Billy and John discuss the Daniel McMahon arrest and contrast his case with threats of violence and assassination received by Roper recently from identified Antifa activists. Next, both give their analysis of the Trump impeachment drama: the Ukraine, Hunter Biden, and the acceleration created by the President's "Civil War like" tweet. Also, upcoming ShieldWall Network events are discussed and several listener questions are answered to close out the show. Check out for more info.!

Billy and John discuss the recent mass shootings, accelerationism, calls for Red Flag Laws and other anti-second amendment bills, the ShieldWall Network Summer campout, future meetings, public events, and rallies, and the Jeffrey Epstein assumption of room temperature.

Whatever you may think of their tactics, Billy Roper reveals the exclusive blockbuster evidence proving that the alleged victim in the arrests of three ShieldWall Network affiliates in Arkansas was in fact an attempted child predator. He then explores why the police have not arrested the potential pedophile despite having that evidence themselves, and gives listeners an up to the minute update on the defendants and their case moving forward towards the arraignment.

Three young men are being prosecuted for allegedly attempting to stop a child predator. John, Julian, and Nicholas, all under thirty, face charges of 2nd degree battery, standing accused of intervening when an adult male came to their home late at night believing he would be meeting with a fifteen year old child he had been grooming online. According to police reports, when the three young men confronted the attempted child predator and prepared to phone the police to come and arrest him, an altercation ensued.

Here is the local newspaper account of the story.

The attempted child predator falsely claimed that he was held against his will at gunpoint, but police were unable to find any firearms at the home during their search. Now, the three men who are accused of attempting a legal citizen's arrest need your help to get adequate legal defense against the charge. Please contribute as much as you can to help them finance a lawyer. It's not one person giving a lot, but a lot of people giving a little which will truly make a difference. If you have children whom you wish to protect from child predators, or if you agree that those who target children for sexual exploitation should not be protected by legal technicalities, please help Nicholas, Julian, and John go free. Any amount is appreciated, and those unable to give online may mail concealed cash or a check or money order with the "pay to" blank to P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. Send a message to attempted pedophiles with your generous donation today, and on behalf of all innocent children, thank you!

Billy discusses the positive European EU election results, ATU going after Dr. Stein, and the concept of faith and doubt as they relate to the fear of death and imprisonment as an outcome of accelerationism.

Billy Roper and John Smith discuss the May 5th ShieldWall Network protest in Russellville, Arkansas, along with feedback from the Mayor and community as victory is achieved in Ozarkia. They then discuss Anti-Semitism and the Gaza crisis, as well as the Jewish lobby being exposed and how Identity politics is radicalizing both ends against the middle. This youtube video is discussed in the conversation:
Ami on the Move: Open Anti-Semitism At UNC And Duke Conference

In a brand spanking new The Roper Report, find out what the SWN really is all about. Billy responds to listener e-mail questions about the Yang Gang, Christian Identity, the sinking NSM, and the Fields change in plea, and discusses spring gardening, facebook and Amazon censorship, his new book 'The Heirs of Tomorrow', why those who support #BlueLivesMatter should oppose Red Flag Laws, as well as several upcoming ShieldWall Network public events. The most Balk Right show on the interwebs, The Roper Report, starts now. *Listen all the way to the end for a special toy surprise inside every show!

On this special post-rally episode of The Roper Report, Billy reveals a surprise guest, a longtime White Nationalist activist who is now the newest member of the ShieldWall Network Phalanx. In this show they discuss the truth behind the recent NSM controversy, the New Zealand mosque shooting, Morris Dees' firing by the SPLC, and the ShieldWall Network rally at the Arkansas state capitol followed by the George Lincoln Rockwell birthday celebration. Can YOU guess who his surprise guest is?

In '6,000,000 Lampshades of Light', Billy discusses the upcoming ShieldWall Network 'Life and Liberty' rally March 9th, Red Flag laws, climate change, Trump's pro-gay global agenda, the arrest of Christopher Hasson, and the targeted doxxing of Grandpa Lampshade, who is our special guest for this podcast.

In 'Over There, A Report From Europe', Billy has an in-depth conversation with a European Nationalist about the truth behind the Yellow Vest protests, immigration problems in Germany, and Nationalist politics and parties from Eastern Europe to the U.K..

Billy goes postal with an interview of Derek Gooden, a Tennessee postal employee going to toe to toe with the federal government, after discussing Trump's cave-in on the government shut-down and the MAGA hat wearing Covington Catholic kids landing in heap big hot water.

Billy is joined by the ShieldWall Network Chief of Staff to discuss how he got started in the movement, his experiences and activism so far, and the activities of the SWN Phalax.

Billy takes an episode of The Roper Report to explain in detail what the future goals and mission of the ShieldWall Network are, and the impact it can have on our people's future with your help.

On the "Get Back To Where You Once Belonged" episode of The Roper Report, Billy discusses a return to traditional values, skills, and roles with Charles Martel, North Arkansas Regional Coordinator of The ShieldWall Network.


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