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This video is a back up from "The Flaherty Files 2.0" YouTube channel
Currently live on YouTube, but buried in search results.
Buried of course to protect the children, virtuous victims, our feelings, & more.

My assessment of disproportionate Black crime:

Due to lower IQ and higher testosterone,
Blacks are more vulnerable to the family destruction started by LBJ, and continued today by the Left.

No disrespect intended to Black people, who are fellow human beings.
They are no more responsible for their 85 average IQ, than any person is for their IQ, height, or a hair color.

Government dependency, victimhood, and non-accountability for poor life choices, equates to more Democratic Party votes.
So, the Left continues to enable and promote bastardy.

Prior to LBJ, Black unwed parenthood was lower, and so was Black crime.

Suitable for ages 13+: Facts about IQ, race, and life.

Nixon and Democrat Dr. Monynihan, a former Urban Affairs Advisor, then UN Ambassador, and finally, a Senator, discuss differences between the IQ averages of Blacks, Asians,and Whites, proven by endless research, & life outcomes.

At the time of this recording, they discuss the confirmed findings of Dr. Herrnstein, and earlier peer reviewed facts published by Dr. Jenson, and then pledge...."we cannot talk about this publicly."

In the United States of America, those with similar IQs, achieve similar academic, career, financial, and life success
....regardless of:
Race, money spent per student, school district, college degree, or SES born into.

"Systematic racism", debunked.

IQ is set at conception, and beyond a basic diet, cannot be increased.
IQ, like height, can only realize its potential, set at conception.

IQ cannot be increased via any method:
Including by self-esteem, Head Start pre-school, education, diet, exercise, or unearned jobs and promotions.
Meta study link 1:
Mainstream Science on Intelligence & IQ: 52 PhD Signatories with Biography

Meta study link 2:
Education, IQ, Income & Crime - Factors & Solutions

These documents are publicly searchable by name on Google.

Example: Ratios at 145 IQ

1 in 3.5 million Sub-Saharan African Blacks (no White DNA)
1 in 300,000 American Blacks (average 20% White DNA)
1 in 1,000 American Whites
1 is 50 Ashkenazic White Jews

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From the Renaissance Radio program, now AR Podcasts.

Good news. There is no systematic racism or bigotry in the USA.

In the United States of America, those with similar IQs, achieve similar academic, career, financial, and life success.
Regardless of: Race, ethnicity, money spent per student, school district, college degree, or SES born into.

Good news. There is no systematic racism or bigotry in the USA.

In the United States of America, those with similar IQs, achieve similar academic, career, financial, and life success.
Regardless of: Race, ethnicity, money spent per student, school district, college degree, or SES born into.

Proven via countless studies and meta studies, including multiple National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth (NLSY)

IQ, like height potential, is set at conception.
Beyond ensuring a basic diet, intelligence cannot be increased by "improved diet', education, "esteem building" programs, Head Start, or unearned jobs and promotions.

There is no causal connection between poverty and homicide.

If not poverty, what is the cause of disproportionate murder?
Disproportionate unwed parenthood.

Blacks and Hispanics are victims of government destruction of their families via generational Welfare, unwed parenthood apologists, and Affirmative Action/lower standards.

The government is not a substitute for a marriage partner.
Over 50 National Crime Victim Surveys/NCVS conducted over decades, prove that police arrest criminals.

The NCVS, administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, is a national survey of approximately 50,000 randomly selected households at least once per year in the United States, on the frequency of crime victimization, as well as characteristics and consequences of victimization.

Arrest statistics submitted by police departments from across the United States, match perfectly with replies to survey questions, such as:

Were you the victim of a crime?
What crime?
What is your race/ethnicity?
What was the race/ethnicity of the perpetrator?

"Systematic racism", debunked.

The fist minute of the original video was edited to remove hunting pictures, which might be objectionable to non-hunters.

The full YouTube video is live on ElVaquero555, as of June 2019.

Even prior to DNA, given a few bones, criminologists have long been able to identify the race of victims with 90%+ accuracy.
100% accuracy, if presented with a completely intact skeleton.

When any race, ethnicity, or country co-opts the accomplishments of another race, ethnicity, or's sad.
This includes Negroes/Blacks/sub-Saharan Africans co-opting the accomplishments of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian art depicts people with Negro features as slaves or conquered....not as rulers, masters, leaders, or builders.

Dr. Newburn was a court appointed prison Psychologist.

Get Colin Flaherty's books via his website.

Note: Amazon has burned his book, "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it"

Get Dr. Nyborg's book: "Race and Sex Differences in Intelligence and Personality: A Tribute to Richard Lynn at 80"

"Lee Kuan Yew (16 September 1923 – 23 March 2015), was the first Prime Minister of Singapore, governing for three decades."

Viewer discretion advised: Politically incorrect truths presented.
This content is suitable for those over age 13, as it's factual, and in no way derogatory.

Not a criticism in any way of Blacks or Hispanics.
Rather, a condemnation of Leftist Whites & Hispanic, Black, & White race hustlers, who have destroyed the family.
....Example: The newborn Black bastardy rate is at 70%+.

Crime in America:
Over many decades the NCVS, an annual survey of approximately 50,000 people, has asked questions including:

Where you the victim of a crime within the last year?
What crime?
Your race/ethnicity?
Race/ethnicity of offender?

Survey results match arrest statistics submitted by local, county, state, and Federal law enforcement.
Systematic racism, debunked.

Due to their 85 average IQ, American Blacks are more vulnerable to the destructive policies of Leftists, and their lies and manipulation.
50% of American Blacks (ave 20% White DNA) are sub 85 IQ vs 16% of Whites.

Prior to the 1960s, Arabs in Israel self identified as Egyptian, Syrian, and rarely, Lebanese.
All 7 billion plus people are members of the same human family.
That said, context is paramount.

8000 square miles for its 9 million people (20% Arab)

Arab League
5,000,000 square miles for its 420 million people

Oppression of Arabs by Israel,
or by Jews, a group totaling 15 million worldwide not fair, accurate, or on the whole, reality.

Lecture with Q & A

Dr. Lynn is the first speaker
13.25 - Start of Dr. Rushton's presentation
33:17- Q&A
Dr. Rushton, on the far left
Dr. Lynn, one in from the right (blue shirt, no tie)

White depends on where one centers the circle, and how wide the circle is drawn.

Example's noted:
White is from Iran to Ireland.
Or, White can even exclude Russians if desired. If the circle is centered in France, and draw small.

Jared Taylor Interviewed by a beta male self-hating Israeli Jew.

Full video: Jared Taylor Interviewed - "Shared Values of White & Jewish Nationalism"

Interviewed by a beta male self-hating Israeli Jew.

Tough love Muslims: Stop cousin marriage/inbreeding.

Not a fun fact:
Muslims compose approximately 3% of England, yet their newborn children represent 30% of genetic birth defects.
Over 50% of English Muslims are married to first cousins.

The Islamic "Golden Age" is mostly myth.
Today, it's propaganda promoted by Muslims worldwide. Especially Arab Muslims.

This myth is also promoted by White apologists.
To counter the realities of the horrid censorship, 83 IQ average due to inbreeding, lack of human rights, and zero contributions to humanity, within and by, the Islamic fundamentalist world.

Contributions by Muslims within the last 25 years to science, tech, liberty/law, literature, or medicine? 100? 500?

Most successful "Muslims" in the Americas?
Actually, are not Muslim, they are Christian Arabs.
Christians have not followed "the perfect example of Mohamed", a pedophile, and engaged in cousin sex, aka inbreeding, for 1000+ years.

Genetics works, and is real. Regardless of one's knowledge or agreement with it.

Fun stuff.

An interesting timeline/progression of the range and growth of support for Trump...and then ....opposition, outrage, lies, defamation, Machiavellian divide&conquer manufactured outrage by the Left, and more.....all side stepped by master trolling.

Plant an apple, get an apple.

No disrespect to Blacks, or any race expressed.
Rather, scientific questions presented.

Since other animals have, and are, species and subspecies, why not humans as well?

My take, with the disclaimer, my BIO 101 and 102 college courses in no way make me an expert.

The average Caucasian and Asian have about a cup more brain than the average Negro.
I use these racial terms (Asian etc - races/breeds/subspecies), with no offense intended.
Question: How could different average brain sizes not impact IQ/intelligence?

Compassion is warranted, not hate.

Asking someone to "get smarter", is the same as asking someone to change their hair color, or just get taller.
All these traits, and potentials, are set at conception.

Beyond the basics of both a good diet and education....IQ cannot be changed. Correction, IQ cannot be increased.
We know how to lower IQ...drugs during gestation, etc.

Over 200 K - grade 12 studies in the U.S have shown, beyond the basics, education doesn't increase intelligence or school performance.
In other words, beyond a basic chair, clean classroom, and an acceptable teacher....more money solves nothing.

No species or subspecies is responsible for the evolutionary pressures that have resulted in the realities of today.
Different averages in gestation lengths, age of sexual maturity, brain size, and even ear wax and skin pH.

Did the evolution pressures that caused our largest organ, skin, to change over the a span of approximately 100,000 years, leave the brain untouched?


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