October 30, 2015.

At the 2015 exchange rates, costs for Transgender surgeries would cost $30k per patient. With medicare for all the prime feature of the democrat's presidential campaigns, is this something we are really willing to pay for with our tax dollars?

Zachary Vorhies, the Google Insider, leaked this video of Susan Wojicicki internally telling youtube staff initiatives to demote "Fake News" and promote "Authoritative News" to Project Veritas. The insider told Project Veritas, "the legitimate news is coming from the ground up," but google continues to hide grassroots independent media through their quest to demolish "FAKE NEWS" and promote "Authoritative News".

Susan also discusses about how Youtube News works with Google News for sources, which has already been exposed as biased, and working with NEWS PUBLISHERS to run their own 'player'. They want to get over 100 new AUTHORITATIVE news platforms on their platform, while the millions of others will be algorithmically demoted.


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