The peak of Olympus
home to the Olympians
where they have watched and aid the lives of mortal men for millennium,
protecting their chosen peoples- Hellenics- Mediterraneans

But no more, for the Iron Age race of men must forge on their own without the help of Olympus, until the day comes where Olympus touches down to destroy the Iron Race of man for their loss of morality and righteousness, and implement a new age.
Where the souls of man will, return to the creator above the stars,
above .....the heavens

Song: Return to Aldebaran
Artist: Legionarii
Edit: My own

The last battle will be fought in Megeddo... Har-Megeddon, the ancient city of the ancient canaanites/ isrealites... ancestors of the Greeks, hence

SONG: Moving Mountains
ARTIST: Two steps from hell


video montage of Livia , character from the hit 90's show about ancient Greece, Xena warrior princess.

in this show, Livia is the metaphorical embodiment of Rome's unstoppable military prowess .. very similar to the goddess, Bellona.


Song: Krosah
Artist: E.S. Posthumus

In honor of ....

The goddess of victory
The one associated with Bellona
The one in the hand of Minerva
The one who is within the hands of Jupiter
The Angel of Victory

Angelus Victoria

Democracy, an idea formed by the Greeks , in Athens to unify their city states... worked for awhile, but in the end was a failed idea. Democracy will always fail, because it requires everyone within such democracy to come to the same agreements and understanding in order for it to run smoothly, therefore everyone must have the same or similar beliefs and opinions, which by human nature alone..we know will never be the case. Therefore we see Direct Democracies always end up in tyranny of some sort. It's the basic life cycle of democracy, it always eats itself to death. The answer is a Republic. For a Republic is the best form of government on this imperfect planet. It takes the freedom of Democracy and hands it to the people and the gives such people the authority over such freedom, and keeps that freedom in check through a system of regulated laws that all citizens agree as a collective to obey regardless in order to protect such freedoms.... A Republic's only weakness of course being the people of the republic itself... for if they forget that they are a republic they will submit to the idea of a democracy and soon inevitably to follow.. chaos, and thus delivered into the hands of tyranny. It's why Rome , the children of the Greeks, was and IS the light of the world.. conquering the BARBARIAN aryans around them by force, to forge a new better world of freedom through ORDER. not freedom through (anarchy) chaos they so happily indulged in before civilization hit them by the sword.
For I stand yet a Roman.. and I oppose the beautiful lie of Democracy.


Maurors nubifero seu tu procumbis in
haemo seu te cana gelu
rhodope seu remige medo sollicitatus
athos seu caligantia nigris
ilicibus pangea tenent. Accingere mecum et thacas defende tuos.
Si latior adsit gloria.
Uestita spoliis donabere quercu.

The might and glory of the Roman Legions,

eternally unmatched!

For we stand as titans,
surrounded on all sides,
towering over all who would seek the fall of glorious Rome and her children.
A light admist the sea of darkness.

The official flag and anthem of the NEW Greco-Roman Empire.
A flag to stretch from Iberia to Greece.

Video made by Theflag&anthemguy on youtube,but only because I asked him to make it for me with my resources so...(Still my video despite his visible watermark)

Song: Europa Nazione
Artist: Legionarii

A Praga a Berlino, a Mosca a Varsavia
A Buda a Stettino il fuoco brucia già
Viva l’Europa libera,viva l’Europa grande
Europa Nazione Nazione sarà

A Roma ad Atene a Vienna a Parigi
Spezziamo le catene gridiamo libertà
Americani a casa compagni nella steppa
Europa Nazione Nazione sarà

Risorgi Europa,risorgi sul mondo
Risorgi più grande risorgi con noi
Nella tua nuova storia c’è scritto già vittoria
Europa Nazione Nazione sarà

Son cento son mille milioni di fiaccole
Che s’alzano in alto insieme ad una bandiera
I giovani d’Europa uniti in un sol coro
Europa Nazione Nazione sarà


Lyrics in english:
In Praga, in Berlin, in Moscow, in Warsaw
in Budapest, in Stettino
the fire is already burning

Viva free Europe!
Viva grandiose Europe!
Europe a Nation, a Nation shall be

In Rome, in Athens, in Vienna, in Paris
they break the chains
we cry for freedom
Americans [go] to your homes
Cossacks to your steppes
Europe a Nation, a Nation will be!

The accession in Europe, rises again for the people
The biggest accession again, rises once again with us

The new History already recites the Victory [of ours]
Europe a Nation, a Nation shall be.

A hundred men, a thousand men
A million torches
that rise in the air
along with one flag

The youth of Italy united together in one choir: Europe a Nation, a Nation shall be!

The youth of Europe united together in one choir: Europe a Nation, a Nation shall be.

anthem and flag for all the tribes of.... Barbarians....


form a line!!!

Send them to Tartarus

We are what stands between civilization and barbarism.

We are Roma!



Roma est Ordinis,
Romae est Civilisation,
Romae est Virtutem.

Et habemus, nos sunt Romae !

The sons of Joseph (Romans)


The sons of Judah

"what is our chief favor of all we have given you leave to gather up that tribute which is paid to God with such other gifts that are dedicated to him; nor have we called those that carried these donations to account , nor prohibited them; till at length YOU became richer than we ourselves , even when you were our enemies; and you made preparations for war against us with our own money; nay, after all , when you were in the enjoyment of all of these advantages, you turned your too great plenty against those that gave it to you, and , like merciless serpents , have thrown out your poison against those that treated you kindly."
- Emperor Titus

The Reconciliation
The Senate and People of Rome
from both Western and Eastern
of the Empirical Republic !

The Colossus of Rhodes

Unofficial National Anthem of the Roman Empire
753 B.C - 476 A.C

An Ode To Rome



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