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Blue Jays player apologizes and it's totally voluntary.
Canada replacing its population and it's totally organic.
Tara Reade goes to Russia and it's totally convenient.
AOC Goes Nuts and it's totally predictable.

From the Parasitic Mind to Happiness - can we move from blackpilled to whitepilled?

Another Sunday. Get your law brains on!
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Zacharia Anderson was recently convicted of murder (and stalking). No body. No murder weapon. No direct evidence. Questionable DNA evidence. Potential prosecutorial misconduct. Was he wrongfully convicted? His brother, Solomon, comes on to discuss.

Yeonmi is a North Korean defector. A survivor. A person who has survived more than most people can imagine. Tune in.

Today's stream will not make you happier. But it's important to know what's going on.
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This is going to be very interesting. Arizona Sun Times report Rachel Alexander.

For those who don't know, François Amalega is the man who was arrested, detained, and fined nearly $100,000 for violating Covid "orders". He was also recently violently attacked outside him home in Montreal. It's going to be a phenomenal discussion.

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Rough list:
1: Durham Report
2: RFK Vaccine Debate w/ Krystal Ball
3: SCOTUS: Section 230, Covid, Warhol, IRS
4: Tik Tok ban
5/ Kari Lake trial

Allen's daughter, Trista, died shortly after the Pfizer jab. Now he is looking for answers, and whatever justice can be found in the face of irreversible injustice.
A GiveSendGo for the family's expenses:

If you don't know who Blaire White is, you will after this interview. It's going to be awesome!

We might have hiccups, but let's see if we can do this testifinception!


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