I just thought this would be a fun video to make. Essentially, this is me explaining how I think the left has been so successful at manipulating people into thinking that their ideology and positions are at all reasonable. I mentioned 3 pertinent examples specifically, but I could really go on and on. Enjoy the video, I may potentially make a follow-up in the future if enough people enjoy it!

I've been having an issue lately where a lot of my videos have the comments disabled. If anybody can explain why this is and what I need to do to fix it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

The WORST governor Nevada's ever had. Don't elect this evil, fat retard to ANY position of power ever again!

So little exciting game news this year, it makes me sad :(

Also, apologize for the crappy thumbnail. I'll change it at a later date.

What the title says. Just a 10-minute ramble about these disgusting idiots who are still excusing and/or downplaying the actions of these rioters!

6-minute video of an angry Nick complaining about IGN and GameSpot's shitty reviews of a great new remake.

After nearly a whole month of bullshit lies, victimhood mentality and the destruction of our towns and communities, I could not hold back anymore on this subject. I realize that this is such a hot-button issue right now with all the mass hysteria surrounding it, but shit has gotten to a point where I can't just stay silent and pretend that everything is fine. I give my passionate (but unscripted) thoughts on this. Just fuck everyone who thinks this kind of shit is actually OK...

I talk about the 2020 LP candidate Jo Jorgensen and explain why, despite me viewing her favorably, I cannot in good conscience cast a ballot for her

What the title says. I give my thoughts in this video on the Trump vs. Biden contest, which candidate I am going to vote for, and why I endorse him.

Yep. As of today, June 12, 2020, this channel is now a "I'll do whatever the fuck I feel like" channel, as I have finally decided to cover political issues after several years of straying away from such matters. I really didn't want to have to make such videos, but the events of this year have riled me up to such a degree to where I no longer feel any obligation to remain silent about the things that I believe in. I am going to speak my damn mind, and no one will have any power to stop me.

Beyond that, as far as other videos go, I'm still not sure when they're happening. I'm finally on summer break, but I just have not found the motivation to want to make videos, and have not had such motivation for a long time now. It doesn't help either that my capture device is currently unusable at the moment thanks to me not having a computer that is compatible with it. I hope to be able to make a couple interesting videos besides the political drama before the end of summer, but I can't guarantee such a thing.

This is another one of my favorite Bee Gees, and one that I think more of the world deserves the chance to listen to!

I do not claim ownership of this song. All rights belong to the Bee Gees and any other associated acts.

Just a quick shitpost I felt like uploading as I'm tired of the left's hypocrisy!

Just my brief thoughts on all the bullshit that is going down in society right now. I honestly cannot believe what the fuck is happening to the world...

In this video, I go over the public bankruptcy filing by Phil Burnell now that it's out there. His ass is gonna busted for fraud, and it will be glorious to see!

A promotional video for the collab channel I'm in.


Title says all. GamerSpax is still an asswipe, and I detail my reasons for why I believe this in the video.

Back in 2017-2018, I beat all 326 stories in Shadow the Hedgehog, and in March that year I recorded a video showcasing proof of that. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself as it is a HUGE pain in the ass, but I nonetheless had fun doing it.

This is my first REAL video on BitChute (the music video was just a test), and basically explains my plans going forward with this account. Eventually I will start making and uploading political videos, but for now, expect some occasional gaming videos and videos that YouTube would otherwise not accept me uploading.

This is my first video testing out the Bitchute app. It's the Bee Gees song "Night Fever" using the Topic version found on YouTube. Hope you enjoy this song!

I do not claim to own this song or the lyrics. All rights belong to the Bee Gees and any other associated acts.


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