Incredible sights

Buying up all the farm land

Very captivating story - Time travel

The truth behind why they created a space force

William Shatner Weird or What series special

Portals for Reptilians, Stargate

Reptilians - fallen ones, Evil ones

UFO's turn off the missiles

Very Interesting

Incredible footage, low flying spaceship

Exploring myths, folklore, and actual tunnel systems

Startling scenes

Marijuana should never have been demonized or made illegal, Gov. wanted their cut.

Captured by CCTV camera on a busy highway, unbelievable!

What they'll do to keep their power

Increase in UFO sightings all around the world, many eye witnesses


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This channel has been created due to various request made by YouTube watchers for whom videos have been deleted and they wanted me to post on BitChute.

I've lost many of the original videos and I had to change my security system due to being hacked.

So, I decided to play and put videos I find interesting therefore a mix will be found.

I'm trying to change the category of NEWS & Politics but .... haven't been able to do so I decided to just leave it. The category gets locked in after a short time.

I was going to just delete this channel / account but noticed that the videos I was uploading was receiving many hits. I didn't expect any subscribers but noticed that I now have 55. I'm totally surprised by this so decided to continue with video uploads.

There isn't a category that really fits what I'm putting in so I'll leave it as such. I'm favoring history, Biblical, mythical, Aliens, UFO's, Pandemic and maybe some humor.

I'll continue for now but may very well end up deleting this channel, I'll wait and see