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Short video, Bill gates is a genocidal criminal

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The high priests of the covid cult are letting their followers know they need this hot new covid app. Also, remain fearful, it's for your own safety.

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The 1.9 TRILLION dollar stimulus has been used to pay people off around the world as well as using your hard earned wealth to pay down the debts incurred by highly irresponsible state. California and New York are stealing your tax dollars under the guise of "Covid Relief". Call every Representative you have and tell them you're pissed about it. Then go out and replace these thieves, scoundrels, and scumbags. I know I'm trying.

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Today I break down what is rotten about the gig economy and how the contractors get all the risk put on them by their corporate overlords with none of the rewards.

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Got a couple news stories today, Psaki proves she doesn't understand how businesses operate or basic economics. Bernie boi Sanders hates the idea of you escaping earth debt cattle ranch, and Bidens border just keeps getting looser. Let's hope this doesn't extend to his bowels or bladder.

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I talk about some current events surrounding my home state and the cunts involved.

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A cabal of critically racist teachers in one of Americas most affluent counties plot to destroy the reputations of parents who are concerned or neutral about Critical Racism being taught in public schools.

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Russian and China sign a memorandum for a joint moon base. If we don't compete we won't eat, it's time to smash the media narrative because they're avoiding everything actually important to prop up divisive non-issues.

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A covid testing center has been bombed with no casualties in The Netherlands, rumors of massive covid infection in illegals crossing the border, and the FBI are acting like the corporate thugs they are.

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Thanks to the Streisand effect we now have a phrase for all the conspiracy theories that the deranged leftist have put spewing and forcing down the nations throat. That is Blueanon.

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OH they're ready to get even more data from you with this vaccine passport. I doubt it's secure and the people holding your data aren't the most trustworthy.

FBI director apparently thinks that any opinions not along party lines is "Extremism".

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Well, we all knew it was coming and I'm honestly surprised it didn't take longer. Biden's first presidential bombing, they grow up so fast.

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Veritas came out today with leaked salesforce video chats. They hate you and want you to shut up about the any election fraud.

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A lot of insane racial bs stories circulating this Monday. I suppose you have to keep people divided somehow.

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A few clips from the hearing and my unsolicited opinions.

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AOC and the Far left are barking about 50k student debt forgiveness, forgetting that Biden never promised that. Confuse geriatric sets arbitrary line in the sand. 10k is within his power but not 50k?

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After Trumps acquittal ate the senate impeachment trail the rhetoric is turning up to 11 and everyone's a terrorist.


I discuss why I think Gina Carano is a true patriot, highlight one such case of violence, and give examples of five actions we can take to stop it.

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The washington post has come out with absolute drivel, deriding everyone who attended the unplanned capital tour as an irresponsible debtor or s crazy because their parents were irresponsible debtors.

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I discuss the possibility that we find ourselves in a variation of a liquidity trap.
This is an amateur opinion and I'd greatly appreciate any feed back.

I satirized Rep Dean Phillips recent Struggle session, poorly.

I discuss a few news topics from the week including gme fud, Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO, and republican infighting.

Here's that Tim Pool Video I mentioned -


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Hello everyone, I'm Father Goz(y-you don't have to use that first part). I make videos about current event, finances, or anything to do with corruption. While I'm no longer all that religious St. Sir Thomas Moore is my guiding light. “(...) personal prejudice and financial greed are the two great evils that threaten courts of law, and once they get the upper hand they immediately hamstring society, by destroying all justice.”
― Thomas More, Utopia

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I've been thinking about doing gaming content but I'm not sure if that market is completely flooded or not.