An ancient African idol, possessed by the spirit of an evil sorcerer, seems to take on a life of its own.

An “unknown force” declares war against planet Earth when the United Nations disobeys warnings to cease and desist in its attempts at assembling the first satellite in the atmosphere.

Heroic, but dull, Fred Maklin and beautiful, but spoiled, Jerrie Turner wash up on an uncharted tropical island. They are soon captured by ex-Nazi Colonel Osler, who also has imprisoned a bevy of beauty contest winners whom he allows to be whipped by his slavering Nazi storm troopers. He has, you see, been extracting some glandular substance from the girls to inject into his wife Mona, who suffered terrible facial disfigurement, in efforts to restore her beauty. Things get worse as the island is used for test bombing by the US Air Force.

After a Puerto Rican teen is murdered by three white adolescents, the case comes to Assistant District Attorney Hank Bell (Burt Lancaster). Realizing that he used to date the mother (Shelley Winters) of one of the suspects, he wonders if the boy is his son. Despite Bell's personal involvement, the district attorney (Edward Andrews) keeps him on the case. However, as Bell discovers street gang involvement in the case, he and his wife (Dina Merrill) begin to face physical threats.

A story by Nigel Kneale:- A misfit teenage checkout operator has an unrequited crush on her supermarket manager. Coincidentally, the shop's cuddly cartoon mascot seems to have come alive and is causing havoc.

A lecherous estate agent has recurrent dreams about his seductive secretary, a mysterious house and an even more mysterious encouragement to murder his wife.

Cloud Nine, the local teen hangout, has been taken over by a pair of escaped killers, who hold the local teens hostage. The bartender realizes it’s up to him to save the kids. Appearances by top recording group The Platters plus The Blockbusters.

In a small Swiss resort town, sisters Anne (Janet Munro) and Sarah Pilgrim (Jennifer Jayne) are worried by Anne's telepathic sense, which goes haywire. Reporter Philip Truscott (Laurence Payne) and U.N. worker Alan Brooks (Forrest Tucker), who's in the area to investigate unusual radiation levels, also sense something is amiss. It turns out vicious extraterrestrials are living in a radiation cloud in the Alps, brutally killing anyone who comes near and threatening to descend upon the town.

While studying meteor showers in the American Southwest, geologist Dave Miller (Grant Williams) finds some rather strange crystals. The crystals grow huge after a rainstorm, and begin absorbing silicone from humans, turning them into monsters. Miller tries to save the small town, whose residents include a schoolteacher (Lola Albright) and her children.

In this Sherlock Holmes tale, Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary 19th-century British sleuth (John Neville) is on the trail of Jack the Ripper. In the dark alleys of London, the notorious Ripper has committed a series of gruesome murders when Holmes takes on the task of solving these horrific crimes. The process takes Holmes from the lowest rungs of society all the way to the peak of the aristocracy, discovering blackmail and family insanity everywhere he goes.

At a small, rural British lab, monomaniac Dr. Laird and his staff create ultra-intense magnetic fields. Inexplicably, the apparatus seems to be affecting distant objects, and to be drawing "extra power" from...somewhere. One night, after a "freak" storm, strange and deadly things start happening in Bryerly Woods, and a strange man from "a long way off" appears in the district...concerned about Laird's pulling down disaster from the skies.

The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, receives a radio distress call from the fourth planet in the Talos star group. A landing party is assembled and beamed down to investigate. Tracking the distress signal to its source, the landing party discovers a camp of survivors from a scientific expedition that has been missing for eighteen years. Amongst the survivors is a beautiful young woman named Vina...

Howie Ellison and Margie De Mar are driving to a college football game when the car breaks down. Searching for help, they encounter two men dressed as Confederate soldiers and flee as the men shoot at them. Howie is later found by a passing motorist but Margie has disappeared. Just as is about to depart on vacation, Jim Crandal, a reporter for The Daily Sentinel, is asked to look into the story by his editor. Finding evidence that the soldiers’ costumes are the real thing, Crandal decides to investigate further, joined by Margie’s sister, the nightclub singer Sandy. Searching a nearby farm, they find themselves abruptly transported back in time to the 18th Century. They are then brought back by the Nazi scientist Ernst Von Hauser who has built a time machine that works by manipulating the speed of light. Using this device, he is planning to bring about the victory of the Third Reich.

Three people driving into Los Angeles for a Dodgers game have car trouble and pull off into an old wrecking yard where they are held at bay by a bloodthirsty psycho and his crazy girlfriend.

This obscure little science fiction/horror film (a British-American co-production) stars Willard Parker as a heroic astronaut who returns from a test flight to discover that most of England has been utterly destroyed by alien invaders, whose armies of killer robots have transformed nearly all of their victims into zombies. Parker manages to rally together a small resistance army from a few scattered survivors in outlying villages, and they eventually find the earth-based relay point for the transmissions which have enabled the invaders to coordinate the robot attack by remote control.

A blonde actress is murdered across from a bar. An off-duty cop has been getting pleasantly sloshed, but becomes worried about his innocence when he finds out he was seen leaving the establishment with a blonde, but doesn't remember. As he investigates, he interviews a columnist who was going with the actress, a caricaturist who drew the victim, the caricaturist's wife who works at the bar, and the caricaturist's lover, and slowly begins to put the pieces of the deadly puzzle together.

Julius Kelp (Jerry Lewis) is a college professor with a problem. Clumsy, awkward, inarticulate and unattractive, Julius is a hopeless case when it comes to women -- but he's desperate to impress beautiful student Stella (Stella Stevens). Fortunately, he does know something about chemistry and decides to concoct a potion that will turn him into a whole new man. In this classic comedy, Julius' suave alter ego, Buddy Love, must win Stella's affections before his short-lived potion runs out.

Astronaut, Frank Douglas, mysteriously disappears from his spacecraft as it parachutes to Earth. The vanished astronaut is apparently replaced by or turned into a large, radioactive, humanoid monster. A team of scientists and military men attempt to capture the monster...

Londoner Harry Fabian is a second-rate con man looking for an angle. After years of putting up with Harry's schemes, his girlfriend, becomes fed up when he taps her for yet another loan. His latest ploy, promoting an aging Greek wrestler, goes awry when the wrestler dies and everyone points the finger at Harry. Hiding out in a riverfront barge, Harry sees his grand ambitions spiral into a nightmare of fear and desperation as the underworld closes in.

Young Glenn Cameron (Alan Frost) finds a 50-foot cone sticking out of the ground near a small Illinois town. He reports his discovery, and the government sends a UFO committee, headed by Sen. Powers (Jack Hill) and scientist Dr. Paul Kettering (Edwin Nelson). Soon, they learn several townspeople have vanished, including Glenn's father, Mayor Cameron (Orville Sherman). But, when he returns, he is under the control of a mysterious creature attached to his brain, and an alien siege begins.

Turn-of-the-century authorities search for a killer who surgically removes his victims' thyroid glands and implants them in himself to maintain his youth.

Mark Bradley is a radio commentator being flown to Australia by his pilot Joe Walker. A typhoon forces their plane off course and damages one engine. Looking to ditch in the Pacific, they spot an unknown island and head for that. A voice comes over the radio, a male voice, warning them away, with the possibility of their destruction if they don’t comply. They have no choice but to land on the beach...

After the death of their young son, a scientist and his wife adopt a new son, but it coincides with a series of odd events and disasters for the father's research.

Dr. Diabolo challenges five individuals to visit his inner sanctum, promising them a vision into their promising future. Four visitors are filled with dread after having a view of their future.

A mysterious drug pusher has infested the high school and a rash of students are getting hooked on heroin, among them Ray, star of the basketball team. The boy is found dead, having injected a lethal cocktail into his own veins.


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