This is the former Brighton Dairy property purchased in 2018 by Tamiami Citrus to be converted into citrus groves. The video was taken in October of 2018. The former owner, per contract, continued sod and hay operations, and began some of the clearing.

The Bee Branch citrus grove is a redevelopment project of Tamiami Citrus, LLC. The Company purchased the multiple properties in mid-2015, acquiring the groves developed by the Holly Hill Fruit Company and those adjacent. This video shows, side-by-side, views of the properties at acquisition in 2015 and post-development 3 years later in 2018.

This is a pictoral video of Ron Hamel's dedicated service to the Gulf Citrus Growers Association (GCGA) for over 30 years. This presentation was created for sharing at the Citrus & Agribusiness Celebration Dinner held at Alico Arena on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University in August of 2018.


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