Yet another year of lies and loss of freedoms. And the Chinese boogyman.

Legal gun owners means you have bern permitted to have a gun, lawful gun owner means you own your gun and your right to have it.

Never mind the stupidity. The criminal fed lowered interest rates last month to keep people borrowing. The energy sector is slumped, gold is up, delivery companies are going under. Housing sales are slumped, whats not to love?

China is crushing Hong Kong with their peaceful Communist tanks and troop carriers.

The politically correct SJW movement is nothing more than a way to grab power and assert political will upon others.

Bitchute is totally useless for uploading videos. Dont ask for money to upgrade membership until you fixed your search and upload problems. Im not the only on

If the Germans or any other Europeans want to protect thrir lands, they can themselves. My concern is America, I am a Nationalist. White Nationalist with 1/3 Cherokee blood.

Women love masculinity, yet cant stand to leave boys alone. Nature is masculine, not feminie and has peace and logic in the way nature works. But nature, nor men should be put to task by feminine bs.

This bitch says Antifa is peaceful protesters? If you call yourself a Communis, Marxist, Socialist, you are my mortal enemy and deserve a death for treason.

We all have friens or family who either think a prepper is crazy or they have one foot in the reality and one in the matrix. Walk away and continue what you need to do.

Had a whiner go on a rant about my advice to use food pantries to prep. If you barely scrape by, use any means you can to build up a food storage prep.

Food shortages, signs the economy is failing fast, political terrorism, daily stories on asteroids. Something is coming. Civil war has been here for years.

Come on bitchute. This vidso took 4 tries and one hour to upload!???

Media blackouts on protests around the world against globalism. US citizens blindly obey all laws and acts no matter how illegal they are. the free speech on Bitchute. But the upload times and channel search suck. Where are all the viewers on Bitchute?

The Muslims have joined their Jewish brothers to bring about the Jewish envisioned New World Order, one world government, One World tax, one world religion, eugenics, and of course the ever-popular reduction of the white race.

Joe Biden says no amendment in the bill of rights is safe from government.

The jewish body count grows.

From movies, to the FBI, to all media, calls for violence, murder, and gulags are being call for agist the right and white nationals. Get ready, you are in a fight now.

Watching the Hysterical, Marxist Democrats is like watching World War Z!!

The Jews and their communist allies are telling you to your face now, they want you eliminated white man.

Time to cut off all immigration. No vacancy.

What if it was your kids being kidnapped tortured and raped?

The cops are not on your side

The Jews and Islamists are allies. Do a search. They hate the white race and using various groups in the US like the SPLC and CAIR are trying to overthrow the Constitution and bill of rights.


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