Fourth video around the European elections 2019, with the polls from the 26th of may, the last election day.

This video is about the European elections of 2019. I'm giving an analysis of the election results from the Netherlands.

The results are based on two exit polls. The first exit poll was done by Ipsos. The second by 'Geen Peil', an initiative by the popular and anti-establishment Weblog GeenStijl. Wich is actually the biggest alternative media outlet in the Netherlands. The results are secret according to Brussels' law. But Geenstijl found a loophole in Dutch law. Brussels doen't like it, but every voting bureau has to read out loud the results of the elections, if requested in the Netherlands. They used it to forecast the results, by sampling actual results. They visited 750 of the 8.500 bureau's. Not randomly, but representative. They did it four years ago as well, and they forecasted even better then Ipsos. So if they both come up with almost the same results, both mainstream media and alternative media, I'm sure it's pretty accurate.

This is the first of a series of video's about the European elections of 2019. I am discussing the Netherlands and especially Thierry Baudet of Forum for democracy.


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