Conservatives could easily sweep local elections if they were organized and activist. Washington doesn't care about you. You need to do work in your own life or you're going to lose. Learn from the Marxists, or the Marxists win.

If you expect free speech and intelligent discussion of controversial topics on Gab, make sure not to offend the BoomerCons or call out the USA for its progressive imperialism.

Gab is quickly becoming the home of BoomerCon Republican human waste. Twice in two days I have been falsely reported as spam (even though my vomit has more content than Bill O'Retard and other trash watched by these trash), and of course I'm sure nothing is being done about the false reports or the clearly abuseable reporting system on Gab. I have not been accused of violating any rules, and my posts get plenty of likes and reposts, but apparently a bunch of low info Cultural Justice Warriors and Faux News Addicts are offended by facts about American history (a large number of which come from people like Paul Gottfried, whom they are too stupid to understand and would probably call a communist) and have taken it upon themselves to mass report me with fake accounts - naturally, the overweight and aging cretins who run Gab make as little effort to investigate these lies as YouTube does (if they're not actively part of the conspiracy - how dare you call Murica a Progressive empire?!).

The supreme irony is, of course, that most of these witless cowards ran to gab because Facebook was supposedly censoring their QTard nonsense and they turn around and show that Normies Gonna Norm and do the same thing when it's THEIR sacred cow that's getting chainsawed. I myself have never reported anyone, despite the fact that these half-witted adult diaper wearing fatasses make constant death threats, because I am more mature than these 68 year old keyboard warriors and just ignore dumbasses.

This is also clear evidence that Republicans/Conservatives, especially BoomerCons and Patriotards, are NOT our allies and they're only crying about muhPhreaSpeach because they're no longer the Church Ladies running manufactured Satanic Panics.

There is of course no point attempting to argue with people whos IQ are lower than their pencil lead, but I figured that it was an interesting point that both Red and Blue tribe are essentially mirror images of each other (except that Republicunts are even dumber than SJWs).


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