⭕️ 100.000 de vieti ar fi putit fi salvate daca nu se interziceau acest medicament in USA, medicament mentionat si de catre Trump

⭕️ Medicamentul in cauza era pe lista genericelor de 65 de ani (patent free) si actioneaza in stadiile incipiente ale bolii

⭕️ SARS -COV-1 este 75% similar cu SARS -COV-2 si se stia din 2005 ca medicamentul “interzis” era eficient in cazul sars-cov-1

⭕️ Toate tarile in care s-a interzis au mortalitati mai mari decat celelalte

⭕️ Niciodata in istoria medicinei nu s-a mai intamplat o asemenea cenzura a informatiei medicale






Despite the protests, the French National Assembly adopted the "law of bioethics". The vote took place at night, at 03:35, on the night of 1 August, in the presence of 101 deputies out of a total of 577.

The whole law is terrible.
"This law is neither bio nor ethical" - La manif pour tous
"The purpose of bioethics is to approve of what ethics rejects." - Olivier Rey, philosopher

Important points in the law:

- “PMA for all”.
Lesbians will be able to have children using gametes (sex cells) from donations, so the children have two mothers and no father. (PMA - “Medically Assisted Procreation”, in Romanian “Medically Assisted Human Reproduction”)

- parentage
Filiation rules are introduced that try to solve the problems opened by “PMA pour toutes”; for example, a distinction is made between “mère gestatrice” and “mère d’intention”

- “chimeric embryos”
It opens the way for research in the field of "chimeric embryos", ie crossbreeding between humans and animals! The pretext is to obtain organs that could be used for human transplants.

- abortion
Abortion is authorized until the term of birth, in case of "psychosocial danger", a vague concept, not legally defined.

In the clip, Ludovine de la Rochère - president of La Manif Pour Tous.



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