This is a clip from “The Gay Science” by Friedrich Nietzsche, narrated by Michael Lunts.

Sam Vaknin Mirror

This is a narration of “On the Flies at the Marketplace”, from the epic “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, by Friedrich Nietzsche. Narrated/edited by Rontimus.

This is an excerpt of “Will to Power” by Friedrich Nietzsche, edited by Rontimus.

This is a narration of a section of “Twilight of the Idols” by Friedrich Nietzsche. Read by Barnaby Edwards. Draw your own conclusions, I don’t care. Edited by Rontimus.

This is a mashup of the epic song “Sail Into the Black” by Machine Head, with selected clips from the epic movie Valhalla Rising. Edited by Rontimus.

This is a selected clip from Barnaby Edward’s narration of Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Twilight of the Idols”, edited by Rontimus. Used according to “Fair Use”.

This is a clip from “Beyond Good and Evil”, by Friedrich Nietzsche. Read by Duncan Steen, edited by Rontimus. Draw your own conclusions. Used in accordance with “fair use”.

This is a clip from Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Human, All Too Human”, narrated by Micheal Lunts. Edited by Rontimus, used according to “fair use”. Draw your own conclusions.

This is a creative editing of a clip from Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Human, All Too Human”, narrated by Michael Lunts. Edited by Rontimus. Used in accordance with “fair use”. Draw your own conclusions.

This is an extract from the epic book "The Gulag Archipelago", by Alexandr Solizhenitsyn, narrated by Frederick Davidson, edited by Rontimus. Draw your own conclusions.

This is a dramatized narration/excerpt of section 225 of "Beyond Good and Evil", by Friedrich Nietzsche. Narrated by Alex Jennings. (Edited by Rontimus)

This is a mash-up of my two favourite things: The Matrix, and "Locust" by the epic band, Machine Head. It is structured so as to follow the “Hero’s Journey”.

Created/mixed for entertainment/educational purposes, used under "fair use". No profit is made from this video.

Purchase “Unto the Locust” by Machine Head, and The Matrix trilogy from iTunes and/or your favorite streaming/download sites.

This is a clip taken from "On the Genealogy of Morals", written by Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by Ian Johnston, narrated by Duncan Steen.

To me, this seems clear to be the ultimate purpose of ”men going their own way”. Once achieved, it will be redundant.

This is a narration of selected portions from "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", by Friedrich Nietzsche. Narrated by Rontimus.

Audio portion from "Sunshine" movie soundtrack (John Murphy Adagio in D Minor), used in accordance with "Fair Use".

This is an excerpt from the amazing documentary “Journey to the Edge of the Universe”, narrated by Sean Pertwee. Used according to "Fair Use"

This is a clip/trailer of the wonderful documentary, "Following the Ninth", directed by Kerry Candaele. Edits added by Rontimus.

This is a mash-up of the beautiful ballad "Man of Sorrows" by the Christian rock/metal band "Wolves at the Gate", with selected clips from Mel Gibson's epic movie "The Passion of the Christ".

This is purely for entertainment and educational/inspirational purposes, and used according to "Fair Use". Happy Easter to all!


Blistered feet, bloodied alone,
Walked the streets a man unknown
Battered face as He adorns
A mocker's robe, a crown of thorns
A tree designed for His demise
Cursed, maligned by guilty cries
The nails and hammer they did meet
Two in the hands, one in the feet
Risen up, put on display
For a guilty mob to scream and say
“Crucify! Crucify!”
The people yelled to crucify
“He must die! He must die!”
Without a fight He did comply

I do not know the pain you felt
Or lowly service as You knelt
Down before such lowly men You served (and washed their
Who is this man they sent to die?
Many still could not reply
Betrayed and sold by His very own (with a kiss)
He met the needs of thousands fed
Healed the sick and raised the dead
“My God! My God!” The man did say
“Have you forsaken me this day?”
Bleeding, dying; words were few
“Forgive them Lord for what they do”
Gasping breath they heard Him say
“It is finished!”

Laid below the ground You knew it couldn't hold You
They thought that You were bound by nature's laws
For the veil that was torn in two and the darkness that would ensue
A symbol alas that the debt was finally paid
When the stone it was rolled away, He was no longer where He lay
Surely our King had risen from the dead

On and on and on we're singing
Singing out for all to hear us

This is not a simple story
Our lives are for Your glory
Beyond words and written pages
Your song across the ages

This is a dramatic narration of the story of "Jesus ben Ananias" (son of Ananias), written by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.

It is taken from "The Wars of the Jews", book 6, chapter 5, paragraph 3. Narrated by Rontimus.

This is a creative dramatization of a quote from Thomas JJ Altizer, in the preface of his book "Godhead and the Nothing". In his book, the author is juxtaposing the thoughts of William Blake and Friedrich Nietzsche to reveal a common thread.

The audio during the quote is music clip from the soundtrack of the movie "28 Days Later", and the end video clip is a short clip from "The Neverending Story". Used according to "Fair Use".

Compiled for educational/entertainment purposes, draw your own conclusions.

This is the ending clip of "Genius of the Modern World", the erudite documentary discussing Friedrich Nietzsche. Used according to Fair Use.

This is a creative narration of "The New Idol", written by Friedrich Nietzsche, from his epic work "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

This is a creative narration of "The Tarantula" by Friedrich Nietzsche, taken from his epic "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

This is Sepultura’s “Ode to Joy” cover, taken from their track “Ludwig Van”, on their album A-lex

This is a creative lyric video for the beautiful song, "Oculus", by Project86. Compiled and edited by Rontimus.


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