A way we can organise in real life

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A couple of recent experiences and some thoughts on networking.

A positive expression of our culture

Boylan, Newstalk et al.

Q/Trump, Terfs, the new paradigm and what we should expect in the near future.

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Crying only attracts attention.

The way the corporate system controls our lives is very similar to narcissistic control and abuse.

Very quick ramble on rights.

About the Dutch guy at the checkpoint.

Just to ask a few q's of 3rd positionists.

How I deal with mainstream information.

The route I think we should take if we want to preserve ourselves as an ethnic group.

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I don't think crypto is a valid long term store of wealth.

We talk about a range of subjects from individualism to nationalism cannabis and trains.

An argument for individualism.

Is there a difference between Irish nationalism and “ethnonationalism”?

Some thoughts on Poland and Hungary.

My take on the "You don't get to be racist and Irish" ad campaign.

A brief description of what I mean when I say corporatism and why we need to remove ourselves from that system.

Masks and vaccines and why I think it's a good tactic to push back on the masks now.

I know a lot of nationalists don't agree with the death penalty.
Here's an argument for it.

Why child abuse is so prevalent in society.


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