I'm a huge fan of the new album 'Metamorphosis' by Hiraeth.
Check it out, here:

Who's in charge? Who runs the left, as well as the right? It's not the globalists, and it's not the illuminati either. Conspiracies are fun, but reality is a lot simpler.

****Lots of swearing in this one. Don't listen or watch if children are present****

A simple truth, to destroy the equality lie of 2021.

Very interesting, and instructive article from Andrew Anglin. I learnt a lot.

Dr. Edward Dutton talks of his experiences in battling the evil monkey universe, and their interdimensional transportation device (aka- the washing machine).

This one goes out to the self-obsessed morons, who mistake compliance for virtue, and don't give a shite about the younger (18-25) generation. I know lots of people like this, unfortunately.

Can we stop being so bloody nice? Nobody else falls for this [email protected]

I've just discovered Twitch. May God have mercy on my immortal soul.
The lady in this vid is Kiaraa Kitty.
Channel here:

Great bumper from RedIce TV.

Yeah, he lives around these parts. Never seen him though, and I've lived here for decades.

Brian Harvey (huge star with East 17) isn't having a particularly good day. Poor bloke. Lockdown UK is having severe consequences on people's mental health.

They used to dilute the poison. These days, not so much.

'Your gentle hands are frozen
And your unkissed lips are blue
Your thinning clothes are hopeless
And no one was mad about you.'

Michael Ryan. Hungerford. August 19th, 1987.

I'm documenting the nonsense.

I assumed that this was fake news.
Mark Collet on Telegram:

If it doesn't fit the ideological agenda, they move on, and find something that does. It's not 'news' it's anti-huwhite propaganda.

One man, with a mission to reclaim the country that he loves.
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A fascinating article by Andrew Joyce of UNZ.
Full article (if my reading is too much for you) here:

Happy Valentines day.

Saturday afternoon. Better times.

Face of the Goat in the Mirror
Eyes Burn like (an) October Sunrise
As Once they Gazed upon the Hillside
Searching for the Memories...

In the Shadow of the Horns
only seen by the Kings
of the Dawn (of the) First Millennium
upon the Thrones

In the Shadow of the Horns
Cleansed like the air in the Night
World Without End

(we've become) a Race of the Cursed Seeds
for five United Forces
in the Eternal Dawn
the Kings that held (their) heads high

The Triumph of chaos - Has Guided our Path
we Circles the holy Sinai - Our Swords Gave Wings
Invisible force of our Abyssic Hate
Our seeds Boil as we gaze upon the New Millennium

Weeping by the Graves of the Glorious Ones
(so) the hardened Frost Melts Away
Clouds Gather across a Freezing Moon
I kiss the Goat - Witchcraft Still Breathes


Randian individualism (libertarianism) is a poison pill, designed to entrap high IQ huwhites. Don't take it.


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