it seems like their trying to make us all the same

doesn't it seem like their are people who are trying to destroy all life on earth?

It is really a preformats enhancer. it has a surprising effect

went on vacation got a shirt and something better

I get a lot of adds for "testosterone boosters" I wonder how many people fall for these adds with out looking up what's inside, what makes it work.

Harbor Freight tool box

Things hobby guys want.

Aphrodisiac plants if you know how Viagra works you can find it in he plant world.
the thing is you can take the plant extract daily and the build up of it will be better then the Viagra and pills like them. Meaning more spontaneously
your ready when your partner is no waiting

A lot of plants are androgenic in nature a lot of man made is estrogenic.
man try's to mimic nature but falls short maybe on purpose but we fall short of the God made stuff.

I was interested in it for blood flow but the estragon effect stops me from using it. but for women theirs a lot of benefits

Supplement promise you the world their scientific formula will do everything for you make you 10 years younger make you jump sky scraper buildings in a single bound.
Truth is theirs 1 or 2 ingredients that help with what you wanted it for.

I seen the front line doctors, one of them talked about it sooooo I looked it up

Zinc and why its good for your immune system

we don't absorb all of our nutrients in our food we can use black pepper but what about our supplements?
We can use Bioperine or the other name piperine

I was exposed thanksgiving???
I'm 62 almost 63 I have a cough?
but I get this cough when we are forced to ware the mask? and if I have it the mask didn't work.
but dose it look like I have "Covid"

Berberine for weight loss AMP activation
diabetes, high levels of cholesterol or other fats

they closed the gym and I got tired of putting it together and taking it apart to but it away

Burdock Root for detoxing your blood helping circulation getting rid of mettles and helping your organs and skin and with the increase in blood circulation your sex life to

Its great for dopamine levels but that's not all theirs the LH for testosterone and the HGH human growth hormone

another supplement that helps with testosterone

world as I see it

I'm a Walmart worker it pays the bills as long as you don't go crazy and try to buy a lambo.
you have something to say sooooo say it. You have something to give and others have something to learn so teach them.
this for me is a cheap way to get started. don't spend a ton.

how plants can be medicine

an overview of supplements to take care of the pain of arthritis
go to my website to see more


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