Roger Stone

Roger Stone



Dear Black People. This is Joe Biden.

Find out how and why LBJ had JFK assassinated. Get your signed book:

Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud & Cyber Manipulation Is Overwhelming & Compelling ‼️

Who is the master manipulator of the heist of the 2020 Elections? It's Bill Gates! #StopTheSteal -

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Why did the FBI coordinate with CNN to film Roger Stone’s pre-dawn Gestapo-style arrest? 🤔

We Must Stop the Steal in Georgia! GA Steal Could Cost Senate Republicans The Majority -

#RogerStone on Donald Trump’s PATH to rightful victory:

The President won: Now it’s time to #StopTheSTEAL

Kamala Harris has an ugly history of locking people up, violating civil liberties, and turning her back on the "progressive" principles she espouses.

#RogerStone covers everything from Debunking the “Russian Collusion” HOAX to the 2020 Election being a Choice Between DARK & LIGHT.

Roger Stone destroys Gov. Andrew Cuomo with a Borscht Belt joke 😂

Roger Stone: BLM & Antifa are the SHOCK TROOPS of the Democratic Party -

Roger Stone warns President Trump the debates are rigged and how to overcome the Dems' attempted coup.

How Roger Stone started the Trump revolution --

NEVER FORGET! Before Donald Trump became President and before perverts were being exposed in mass, NYT best-selling author and political operative Roger Stone published this epic tome on Bill Clinton’s history as a vicious rapist. The Clintons’ War On Women also exposes how Hillary Clinton intimidated and psychologically assaulted her husband’s victims as part of a methodical cover-up. It was Hillary who hired the private detectives to harass the women Bill attacked.

Ask Trump to Pardon General Flynn:


Leftists Vandalize Church over Roger Stone Appearance --


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