Marvel comics has a very stupid hiring policy, and when it backfires, as it usually does, the results are predictably hilarious.
*Thumbnail is of the writer in question, signalling his virtue w a ridiculous face-muzzle.

A tour of StoneHenge, on a hot summer day in (what remains of) England.

You can’t stop me. My cringe karaoke continues.

Ain’t we are just living in the summer of Zion?

Crank up the volume. Time to have some fun with the great Mark. E Smith.

Cringe Karaoke time.
Mark. E. Smith is the best.

Bathory will help to reignite your send of pride, passion and defiance. Stop kneeling. Get back in the shield-wall, and fight for your home, family, Kin.

BitChute only content, w surprise guest, and a beautiful song to round things off.

Tom King is a joke, just like the industry he has helped to destroy.

What is the problem w the trans community? TERF’S apparently (I know what they are now). Seems a bit misogynistic to me.

(((J.J. Abrams))) is an avowed ‘anti-racist.’ He’s the man responsible for destroying Star Wars, and has now decided to drop all pretence of objectivity. He is a far left activist, and his agenda is completely out in the open. Are you white? Well, for J.J, that’s a serious problem.

The fact that this is a controversial thing to say, tell you all you need to know.

They are getting desperate. Mobs in the street, and ending free speech. The radical leftists are going for woke broke.

Yep, she’s back, just as smug, not as pretty, but as hungry for incel shekels as ever.

Silly sign, from a propagandised child.

The whole thing is a scam. Time to call them out.

Their stupidity knows no limits, and they are now proudly advocating for a new Marxist/Feminist political organisation that is based on lies, and pushing white guilt.

Looking at my local rag, the Swindon Advertiser. It’s woke, broke and always good for a laugh (Honk Honk)

Mob rule (supported by the elites) in the U.K.

Time to wake up.

Interesting how the U.K. MSM completely ignored the events in London last night, isn’t it?

White liberal virtue signallers are the worst people in the world. They advocate for everyone, except for their own people, and themselves.

Here we go again. It’s witch hunting season in America.


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