Playing my acoustic/electric Cort 6-string and c-harp, jamming a tune in my mind; the picture is one my lovely wife Light Lady took of this beautiful earth God has created for us, praise Jesus for all good things. Download the mp3 here:

This is me jamming on my Cort 6-string acoustic/electric guitar. The picture is one my wife took in the high desert settings near Silver Lake Oregon, i.e. Eastern Oregon. Pray this finds you well in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Download the MP3 at Spreaker:

Creating video, music, and podcast content to share on YouTube is a good idea, as this is the 2nd most popular website in the world and the US and by far the most popular social video platform online, yet creators can also syndicate their content to other social video platforms to get more views and online traction. Let’s discuss the benefits of syndication and examine 7 social video platforms to syndicate content with.

A Writer's Review article: "7 Social Video Platforms to Syndicate Content With"

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This episode discusses the dangers of online technology concerning social conditioning. The convenience and allurement of online technology are very real and powerful, yet are they worth the long-term negative effects? And what are these long-term negative effects?

Most people aren’t asking the question: “Is technology necessary for human progress?”

I think the case could be made that online technology is making our personal lives and society worse, rather than improving them.

While online technology could be used to improve humanity, this totally depends on the intentions of those who rule the world. Unfortunately, those who rule this Beast system are working for Satan, as he is the ruler of this world.

The overly stimulated American culture is rapidly being brainwashed into the NWO social engineering agenda. The orchestrated online world, cable television, Hollywood, sports, controlled opposition, education, politics, music, and media at large, is designed to over-stimulate society in order to:

- destroy family, friend, and community relationships
- create a false perception of reality
- create split personalities in people
- distract people with entertainment and socialization
- eliminate contemplative thought
- replace answers from family/mentors/friends with online answers
- create total dependence upon online reality
- influence people into their agenda (new age, false science, LGBT, Anti-Christ)
- create confusion with news (people can’t keep up with events)

These are some of the reasons why the NWO are creating an overly stimulated American culture; ultimately, it’s helping the NWO reach their main objective of complete and absolute control over the world.

They’ll use online technology to facilitate this control; the Mark of the Beast will be the main control tool they’ll use. Without the mark, people won’t be able to buy or sell -- they won’t be allowed to log in to their online accounts; they’ll be completely cut out of the online world, which means they won’t be able to bank, rent or buy a home, apply for a job, buy a car, etc.

Eventually, being online won’t be a choice for people, as everything will be facilitated through online technology in some manner. Already, in 2019, this is nearly a reality.

The over-stimulation is speeding everything up (at least with our perceptions). People don’t have time to watch, read, or do all the things they want to. There’s always something to fill our time with, which is causing people to neglect and forget about their real-life relationships and communities, etc.

This episode and these thoughts are meant to help people critically think about the negative impact of online technology. I’m not immune to the allurements and pleasures that the online world offers, yet I believe it’s the carrot before the horse, drawing us into the slaughterhouse.

That slaughterhouse is living in an Anti-Christ beast system that has total control over every aspect of our lives; where there’s no freedom of conscience and truth is not allowed.

My advice to listeners and readers is to question how online technology is affecting us, as a society and individually, and where it’s leading us. Also, to work towards living independently from online technology and the beast system as much as possible. And, of course, to love and seek the truth always.

Until next time, God bless friends, hope this finds you well.

John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Originally published at The Lowdown Truth Jan. 20, 2019

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Weapons of Christian Spiritual Warfare:
- Prayer
- Fasting
- Deliverance
- Binding
- Loosing
- Remitting Sins
- Holy Bible
- Forgiveness
- Love
- Faith in Jesus Christ
- Peace
- Sound Doctrine
- Knowledge of Enemy and Wiles of Enemy
- Visions
- Prophecy
- Speaking in Tongues
- Preaching the Gospel
- Love of the Truth
- Unity with fellow born again believers
- Praise and worpship
- Worship music
- Sanctification
- Intercession
- Applying the Sinless Blood of Jesus Christ
- Casting down vain imaginations
- Pulling down strongholds
- Ministering
- Teaching
- Bearing one another's burdens
- Obedience to Word of God
- Any more? Comments please...

Onward Christian soldiers!
Amen, thank you Jesus

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Feb 26, 2016

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The Jesuits, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Church (Institution) are for sure the elephant in the remnant Christian Watchman's Room. In this episode, I talk about the puzzle pieces I've been putting together and how it's blessed me, yet also set me apart even more.


Article: The Jesuits -- The Elephant in the Room

Joggler66 YouTube Channel:

Grand Design Exposed (Walt Stickle):

Inquisition Update (Tom Friess)

Adullam Films (Chris Pinto):

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube June 4, 2015

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Article: The Earth is Flat!

A few weeks ago I heard a show on Canary Cry Radio about the Flat Earth with Mark Sergeant. I haven't been the same since. I've since become a staunch flat earther.

The Holy Bible supports the Flat Earth model, and so does every other bit of evidence that is out there. There is no evidence though that proves a round spinning ball flying around the sun in a solar system (as crazy as that sounds). The only reason why people believe this is because they have been brainwashed in likely they biggest conspiracy yet...

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube May 1, 2015

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In this episode, I try to bring people out of the minute complications of the world's problems and simply proclaim the truth that the world is a stage.

Shakespeare/Francis Bacon said it well "The world's a stage" -- he would have known being one of the directors who set-up this stage for action.

The mainstream media outlets of society and culture, and the controlled fringe elements that act as an alternative, are controlled and given directions as to what their roles are. If they get out of line they are taken out, either killed or tarnished out of the scene.

Think about it, there are no world leaders in power of major countries that are not in the same club, simply acting their part in this staged play. Putin, Obama, Trump, Bush, Clinton are all on the same team as well as Netanyahu. They have been cast into their roles and are playing their parts, which may or may not come naturally to them.

Don't listen to people who are conditioning us into believing this staged play called the world is actually reality. Jesus Christ is reality; and Jesus Christ is the opposite of this world. The world is the enemy of Jesus Christ; the world is shown through the mainstream media, cultural, and societal outlets.

The born-again believing Christians are not falling for this farce. We can see through the illusion. Those who love truth see through this illusion. If more people would stop believing the conditioning the powers to be are feeding us, then they too would stop falling for the illusion and playing their cast role in this great nefarious genocide of innocent humanity.

Just some thoughts, hope they bless you in Jesus name.

Originally published at Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube March 17, 2015

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What brought me back to Jesus Christ was his humility and ability to relate to the lowly of his day. It's hard to find someone today to relate to us remnant Christian X and younger generations. We are living an unnatural life in a delusion, with most people around us oblivious, conditioned to say thank you for their slavery.

I believe people are looking for simplicity, truth, someone that is real and can level with them. Jesus is like this, he has the time, the love, and the empathy to care about us right where we are. And if you are part of these younger American generations, then you are fighting to overcome a cursed life among the wicked and damned.

Pray this blesses you and reaches you where you are. Jesus Christ is our hope because this world is simply a rotten temporary illusion.

eBook: Modern Day Slaves in America ($1)

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Jan. 16, 2015

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There is only a very small percentage of humanity that are actively knowingly worshiping Satan and the fallen angels and then carrying out their nefarious plans on the rest of humanity. Yet, these few wicked workers of iniquity are gaining ground because of the majority of people are apathetic and indifferent to the worst evils imaginable.

The actual insanity is how people are not reacting to the manifold problems we are facing, but rather selfishly seeking trite superficial pleasures instead. Their wealth, power, talents, and influence could be used to do great damage to the New World Order, but they do nothing.

These apathetic are so-called Christians and unbelievers alike. Yet, the ones who call themselves Christians and do nothing in the face of our outright destruction, and that of our brothers and sisters around the world, well, they get no respect from me.

Righteous anger should be flowing from our innermost being, as we rise up against the forces of darkness that are outright attacking everything good and Holy! For those of us who are awake, the frustration lies in dealing with the masses of indifferent and apathetic who could do so much with what they have for the kingdom of God, but instead do nothing and care not for those who are being slaughtered and overcome by the wicked.

There is only a small faction, a remnant of true believers in Jesus Christ, who are actively fighting these evil forces in the world. The evil faction gains ground as it appeals to the fallen nature of humanity, and deceives them into thinking what is good is evil and what is evil is good.

Originally published at Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Sept. 19, 2014

In this video, I explain how it's very telling how the seminal beginning of the Protestant Reformation has been forgotten by the majority of the so-called Protestant churches today.

The only mention one can find really is on Family Radio and Seventh Day Adventist networks like 3ABN.

This tells us quite clearly that the counter-reformation was largely successful and we are once again under the tyranny of the Mother Harlot Mystery Babylon that rides the Beast (Roman Catholic Church), and the Anti-Christ Papal power.

Nevertheless, there are still some Protestant Christians left to continue the protest and inform those who have ears to hear the truth.

That's why I've made this video on Reformation Day Oct. 31, 2018, to expose evil and celebrate our Christian heritage, honoring those who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today, all for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so we could have a perfect Holy Bible and be saved by the faith it brings when read and believed.

Thank you Martin Luther and all those who went before and came after, and thank you Father God for sending us your son to die for our sins and rise from the dead so we may have life in heaven forever after this temporary world passes away.

Here are a couple Protestant movies to commemorate this powerful day in history: Martin Luther "Heretic" John Hus "Story of a Martyr"

Originally published at Robbie Lowdown0 Youtube Oct. 31, 2018

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Article: "Getting Free From Porn"

Here's a book that really helped me overcome this sin:

(Update: I now believe in eternal security, yet anyone using this as an excuse to keep sinning is showing they're not actually born again.)

Pornography is a plague of destruction and perversion upon the earth, and the amount of people who are snared by its demonic force is alarming. Even those who love the Lord Jesus Christ can be snared by this demonic force. There is hope for you though, you can be set free from the demons that cause you to lust after porn, through deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ, you can be set free and live a better life.

In this Lowdown Truth show, I relate my testimony with this very alluring and very destructive sin that is prevalent in so many people today, men and women. Getting free from porn addiction is not easy, but it is possible through deliverance and a desire to live a righteous life in Jesus Christ. Stop playing into the Devil's hand, and being snared by this perverted evil that will only progress and lead you to hell.

Here is Pastor John Kyle's Radio Program, which you can call every Friday night and get deliverance from demons:
Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle:

And here is Omegaman Radio, with Shannon Davis. This is a deliverance ministry as well on the radio, in which you can call (Mon-Fri) and get deliverance from demonic problems such as pornography:
Omegaman Radio:

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Sept. 10, 2014

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For many of us, trying to get by financially is an all-consuming effort distracting us from Jesus Christ. This video is just me relating the struggles people under the radar go through when facing problems individually and globally. It's meant to encourage and help us understand how to keep things in perspective and find a balance in order for us to ultimately be victorious in Jesus Christ.

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Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube July 14, 2014

Seems to me the NWO has replaced the term Protestantism with Evangelicalism. This does a couple of key things for the Anti-Christ Papacy, first it works as an ecumenical movement to unite so-called former Protestants (now evangelicals) with Catholicism, secondly, it takes away the heritage and history of Protestant Christians, which comes from the Protestant Reformation and the Bible-believing groups of born-again Christians that protested against the Beast at Rome before the formal Reformation began in 1517.

Remember, Jesuits are very good at using terminology to their advantage. The history of this term evangelicalism being used is full of bad fruit, from Billy Graham, Campus Crusades, TBN, and televangelist, Fuller Theological Seminary, Wheaton College, Joel Olsteen, and the political supporters of both Bush and Trump -- evangelicals. Even vice president Pence is an evangelical born-again Catholic, whatever that means.

The term evangelist is located in the Holy Bible KJV, yet the term evangelicalism or evangelical are not. The term evangelist simply means to spread the Gospel, yet this good term has been used by the enemy in an effort to take away our heritage and history as Protestants.

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Nov. 8, 2018

Have you ever wondered how the powers to be are using the Internet to control and influence society toward their nefarious agenda? Most people are too naive and ignorant of the truth to understand the Internet was created and set-up to facilitate the mark of the beast and a one world government.

This video talks about some of these matters, especially how society is being conditioned to brand their lifestyle, to brand their self, and to basically sell their soul for making money online.

While there isn't anything wrong with making money online, there is something wrong with how people are censoring themselves to be more viable for sponsors. There is something wrong with why a YouTube creator with some video software and no morals can make 10 times the money that an honest laborer makes.

There are a few reasons why I think the Vatican/Zionist led NWO is making it possible for people to make money online:

- increase people's dependency on making money online
- to control people's income (they can delete your account anytime, they can cut you out of making money online if go against them)
- to have people voluntarily censor themselves in order to make money online
- to have people voluntarily be politically correct to appease sponsors that are paying them
- to eventually have enough leverage to influence people to take the mark of the beast
- builds a false perception of reality (everyone's happy, there's nothing wrong or weird going on in the world -- only good things-- the NWO is great, etc.)
- have people voluntarily give up their privacy with every facet of their lives (1984 big brother-- all seeing eye is always watching)

These are some of my thoughts about why this social conditioning is happening. It's working wonderfully for the powers to be, as most people in modern times are willing to do almost anything to make money and become "someone."

Truth is, they are just drawing us into their trap. The only reason there is any freedom on the Internet is so they can create the perception of freedom and so they can track who is going to be a problem for their NWO plans.

They don't like people waking up to the truth, yet they'll allow YouTube creators to speak the truth for awhile because only a minority are listening to them anyway -- of course, they censor them with their algorithms too.

Eventually, there will be no freedom online, yet a well-conditioned populace won't even realize it. Those who do realize it will be taken care of by the IRS, black ops, a smear campaign, imprisonment, suicided, etc. -- oh, and being cut off from access to online, which will also mean they can't access jobs, buy or sell, get a place to live, etc.

The mark of the beast will be facilitated through online technology. Facebook will likely be the main interface while YouTube creators keep up the facade of freedom. One by one all those who won't be silenced will slowly disappear, while those willing to sell their soul come aboard to take their place.

Hey, make money online if you can, yet don't brand yourself or life to do it, and always keep in mind the end game and reason the powers to be are allowing it to happen -- don't ever censor yourself so you can be more attractive to sponsors, so you can be politically correct and reach a bigger audience. If you do this, you are preparing yourself to take the mark of the beast.

Speak the truth no matter what the cost, and remember what Jesus said: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father, but by me. John 14:6

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Nov. 11, 2018

Download the mp3 at Spreaker:

The Lowdown Truth this week is on the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab in the mainstream culture and society in modern times. Specifically in America and Western cultures.

For reference on unbelievers vs. non-believers, listen to Pastor David Lankford's message here:

For help getting deliverance from Jezebel and Ahab spirits, check out Omegamanradio here:

Also for help listen to Pastor John Kyle's radio program Deliverance Today here:

Also, a good resource is sermons and books (specifically Christian Dynamics) by Pastor John Torrell, which you can find here:

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube June 30, 2014

Download mp3 at SoundCloud:

Related article and video: "What is Reformation Day?"

Richard Bennett in an interview on YouTube (Berean Beacon is his ministry's name)

Article: Movie of John Hus, One of 50 Million Christians Murdered By The Catholic Institution

Jesus Loves Ministry

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube June 23, 2014

Blessings in Jesus Christ reader; if we don't know who the enemy is manifested in the flesh, then we are susceptible to being deceived by them as wolves in sheep's clothing.

Take for instance, Donald Trump, a man who would have never been able to deceive the real Protestant Christians in this nation before 1950, yet now is fully able to.

Even remnant Christians, the elect, are claiming this is a man of God, a born-again believer. And to think, all the politician had to do was say everything we (conservative Christians) wanted to hear and do the things we want done.

Yet, is this just to gain our loyalty for the end game of WW3? All I know is Hilary would have never been able to rally the support of the strongest demographic of America, that is the conservative Christians. Trump though, he's doing a wonderful job for his Catholic/Zionist masters, almost like he was groomed for this acting job all his life.

All of a sudden, Christians believe in the political process, all of a sudden they believe everything a politician says. Hmm, wonder if this is part of the plan...

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Video referenced was by Shaking My Head Productions (not A Call for an Uprising -- sorry about that -- both are great channels) :

Trump Methodology eBook

Article: "Why the Vatican Led NWO Wants Donald Trump to be President"

Article: "At the Crossroads of Christian Faith with the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: God or man?"

Article: "How to Deal with Trump, Politics, and the Mainstream Media, Culture, and Society"

Originally published on YouTube: Robbie Lowdown0 Nov. 1, 2018

- feature pic is cc from

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While Uber and Lyft destroy the taxi industry, Airbnb is destroying the long-term rental markets in cities and towns all across the world.

Airbnb is the biggest culprit of the rental crisis we're experiencing in the U.S. The question I ask is why are the powers to be allowing these huge billion dollar sharing economy companies to operate unregulated in the industries they are competing in? This is giving them an unfair advantage and inevitably destroying the industries they are in, such as the taxi industry.

There are a number of reasons why the NWO is using the sharing economy to further their nefarious agenda. Here are a few:

- create more online dependency
- create a societal problem with homelessness and the working poor to initiate socialist policies and grow the government
- suppress and destroy middle-class jobs and replace with slave labor jobs that are easier to control online
- promote a false sense of security with the online world
- destroy segmented private industry in favor of large corporations with only one person to control or influence.
- further control our lives with online controls, integrating our work, home, and social lives fully online.
- urbanization, agenda 21, pricing working class out of decent places to live.
- high rents make it even more difficult for working-class men to support their families without the wife having to work full-time (if not impossible.

These are some of my thoughts on why the NWO is behind the rise of sharing economy companies like Airbnb and Uber. While these companies might be exciting and fun for people to use now, eventually, they'll become the only option for consumers to use to rent a car, take a taxi, or stay in a hotel. Once they have the monopoly in their respective industries, the quality of service will go down, prices will go up, and the apps will start taking a larger cut and asking more from hosts, drivers, etc.

Hopefully, this helps put the puzzle pieces together for people wondering how these billion dollar companies are allowed to operate without playing by the same rules as the hyper-regulated industries they are competing against unfairly.

If we care about our communities and want to resist supporting the beast system, we should completely avoid using these services.

In summary, Airbnb is the reason why rents are so high and places are so hard to find for rent. It's destroying communities and causing a rental crisis for working class people. By supporting this company and the sharing economy, people are directly supporting these negative consequences and the nefarious agenda of the NWO.

Related article: "The Nefarious Agenda Behind Uber and the Sharing Economy":


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