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Crooked head cane for: stretching, massage, exercise, support, stability, mobility, protection. Use with care.

Testing my new mic, and still playing with the audio, learning how to mix and master.
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I have tried to speak this message to the best of my ability as I came to truly understand myself, my past experiences, what it meant.
The depth of it all, and us all, far exceeds what can be easily and clearly verbalized in a short and concise way. It takes going though ones own foundational knowledge, discarding what are false beliefs, and aligning Logic, Creativity, and Morality of Heart to one's developing Soul under the watchful eye of the Most High.

Much Care All, feel free to share.

I know that every moment, of every day and night, there is a constant battle being waged for each heart, mind, and Soul. I know that until I truly realized that within, I was losing badly.
My intent here was to simply start recording and speaking about the depth of it all, while reflecting on my own 43 years in this life. I had no plan as what or how to say this, so I do hope that I was able to convey something helpful.
Whether or not I am agreed with in what I said, I appreciate the gift of your time and attention in listening to what I felt I needed to say.

Please look into everything you still only believe to be true, the generational lies have to be overcome by each inside.
We are each responsible for our own learning and knowing, each responsible to constantly distill what we know, into wisdom. At the same time, being absolutely aware of what we don't, or can't know, to the best of our ability.

For me, I say that I lived the "beast" mentality, as I was taught, for 39 years. I have processed the lies, and my part in them, to the very depth of my Soul. I will also say, it wasn't of my choosing, it was the absolute crushing Judgment of God, so to speak, and then, the allowance to move forward.
Maybe only to try and convey to others, that for the sake of their infinite Soul, they should maybe face "Judgment" now, inwardly, and change. I don't know how it works after death, but I wouldn't want to show up without the ability to fully answer for myself.

Thank you for listening, reading, watching... considering?
Much Care

Theoria Apophasis: Magnetism Lecture (part 1 of 6)

Just a little late night early morning ramble.

#IndependenceDay - the physical manifestation of the psychosis known as "Stockholm Syndrome" in the form of celebration. (my own current definition is much different than the one I was indoctrinated with)
#Morality = #Freedom

Just talking a bit about the state of in-dependence we currently live in. Also a bit about the massive amount of belief deception, addiction, and psyops that maintain a state of base Conciousness instead of Higher Conscience.
Past, present, future, time, space, reality, morality, physical, metaphysical, trauma, thought, emotion, action, behavior, and the rest can all be reflected on until understood and brought into alignment within.
Morality and Repentance are the "shortcut" into ones own state of "higher self", Heart Conciousness, Soul, "rebirth", and/or reconnection. Percieve it as you will, the labels are unimportant, and not to be used as a tool for indoctrination (which has, and is, being done to perpetuate our collective slavery)
To change things, simply change. Realize that simple change can take a lot of effort and willpower. It is worth every bit and more.

Thank you for listening, feel free to share.

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While this can't fully expose reality, I hope to at least provide much more than a glimpse.
Mass awareness is the only thing that will end our mass enslavement.
Those with awareness are responsible for sharing it.
Those without awareness are responsible for gaining it.
There is no shame in being tricked (the true shame lies in the trickster), the shame comes from what was done while not knowing better.
Upon realizing, the goal then becomes taking action to correct oneself from the inside out, and pass what you've learned to those around as quickly and effectively as you are able.
Thank you for listening, please feel free to share.

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A ramble of me discussing the difference between Right & Wrong, Thoughts & Behavior, while also touching on the vaccine issue again, Morality, Natural Law, and the same mainstreamed normalized mind control system that controls the minds of most folks on Earth.

As I see it, the way to do this correctly is for the "pyramid" to crumble from the bottom, up. This happens by each of us that work for any part of the "system" stopping and finding the distinct difference between legality and Morality, and inform others that they are engaged in harmful behavior.
For example:
-Military, Police, Legal: enforcement of Govern-ment (Control-Mind) and Physical Harm
-Religion, Education, Entertainment: enforcement of Indoctrination and Mental Harm
-Financial, Technology, Medicine (allopathic): to make physical materialistic shells devoid of the Living Moral Soul that has been hidden within them all along...(it happened to me as well, and I found that we each indeed have to power to Right things, it takes only ones Free Will)
When those that would rule no longer have the worship of Living Men and Women, they will be forced to face themselves. Consider that they may have been even greater deceived than others. The judgement they will have to face within, or after, is all that is I Feel it is for each of us. It feels to me like we fix it all at the same time by fixing our Hearts on Morality and Mind on Care.
Thank you for listening, reading, and/or sharing.

As for the towers and the frequencies they emit, they are extremely harmful and are used to generate the very purposeful weather warfare being conducted on populations of many Countries. As for wifi, one can choose to beLIEve that it is harmless... or one can know that the frequencies our devices operate from, the 1ghz- 5ghz range, is harmful to the cell structure of Life (us, animals, insects, plants) and cause cognitive disfunction and supression.
One can also beLIEve that 5G is just a furtherance of the favorite distraction devices... or one can know that it is a weapon system that will have the ability to emit frequencies at 60ghz and beyond.
There is a vast difference between belief and Knowing. We need all that consider themselves to be "adults" to take a good deep look inside themselves, get over themselves and what they thought (and taught) they were, and get involved in a positive, moral way, as fast as they are able. It's a process, to change, and it's only fear that hold most back.
Please don't believe me, all of this information is out there, and you really can know for yourself...and nobody will be able to fool you on whatever it was once you do. Reconnecting to one own Heart Conciousness is Key (from my perspective)
Thank you for reading/listening. Feel free to share.

This is what I see that needs to happen for others, within themselves, to fully come to Know Thyself. I feel it is this process, on a mass scale, is the very thing we are meant to do to save ourselves and each other from destruction.
Thank you for listening. Feel free to share.

I hope the message came though. I would like to add that a Man or Womans relationship is between them and the Creator, and Morally binding (no paperwork involved), don't let the snakes mislead you as they did me.
Evil is getting you (as it did me) to play out it's version of Armageddon, you can stop it by stopping.
Feel free to share. Much Care Folks

To serve as a reflective map of sorts.
Feel free to mirror.
Feel free to share.
Thank you for listening.

Just a short talk on Logic, Thought, Emotion, and Feeling, and their connection within us.

Whether you agree or disagree, know or don't know, or feel or can't feel what I am saying;
I appreciate the gift of your time in hearing me. Thank you.

If I were to be made to disappear, it will be due to my words being a threat to a belief system, rather than me being a threat to anyone within those systems. I know that is known by more than just me, and that is good.
The best advice I can give is only what I have come to know to be true within. When we all have our fully ability to control ourselves, we will collectively weep for the control we were taught to exert on others. Thanks for listening. Share if you like.

This is the first time I actually sat down and put effort into finishing a music project. I really enjoyed finishing this, and definitely plan on doing more, music has been something I've always loved since a child. It is a real form of magic.
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To me, all harmful issues we face as a species distill down to belief based on immorality, over knowledge of Morality and truth.
Other issues include, but not limited to:
-Master/ Slave Mentality
-Self Worship/ Other Worship
-Technology used to irritate, manipulate, surveil, and subjugate.
-Harmful chemicals, metals, preservatives and more, in processed food, drink, soaps, makeup, etc.
-Fossil Fuel Hoax
-Constant false threats and continued Wars of Agression.
-Depopulation, destruction, and "reordering" of Society according to Agenda 21/2030.
-The institution of a "New Order" based on Noahide Laws and the Talmud to rule the "souless goyim" or "the not Jewish folk".
-24/7 trauma based programming from all networks, shows, movies, games, and media. I grew up blindly believing most things,
it was my responsibility to fix myself, I only wish I could have realized decades ago. I hope each can turn themselves around inside soon, the hearts moral Compass is Key, and there doesn't seem to be much time.
Thanks for listening/ sharing.

And to healing.
Memorial Day -Reflections of a former Soldier:
We are living the purposeful planned destruction, and remodeling of a Society that was created to be ignorant of empathy and Soul. It will continue to worsen until all take responsibility to gain their own awareness; and actively change to a path of Wisdom and Morality.
*SOULPRESSED: The Deeper Truth About Vaccines:
This is an absolutely excellent and in depth dive into the dark Truth of Vaccines and how they have impacted, and are impacting us all.
CDC Simpsonwood (Secret Meeting) Transcripts can be found here:
Here's how I got healthy, and stay pharmaceutical free.
-Title: Cannabis Oil Tutorial (A Grand Cure at Home)
Description: * I am not a doctor, I am speaking from my own research and experience. I don't suggest believing me, or a doctor. I suggest researching and trying Natural (homeopathic) plant based Medicines, as they are a world of health better than the petrochemical based (allopathic) "medicines". *Adding the cooking (activation) step of the Cannabis is what gives the Oil the THC (psychoactive) component, it will make one "high" depending on potency of the Oil vs the strength (tolerance) of users own endocanniboid system. *To make nonactivated CBD Oil, do not bake the Cannabis. Simply add it, and the Lecithin, to the Coconut Oil and steep on low-no heat. I suggest low heat to aid the infusion process. Thank you for your time, I hope it wasn't wasted.
Feel free to share anything you feel worthwhile.

*Warning: Strong Language*
Just wanted to share some thoughts on government, and hopefully shed some light on the levels that the deception stems from.
We need more help spreading the heavily suppressed Truth. We need more Beacons of Light if any of us are going to expect anything to change.
Things will not change by just sitting around and expecting them to change themselves on their own. If you can see things that others cannot, you have the potential to make Great change in this realm, and by holding back with spreading real knowledge to less fortunate beings, you would be aiding in the perpetual suffering by remaining silent.

I had no plan on what to say here, and am only trying to help others realize the suppressed truth within.
Thank you for considering. Please feel free to share.

A quick video discussing God, Modern-Day Religion, and Morality.
Morality, and lack there-of is the simplest way to address the root problem in all of society.


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In the past, I was a 21 year U.S. Army Cavalry Scout- Retired. A dead Spirit.
Knowing/Feeling the Truth of Natural Law (Gods Law/ Universal Law/ Karmic Law) and acting in accordance with unwavering Moral Right, will free Society of Immoral bonds.
None are born with more "Rights" or "Authority" than any other. Costumes, Titles, Beliefs, nor Wealth will ever change that Fact.
The Mind, Body, and Spirit are the exclusive "Property" of the individual Being from Birth to Death. The experience gained with that mind, body, and Spirit are what builds, or destroys the Soul of the individual.
I'm working to rebuild from 39ish years of incorrectly "Trained" thought, emotion, and action. I've corrected myself, am continuing to correct myself, and trying to help others along the way.
My "Temple" is my minds Consciousness. My "House" is my Hearts Empathy. My Soul is my Infinite Spirit that has Unified physically for a Finite Experience of Infinite potential. We are All that same Potential.
- Older Ron
I am a 22 Year old Soul, with 10+ years of self-taught experience in Full Stack Software Development. I know it is strongly necessary to bring attention to what has been suppressed from the mass population globally for decades or longer. Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of Morality, Knowledge of Reality, and the bits & pieces in between that can truly help others tie things together to find their disconnected Spirit and Moral Core so that we may Heal, live in Peace, and build a Heavenly future for all Life.
- Younger Ron