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It was blatant and malicious hate. Blatant and malicious hate. Blatant and malicious hate.

This dude went the exact opposite direction of the teachings of Gilette. He is obviously not a devotee to their mantra.

You try surrounding a no-fucks-given warrior with your "peacock fight" - and something is bound to happen.

As Newsguard’s project advances, it will soon become almost impossible to avoid this neocon-approved news site’s ranking systems on any technological device sold in the United States.


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As ironic as this will be, I suck as social media. Entirely suck at it. I should only use social media through a f*cking translator. It's also why I don't call it social media. It's all just one big real-time information network to me. I simply am not social and it's a long story. [see previous video].

1. The 300 posts ingested at its peak: Is that good, average, or "come on 🐸 let's show some enthusiasm.

It is just a number that shows how many total posts/stories/articles are being brought in per hour :)

2. Only forwarding 1 post per 3 minutes across 7 topic profiles: What is your goal for the capacity you discuss. Once we know how much better it could get before 🐸 crashes the system; then we will have a target to shoot for.

There is no "crash the system". It scales and the news will get through :) The video explains more, but 1-in-3 minutes refers to how often the Profile Agent "publishes" a news story to your home timeline if you follow one or more of the Gab News topic profiles: @GabNewsUS, @GabNewsUK, @GabNewsBrazil, @GabNewsPolitics, etc.

3. Explain the "beast with 115 heads" that our capacity now? Is that a goal for optimum usage?

Just means we were monitoring 115 feeds at the time of the post. It's now 128. I'm adding more every couple of hours while watching data rates, etc., and making sure the models are good. This is just the system's starter kit. The goal is to process every periodic publication online. All of them.

4. Please Rob: SPEAK ENGLISH FOR THE GOAL SETTERS WHO ARE TECH NOVICES! Then we can all go to our followers and BUILD FLOW!

Stay tuned ;)

REMINDER: At some point, goes away. This is all becoming part of itself. We are all learning about things Gab itself will be doing very soon.

Because it'd be really weird if I was a dictator, right? All this freedom, polls, voting...and I'm like: THIS! YOU GET THIS! Nah. How about us scrappy kids from the wrong side of the tracks go kick Silicon Valley's whole ass? Deal?

This is the prototype cut of END the Experiment. It shows you things. Most can't or simply won't watch the whole thing. I have had people positively freak out after seeing this video. I'm not going to finish it or remove the overlays, etc. I think it

I like to say: One version of you goes into this experience. A different version of you comes out the other side. Don't go into this if you don't want to see things that might make you change how you think and what you believe.

Why would Google even do this? Is it deliberate? Has to be. Is.

But, what is the purpose? What are they trying to *learn*?

Do you know how Hollywood and "big label record contracts" actually work? I promise, I'm not going to tell you how to get one or whatever. If anything, if you listen well enough, I'm telling you why NOT to seek one and do your thing as you on your own.

It depends. There isn't really one app "store" and we don't tend to think of it as a store. Many reasons. But, yes - each distribution now pretty much offers an "app store" experience for finding and installing applications on your computer. This video shows KUbuntu, the version of Ubuntu with a default KDE desktop, running the "Discover" application to find and install Dia, a diagramming app.

Just want to thank Alex for no longer calling cannabis-derived CBD products "the bad stuff". He's doing a really good thing here. CBD products, whether derived from hemp or cannabis, all have benefits if they are quality products. Alex's products are QUALITY products. They're just guaranteed to have no or extremely low THC content. And, for many, that is what is right.

Cannabis-derived CBD products are simply different. They are for different ailments and have different uses. They are not "bad" and I genuinely do not think Alex meant to call them "bad" - he was merely saying they are illegal if you're not in a medical-legal state. And, in that, he is 100% correct.

You can have whatever opinion you want about Alex Jones as a person or journalist. But, when it comes to CBD-infused health products, his Washington's Reserve lineup is worth a look. Because you will have a hard time finding better products.

I just needed him to make an ad where he didn't call cannabis-derived CBD products the "bad stuff". Found it!

Telekinesis - Set A Course - from the 2019 album Effluxion on Merge Records.

...and you might be President Trump. Just sayin'
...and it's daily. "I'll take the heat. My whole life is heat." - Donald J. Trump.

Trying to shoehorn all of humanity into one sterile box is not going to work. You can't change my mind.

What do you say when the cop first pulls you over?
- Why'd you pull me over?

...and when he keeps asking questions?
- I'm not discussing my day.

...and they ask more questions?
- Am I being detained or am I free to go?

...and if detained, what do you say?
- I invoke the 5th.

...and what do you do?
- YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP. needs to move to BitChute.

This is an archive what it looked like to fight back against the censorship and political power grab attempted by "Big Tech" and the elites of Silicon Valley toward the end of 2018. This video and it's message were shared on Gab, the Gab News website, Twitter, and countless other places thanks to shares beyond the original upload such as this one.

If you value the freedom of speech and would like to police your own experience instead of having the "platform" do that for you, get on

I am not authenticated/logged in to Twitter because I don't have an account there. Sitting idly on a page at a fresh load, the service is firing off multiple HTTP POST requests per second for a "/guest/activate.json" resource from /

Interesting little behavior I stumbled upon. Noticed general network throughput taking large jumps when I was on the page and decided to see if I could figure out what it was. Wasn't expecting an incessant 401 error report at high frequency. But, that's what I found. Didn't have to dig.


In this video, I give a general overview of the Gab News online service and how it interacts with

With a Presidential election on the way, the Cernovich freak show reemerges to begin asking gullible minds to buy his books and nutrient supplements. I can't wait to see where this round takes us as we march toward 2020.

Why do the people selling nutrient supplements and self-help books at mindset seminars they host look like they're in worse health and more broke/broken every time we see them?

I was the lead programmer on Pulse!! The Virtual Clinical Medical Simulator. It was built by BreakAway Games in conjunction with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi under contract to the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The goal was to create a simulation that gives Navy corpsmen the opportunity to learn better decision making skills in a controlled environment.

We met that goal.

I was the lead programmer on Pulse!! The Virtual Clinical Medical Simulator. It was built by BreakAway Games in conjunction with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi under contract to the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The goal was to create a simulation that gives Navy corpsmen the opportunity to learn better decision making skills in a controlled environment.

We met that goal.

I tried to keep the scene as simple as possible, and just let an actual 33,000 "email" icons flow into the scene using Blender 3D's particle systems and the Cycles renderer on an accelerated machine (NVIDIA GTX-1070). Ubuntu-based Linux distro host named "Mystery Machine" was responsible for this output. It was originally created to be a Twitter video, so lower resolution was better for that application. I may render this in stunning 4K some day. We'll see :)

Or, if it is? It's their hate speech. Here is the transcript of the words spoken in this video:

Education is one of the most important areas that Muslims have to address. And, while our objective...our final not just to become part of the system that we experience now and that we see. Our objective, our final objective, is to create our own Islamic systems and not only create Islamic systems for Muslims, but to look at all the other people who are sharing this country with us as potential Muslims.

And, if we look at them as potential Muslims, and feel that we have the obligation which Allah has told us, to try and bring them into the same style of thinking, the same way of behaving, the same objectives that we have, then we have to have some way that we can communicate with them and some way we can work with them.

And, in that long-range process of making America Muslim...all of America Muslim...then we have to have some actual short-range goals.

We have to have some way of dealing with them, and know how we're going to deal with them, and in which ways, and be very calculated about it or else we will not accomplish our goals.

Intro created for a video for Omar Navarro's YouTube channel. Original music composed by my son, Kusaji.

Video created for a client in 2018.

Fact check: FALSE. We don't need more sites.

We need to use the ones that are here. Notice how this video was never uploaded to YouTube, and no link to it has been shared to the Twitterface BookerTubes. There might be a reason for that.

I am not sorry if I sometimes come across as angry at this point. I'm also not the one with patience for shit like this, which is why I keep my mouth shut, write code, medicate with cannabis, and play music.

I'm not the one who even wants to convince you. I know you'll catch up eventually. Or, you're getting left stuck in yesterday where you chose to be. That's fine, too.


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I do not "publish" or maintain a schedule or script. You aren't going to get the same thing twice here very much. I'm all the hell over the place testing things and building new technology for clients that they go use to create stuff you'll actually watch.

This channel just shows you some of the things I'm currently doing. Sometimes, I even tell you how.