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rajhu - What if just about everything you were taught about nutrition were not just wrong but trapping you into a life of emotional misery, rapid aging, horrible health, lower brain power and disconnection from your higher self?

I am about to share with you the story of how a chronically depressed and suicidal New Jersey man turned his body into a BLISS MACHINE in less than an hour by making a very simple change in his lifestyle.

This is information that most humans on this planet know little to nothing about. This is crucial and breakthrough information that you won't find anywhere else.

Knowing and then practicing this simple concept will dramatically improve your life in unimaginable ways, virtually overnight. 

And what's so strange is that these insights came out of me from a very basic question from an email subscriber. Of which I'll now read to you in this potentially life-changing video I made for you...

Should you cook food "like tomatoes" to make certain nutrients more available?

For instance, we are told that cooking makes the antioxidant lycopene more available in tomatoes. Is this true and what other deep implications are revealed from this very simple question?


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Discover the super healing and happiness powers of the Nature diet or the Raw Food Diet from the Eternal Raw Teanajer. You'll also learn fast and convenient no equipment fitness tips. Plus how to improve your life and how to connect with your blissful higher self.