DC and Marvel are virtuously killing the comic book industry. They will not change, because ideology is far more important to them than sales.

Movie review 'The Lodger' (1944)
Comic Book Review: Titans Burning Rage #1

Anybody up for some corporate despair? If so, check out the new Slipknot album. Is it any good? No. It's Slipknot.

Here's what I will be reviewing this week. Oh, and I might throw in a review of Vox Day's Alt-Hero #6 as well.

What is woke corporatism other than a sad attempt at filling the God shaped hole in the heart of us all?

Tom Taylor (Far-left corporate writer) says more about himself than anything else in DCeased #4.

Marvel Comics is all about the ladies these days, but every now and then they stumble onto the truth. This book is about transhumanism, and the tribe. It's good. Check it out.

Review of the latest issue of Batman, a character who has been emasculated and broken by traumatised CIA writer Tom King.

Mirrored from YouTube. In this video I explain why #ComicsGate needs to migrate to BitChute, away from YouTube and their algorithmic manipulation and censorship.#ComicsGate is a consumer revolt against the leftist consensus of ALL comic book publishers in the US (and UK) today.

What are Marvel, DC and the indie books releasing this week? Let's find out.


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