US government, the media, scientific journals, and overall international establishment have decided to keep America and a few other developed countries from enacting early treatment initiatives. I believe Dr. McCullough's words should be spread around the world for everyone to read and to put into practice.

03/04/2021: Dr. Zelenko describes the COVID-19 treatment he first fully developed and that saves the lives of nearly everyone who receives it. For standing up for his patients and humanity, he has endured ostracism and rejection. On top of that he was already suffering from a severe illness. These experiences have demanded that he save his own soul, and you will see how well he has done it—and he wants to help us do the same for ourselves in these trying times. Finally, he talks about the larger political and spiritual condition of the world in a deeply knowing way.

12/22/2020: More COVID-19 Lifesaving News with Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, cardiologist, world-class specialist on the early treatment of COVID-19. A brilliant summary of preventive and early COVID-19 treatment. Also, where to find telemedicine doctors who prescribe hydroxychloroquine. Plus, cautions about the new vaccines.

02/25/2021: An amazing interview with Leah Wilson, Director of Stand for Health Freedom, about finding the courage to be true to your deeply held convictions.

02/03/2021: Panel of medical doctors and researchers discuss Covid-19 protection, treatments, cures, and the vaccines.

01/16/2021: Bioweapons expert Dr. Lee Merrit Interview on SARS-CoV-2

09/30/2020: Dr. Zelenko interview by Simone Smith of the Toronto Carribean News.

02/01/2021: Dr. Zelenko's brief statement on the covid vaccines


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