Central planning never works. Unfortunately, this doesn't deter authoritarians from trying to make it work. Central planners always corner themselves; they checkmate themselves. They reach a point where every decision is a bad one; where every move is the wrong move. The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, immoral, and the primary source of economic calamity in America. It's yet another of example of central planning that must ultimately fail.

Thanks to excellent investigative work by conservative journalist Matt Walsh, we have a full view of the horrors of Vanderbilt University Medical Center program to sterilize, drug, and mutilate children...for profit! Also today, yesterday President Biden told the UN that countries cannot seize the territories of other countries by force...yet that's just what he's advocated the US do for most of his career!

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Russian president Vladimir Putin announced this morning that Russia would partially mobilize its military forces in the ongoing Ukraine conflict, stating that it is NATO that is pulling the strings and sending the weapons to Kiev. The Russia/NATO proxy war has been long ongoing...but will the conflict take a turn to a direct clash? Also today, Pentagon announces a review of its psychological warfare conduct as scores of fake social identities are revealed.

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Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to make a major speech in hours regarding the special military operation in Ukraine as several breakaway republics in Ukraine will soon hold referenda on joining Russia. Is major escalation coming? Also today: Is Heritage Foundation turning conservative on foreign policy?

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In an interview full of shocking statements, President Biden told 60 Minutes last night that the Covid pandemic is now over. It may sound good this close to the election, but such an announcement has enormous implications for those still being fired and harassed. Also today: blockbuster NY Post article claims Facebook spied on (conservative) users PRIVATE msgs and sent them to the FBI.

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Debt matters, and there are no "free" lunches when it comes to government spending. But with enough propaganda, it becomes easy to think that government can spend money without any limits. As the U.S. national debt approaches the $31 TRILLION mark, interest rates are rising, and interest payments are the debt going to skyrocket. Financial reckoning draws nearer.

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A Bipartisan group of Congressional warmongers is pushing a multi-billion dollar military assistance package for Taiwan. The measure will include new language designating Taiwan a de-facto “major non-NATO ally.” Clearly the Ukraine model is being applied to Taiwan: fighting mainland China down to the last Taiwanese.

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The head of the Department of Homeland Security has identified the latest terrorist threat to the United States...and it is us. People who do not trust the government and who question government narratives on social media have now surpassed foreign terrorists as the biggest threat to America. Also today: Was Steele Dossier an FBI op? And - Lindell the pillow guy has his phone stolen by the FBI.

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After tens of billions have been shoveled into the black hole of Ukraine, known as the most corrupt country in Europe, Beltway conservative groups are belatedly waking up to the dollar hemorrhage. With a new $14 billion dollar giveaway on the table, groups such as Heritage Action and Center for Renewing America are screaming "enough!" Also today: one astrophysicist shocks the world.

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US Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) said on Face the Nation yesterday that the Jan 6th protesters were insurrectionists who attacked "our democracy" just like the 9/11 attackers 21 years ago. Will the families of the 9/11 victims have something to say about this? Also today: Trump allies continue to be rounded up as Biden's DoJ declares war on half the country. But, never fear, The Biden Administration has decided to change hundreds of "racist" names of places around the country.

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In a world drowning in debt, the monetary system itself is on borrowed time. When the moment for reform arrives, gold will play a role once again. The era of money being a whim of counterfeiting central banks is drawing to a close.

The policy of harming and isolating Russia has backfired hard on Europe. This should provide a learning opportunity for Americans. In an interconnected world, it's never good policy to bite the hand that feeds you. Americans should keep this in mind when considering policy towards countries like China. Trade is superior to sanctions.

Another form of tech tyranny was recently on display in Colorado, as 22,000 households lost control of their "smart" thermostats to their power company. The ability to change the temperature in your own house was taken away! Corporatism, driven by an authoritarian "green" ideology, continues to do damage to our liberties.

When the Fed counterfeits dollars, creating an artificial economic boom, a recession is inevitable and unavoidable. Recessions are a return to economic reality; the antidote for The Fed's poison. While recessions are unavoidable, depressions can be avoided. Depressions occur when the government interferes and tries to prevent a return to economic reality. Government implements "policies" that are meant to "help," but only end up extending the economic misery into a depression.

The U.S. military is having a hard time finding new recruits. With a string of failed wars that should've never happened, along with illogical vaccine mandates and "wokeness," is it really a surprise?

From the very start, the idea of getting rid of fossil fuels is an absurdity. But politicians are hardly ever deterred by truth and reality. The policies to "transition" to "green energy" are already producing economic pain and suffering. The further the "transition" proceeds, the higher the pain will become. Central planning never works.

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First Afghanistan imploded and now it appears Iraq and Libya are about to follow suit. Syria simmers. The fruits of US interventionism are everywhere the same: chaos and death, not the promised "triumph of peace and democracy." Also today: Facebook exec admits FBI pushed the company to censor "the laptop from hell."

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Many people have come to realize that there's something very strange and unnatural about big corporations all walking lockstep to push the "latest thing." Real life just doesn't work that way. There must be some kind of leverage used to create this unnatural situation. The leverage used to push this very specific ideology is, of course, money. Fortunately, states like Texas, Florida, and West Virginia are fighting back against so-called "Woke" Capitalism.

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