A talent agent named Johnny Jackson (Laurence Harvey) tries to resurrect his flagging career when he stumbles upon a talented young rock 'n' roll musician, Bert Rudge (Cliff Richard). Although Rudge protests and says he doesn't want to be a star, Jackson transforms the youth into a teen idol, renaming him Bongo Herbert. Pretty soon, Bongo Herbert is making it big, with a single hitting the charts and Jackson pulling the strings. But, as the two find out, success is fleeting.
Cliff sings three songs:- A Voice In The Wilderness, Love, and The Shrine On The Second Floor.

A young man builds a hot rod despite the disapproval of his father, a Juvenile Court judge. Circumstantial evidence points to the innocent teenager when his car is involved in a hit-and-run accident and he must reconcile with his father.

The film takes place in the Lochmouth region of Scotland, near Glasgow. Members of a group of soldiers are taking turns using a Geiger counter to find a small and harmless hidden source of radioactivity in a wide pit area. Private Lansing (Kenneth Cope) finds another mysterious source of radiation where ground water starts to boil. As the other soldiers begin to run, there is an explosion. Lansing, who was closest to the explosion, dies of radiation burns while another soldier has bad radiation burns to his back. At the site of the explosion, there is a Y-shaped crack in the ground with no apparent bottom. Dr. Royston (Dean Jagger), from a nearby Atomic Energy Laboratory at Lochmouth, is called in to investigate, along with Mr. Mac McGill (Leo McKern), who runs security at the UK Atomic Energy Commission.

A union boss fights racial discrimination in his job but has to face up to his own deeper prejudices when his daughter falls in love with a Jamaican teacher.
Made in the wake of the 1958 Notting Hill riots in London, Flame in the Streets (dir. Roy Ward Baker, 1961), is a tense examination of racial prejudice. In this screen presentation, Roy Ward Baker makes no allowances for liberal sensibilities and pulls few punches in delivering what he himself termed "a harsh picture". Baker's harshness, however, is not entirely without subtlety. He is careful not to be judgemental and much of what transpires is almost in the form of an exposé.

As a new star and planet hurtle toward a doomed Earth, a small group of survivalists frantically work to complete the rocket which will take them to their new home.

A radio DJ stages a live rock 'n' roll show in order to persuade a television producer to commission a series, but during the preparations his girlfriend feels he is neglecting her.
Songs by Tony Crombie, Art Baxter and Rory Blackwell among others.

In 1940s Brighton, England, the vicious criminal Pinkie Brown (Richard Attenborough) is the leader of his small-time gang. After Brown murders a rival, he finds an alibi through a waitress, Rose (Carol Marsh), whom he promises to marry in return for her corroboration. Despite the police ruling it a suicide, Ida Arnold (Hermione Baddeley), a woman who was with Brown's victim before the murder, continues with her own investigation. Meanwhile, Brown is rapidly losing his grip on the situation.

Hefty hoodlum Marty "Fats" Murdock (Edmond O'Brien) employs has-been agent Tom Miller (Tom Ewell) to transform his girlfriend, Jerri Jordan (Jayne Mansfield), into a singing star because he trusts Tom not to make a pass at her. However, the more time Tom spends with the stunning blonde, the more smitten he becomes. His troubles multiply when he realizes that Jerri can't sing a note, is not in love with Murdock and wants to settle down with a nice man like himself......A star studded movie with some REAL BIG names singing their hits...including such luminaries as: Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Fats Domino, The Platters, Little Richard, The Treniers, Eddie Fontaine and Johnny Olenn.

World War II veteran Richard Dadier (Glenn Ford) takes a teaching position at a rough New York City school for boys. The staff warns him that the students are nearly impossible to control, but the optimistic Richard remains unfazed. Soon, though, he realizes that his class isn't merely rowdy -- they can be downright dangerous. The students, led by the thuggish Artie West (Vic Morrow), threaten their teacher and his family with violence, yet Richard refuses to give up on the troubled teens.

Now considered to be a cult classic, Beat Girl, released in 1960 is a story of teenage rebellion. It is a powerful account of the conflict that arises when respectable architect Paul (David Farrar) brings home his new young French wife Nicole (Noelle Adam) and introduces her to his daughter Jenny (Gilliam Hills). Paul has been away for months and Jenny's resentment is obvious; she has fallen in with a bad crowd that is just wild for kicks and soon discovers that Nichole has a secret past. The film introduced Adam Faith to the big screen with music composed by John Barry. Much of the action takes place in coffee bars, music dens and a sleazy strip club, which so evocatively captures the atmosphere of London's Soho in the late 50s.

A hot-rod-happy teenager joins a rock 'n' roll band to earn the money needed to enter his car in a national meet...unknown to his two aunts who have forced him to live a subdued lifestyle if he wishes to inherit their fortune. - The highlight of this movie is the appearance of Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps singing "Dance in the Street", "Baby Blue", "Lovely Loretta", and "Dance to the Bop".

Former marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) is preparing to leave the small town of Hadleyville, New Mexico, with his new bride, Amy (Grace Kelly), when he learns that local criminal Frank Miller has been set free and is coming to seek revenge on the marshal who turned him in. When he starts recruiting deputies to fight Miller, Kane is discouraged to find that the people of Hadleyville turn cowardly when the time comes for a showdown, and he must face Miller and his cronies alone.

Engrossing British crime drama following the trial of four youths accused of robbing and murdering a nightwatchman. With the prospect of the death penalty being given should the boys be found guilty, the defence lawyer attempts to convince the jury to come to a charitable verdict. While the witnesses' evidence seems to prove their guilt, when the accused give their version of the night's events, an entirely different picture emerges.

After meteors enter Earth's atmosphere, blinding much of the planet's population in the process, plantlike creatures known as Triffids emerge from the craters and begin to take over. Military officer Bill Masen (Howard Keel), one of the few sighted people left alive, meets with other survivors in England and tries to find a safe haven from the vicious vegetation, as scientist Tom Goodwin (Kieron Moore) desperately seeks a way to defeat the leafy extraterrestrials.

The body of a young woman is found stabbed on Hampstead Heath. Although appearing to be white, when her brother (Earl Cameron) arrives at the police station to give evidence, the officers see that he is black and that she must be mixed-race too. Her brother confirms that they were the children of a white father and a black mother, but Sapphire has recently been passing for white.[5] Sapphire's white boyfriend, a student, immediately becomes the chief suspect. He is followed by plain clothes police and seen acting suspiciously around the crime-scene. The discovery in the police post mortem that Sapphire was 3 months pregnant is an added complication. As the investigation proceeds other, surprisingly colourful aspects of Sapphire's social life bring further suspects to light.

Lois Cavendish (Jody Fair) hangs out at a nearby soda shop with her drag racing club. But when she learns the shop might be closed, she calls her wealthy aunt, Anatasia (Dorothy Neumann), for help. Anatasia offers the club the chance to use her mansion as their headquarters -- but with one strange condition: They have to scare away the ghost that haunts her home. When the club decides to throw an all-night monster mash party at the mansion, it becomes clear that something is amiss.

Original 6-part UK TV series broadcast live by the BBC in 1958:
During excavation work at a building site in Hobbs Lane, London, workmen discover a skull and other fossilised bones. But are they really remains from a five million-year-old skeleton as claimed by Dr Roney, or something altogether more sinister? Meanwhile, Professor Quatermass, head of The Rocket Group, is resisting government plans to install missiles on the Moon, in a menacing project known as the Dead Man’s Deterrent.

Mike Wilson, a young police officer, poses as a student under the alias Tony Baker and thus infiltrates a high school in order to investigate a narcotics ring. He lives in an apartment with Gwen Dulaine, a married woman who pretends to be his aunt in public but attempts to seduce him in private.
"Tony" flirts with pupil Joan Staples and incurs the wrath of teacher Arlene Williams as he makes acquaintances in school. He discovers that Joan uses marijuana and inquires about where she purchases it. He ultimately learns that a mysterious man known only as "Mr. A" is the one who sells drugs to the students, helped by an assistant called Bix. With help from an undercover cop, Quinn, who risks his life to save Mike's, the criminals are apprehended and Joan promises Mike that her drug use is over.

To prove his theory that rock and roll is on its way out, a sociologist tries to convince a "bop" singer to switch to calypso, much to the ire of her Hollywood nightclub manager.

Phil, a part-time truck driver and singer, meets a feisty platinum blonde who challenges him to a drag race through Griffith Park. When he is caught and loses his license, he meets up with the sketchy Frank Wooster who offers him a job singing in his new nightclub. When Phil discovers that his new job also includes drug running, he must fight to save his friends and himself.

German professor Otto Lidenbrock believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the centre of the Earth. He, his nephew Axel, and their guide Hans descend into the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull, encountering many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, before eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy, at the Stromboli volcano.

When their latest rocket test fails and government funding collapses, rocket scientist Dr. Charles Cargraves (Warner Anderson) and space enthusiast General Thayer (Tom Powers) enlist the aid of aircraft magnate Jim Barnes (John Archer). With the necessary millions raised privately from a group of patriotic U.S. industrialists, Cargraves, Warner and Barnes build an advanced single-stage-to-orbit atomic powered spaceship, named Luna.
After achieving lunar orbit the crew begins the complex landing procedure, but they used too much fuel during the descent. Events takes a serious turn when the crew realize that with their limited remaining fuel they must lighten Luna in order to achieve lunar escape velocity. They soon come to the tragic reality that one of the crew will have to remain on the Moon if the others are to safely return to Earth....

After moving to a new town, troublemaking teen Jim Stark (James Dean) is supposed to have a clean slate, although being the new kid in town brings its own problems. While searching for some stability, Stark forms a bond with a disturbed classmate, Plato (Sal Mineo), and falls for local girl Judy (Natalie Wood). However, Judy is the girlfriend of neighborhood tough, Buzz (Corey Allen). When Buzz violently confronts Jim and challenges him to a drag race, the new kid's real troubles begin.

Little heard Bert Weedon track - but VERY atmospheric!.....From the 1960 UK Parlophone vinyl album 'Saturday Club'.

Two young women, Judy and Ann, catch the six-five special train from Glasgow bound for London, with the intention of making a singing career for the latter of the two upon arrival. Once on the train they find that it is full of singing stars travelling down to London to appear on the TV show 'Six-Five Special'. They also meet actor Finlay Currie who tries to dissuade Ann from going into the business. Also on the train are the show's presenters, Pete Murray and Jo Douglas, for whom Ann auditions. Impressed with her voice, she is offered a spot on the show in the chorus. After watching a number of acts, Ann's big moment arrives as a supporting singer for Dickie Valentine. As the show moves into its finalé, Jo Douglas informs Ann that she has made enough of an impression to be offered a solo spot on the show the following week.
Songs by: Jim Dale, Don Lang, John Barry Seven, Jackie Dennis, The King Brothers, Lonnie Donegan and Petula Clark, among others.


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