it is very rare for a jewish person to speak against jews or israel,this guy towards the end is that exception,never seen the whole interview with him only short clips...

AGAIN all the retards who think a plane or fuel from it brought those towers down,just look at the steel and construction of those towers ... speaks for itself

came across this vid a while back,its 1 of 3 by this guy who i take it is no longer with us...i just want to say 1 thing to all the retards out there who still think planes and fuel reduced these huge towers to dust,you need help....just look at the thickness of the steel alone,a plane crashing into that would be like trying to squash an apple through a sieve..

Fire commissioners in New York City are calling for another 9-11 investigation, citing, "overwhelming evidence" of "pre-planted explosives caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings."
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my take on this so called stabbing in a mosque in london,i haven't seen or heard anything regarding this story , this is just my assumption and observation as to what is going to be spun surrounding it,if im wrong ill hold my hands up and say so..... no editing ,this was off the cuff
and for the record if this individual did intentionally carry out this attack,what did he think he was going to gain from doing it,seriously??

The Undefeated Champion, Tyson Fury aka the Gypsy King, speaks absolute truths in a video from about 3-4 years ago on Zionist control of the media, banks, and fiat currency. And how the media itself has been brainwashing the average person. He also goes on a rant on how transgenderism and homosexuality is being pushed on not just the masses but on children.

While this is obviously not new to all of us, its still nice to see someone of influence, like the boxing champion of the world, speaking out on these issues.

The World is a Stage....don't let the characters fool you


i don't know whether this is genuine account from this guy or whether or not he is exposing what immigrants/refugees really think...either way i couldn't care less to be honest because we should not even be having any of this going on in our countries (period) . we were never asked,it has all been forced upon us without so much as being asked and we've been tolerant and that tolerance is starting to run out...

These are the Zionists/jews that are ruling America and still are to this day i might add
old clip but the nerve of these jews is sickening following 9/11 and these jews have the cheek to say this about muslims whilst they are using the very same muslims in the west to destroy european countries and society, islam the broom of the jews in the west...just listen to these parasites,its another shoah,ffs

gods chosen right here..
A SCOTTISH human rights activist has filmed the Israeli navy firing machine guns at unarmed Palestinian fishing boats in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Footage filmed by Jamal Abu-Sa'ifan, a Palestinian resident of Hebron, documenting a terrorist Israeli settler shooting two members of his family.The event occurs following the eviction settlers from a Palestinian house they occupied in Hebron. Settlers attacked the nearby house of the Abu-Se'ifan family, and during ensuing clashes, a settler fired his handgun at Hosni Abu-Se'ifan (40), who was hit in the chest and is in stable condition, and his father, 'Abd al-Hai Abu-Sa'ifan (65) who was moderately wounded in his arm. the two were taken to a Hebron hospital. The video shows other members of the family manage to overcome the shooter, then a security guard from the nearby settlement Kiryat Arba arrives and the scene, and fires his weapon in the air.

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Nine years have already passed since an indescribable crime against humanity, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, was systematically begun. Now in its ninth year [1926], a government exists which calls itself a worker-and-peasant government—but not one true worker or farmer has ever sat on it. For nine years, torture has been used in the name of democra­cy as an official instrument of the state. And in the name of socialism millions of upright individu­als have been murdered, put to death through starvation, or banished from home and hearth to every distant part of the globe.
In the name of the proletariat the Russian people has been subjugated by rank foreigners, their speech has been silenced, and their bodies sent—to the cheers of the [Jewish] Third International — into mass graves.

[The 3rd Internationale was the third great convention meeting held by ultra-radical Jews and Marxists in 1919 to coordinate Communist activities worldwide.]
Off these foreign guests go to Soviet Russia to “study” the situation. These splendid chaps have no idea what Russia was like before the Bolsheviks—and what it could have become without them in the meantime! On the other hand, the Soviet Union’s new friends show great knowledge and appreciation for our Russian caviar and vodka! The caviar is good, the vodka burns like fire going down, and in the brain-fog of democratic good will one somehow misses the rivers of blood, the dashed brain fragments, and the slithering clatter of mil­lions of slaves’ chains.
In its place we have a vast desert: its intelligentsia 90% annihilated, its middle class throttled, its work­ing class made serfs once again — but this time serfs in state-owned factories, workers who just for using the word “strike” can be put up against the wall! As for the farmer, now he is a mere beast of burden, a camel in the Soviet-made Sahara, laboring without question for his Jewish exploiters and nearly without pay.
The events of March 1917 — Kerensky’s middle-class overthrow of the tsar — and of November 1917 — the Bolshevik putsch against Kerensky’s government — were only the visible re­sult of years of patient, mole-like undermining activities by the Jewish Internationale: a work which did not begin in the criminal minds of Marx, Kautsky and Engels, but instead in an earlier alliance of Jewry with the higher grades of world Freemasonry.
These lofty “idealists” have tortured and killed, in the name of Russia’s workers and peasants — and according to their very own statistics — the following numbers of victims in the first four years of the glorious Russian Revolution: 28 bishops of the Church, 1,215 priests and 6,000 monks. Why? Just because they were bishops, priests and monks, and because they believed in God — who is of course merely a disposable middle-class superstition.
Next come 8,800 Christian doctors and their aides. Why? Because they represented non-Jewish middle-class medicine.
Now come the officers: 54,650 army and naval officers, 10,500 police offi­cers (lieutenant-rank and above) and 48,500 lower-ranking policemen. And for what reason? Because they were military and police officers, and we all know that “militarism” is no longer permissible for any nationalistic and Aryan-conscious white people. It is only allowed to Red bandits, who call themselves proletarians, to dig the real proletariat a mass grave.
Then there are 260,000 flag-loyal soldiers of the old army, all now executed. But even this statistic is trifling. Now come the intelligentsia: teachers, professors, engineers, building contractors, writers and judges — especially judges, because these were the most dangerous for a state ruled by convicted felons.
To them let us add lawyers, district attorneys and all the college-educated occupations — to reach the number of 361,825 murdered members of our most mentally demanding professions. I will not even tarry over our annihilated class of large landowners, consisting of 12,950 persons.
Finally, we come to the modest numbers of workers and peasants executed by the worker-and-peasant state. They amount to only 192,350 workers and 815,000 peasants. All these figures are official statistics pub­lished by the Cheka [forerunner of the KGB] and printed in easily obtainable Bolshevik newspapers during this period when the anti-communist White Russian forces were fighting Trotsky and the Red Army, [1917-1921].
When during the 1922 Famine, 30,000 human beings were dying every day, Jewish leader Trotsky made the sarcastic remark: “All the better — look at the paperwork that will save us now!”
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this was the first time your government realized they can do whatever the fuck they want... now that they understand this.... enjoy your shit soup america... who needs guns? you never use them when it counts and you let the others walk all over you.WAKE UP AMERICA.
personally i would say ww2 was when they knew they could do what ever they wanted because since then the west has gone along with the biggest lie in history and it still pushes it to this day,and just look at how the world has been since germany fell for the JEWS...non stop illegal wars and the west slowly being destroyed by deliberate replacement of non indigenous.

not sure who the guy is talking,just a little insight into history and what clearly is another huge lie..
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this is a real holocaust survivor and quite frankly shouldn't be here today telling his story, respect to this fella and 1 can only imagine the horror he has had to live with for over 75 years bless him and all thanks to zionists/jews and the treacherous british government (((churchill))) for ordering this blatant war crime on innocent germans and english,anyone who is aware of what really happened on those nights knows full well what took place and the total figure of lives murdered...lessons to be learnt from any of this,not at all because just look at how the west has been at war with the world since end of ww(((jew)))2 ... the world today is a much worse,unsafe place then it ever was and our governments are too blame for that...
Victor Gregg was a 25-year-old British prisoner of war in Dresden when it was attacked by British bombers in the final months of World War Two, 75 years ago. Some historians argue the bombing - which led an estimated 25,000 deaths in one night - was unnecessary because the war was pretty much decided.
Even now, at the age of 100, Victor still regularly speaks about the events he witnessed back then as a lesson humanity needs to learn from – and has written a book "Dresden: A Survivor's Story" about his experiences.


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i am 1 man who has not watched msm for 9 years,i have researched a lot of things and have come to 1 conclusion about what i have worked out and that is we have all been lied to about history,history is written by the victors...and when you realise who is behind the victors well then you open a can of my opinion the biggest threat we face in this country and the world is zionism and the traitors who are pushing it for (((jews))) upon us all..
1 of the most talked about,lied about events in history ww2 and what happened
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