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These sea slugs are very common and come in countless colors and shapes .i always like finding them

Nice video of these creatures..toward the end of the video I get a great shot of the pair ..enjoy

When found they had there eyes stuck closed with an infection.antibiotics fixed that .than I fed them with a syringe till they learned to eat ..now they will find good homes🙂

Small sea slug .they come in hundreds of shapes and colors

In competition they use swords in this practice they use sticks..enjoy

I came across this turtle eating.it did not care that it was being observed

This small lobster with long feelers.i never saw another

They learned how to eat from the syringe and will soon find homes

This starry puffer was in no hurry ..I guess cause it was poop time..look closely

I never saw this type of shrimp-like oddities.here are 2..Sarangani bay

This creature is carrying its house .enjoy.more to come

I came apon this strange fish .i saw one similar before I started making videos

These urchins are very common but I never saw one in such a hurry

These snakes are abundant but are not aggressive..I do all my own videos FYI

A large poisonous banded sea snake passing by.they are not aggressive

Enjoy this short video FYI there is a huge clam shell on the side of a mountain nearby .it is about 100 feet across.

I do all my own videos .I came across this creature on the move if you know what it is please comment

Watch what this turtle does halfway thru video..he’s about 5 feet long (for perspective )

This surprised me .you can see it has frog legs you can even see toes.my Son is also impressed.enjoy

The left side of this creature is its head .you can see the mouth parts searching for a meal

A large lion fish in all its splendor..my 13 year old son in the background.Enjoy

I never saw this species in this color..beautiful

I found this blog attached to coral .the water was very murky this day

Theses clown fish have a beautiful blue anemone


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Underwater photos and videos of Sarangani bay southern Philippines.i hope you enjoy♥️