We have some very dangerous people in charge of western civilisation.

Just watch it. Not available on Netflix.

All eyes on Russia/Ukraine

They are devious little buggers. Oh well, they scheme, but our lives go on. Live your life. Don’t get worried about things outside of your control. Go to an art gallery. Make connections.

Get outside. Enjoy life. Make a connection. Forget the nonsense.

Twerk, giggle, revulsion.

People need to know what is going on. The media and government will not let them know.

Who elected the ADL to office anyway? Why do they have so much power over what we can and cannot say in the supposedly ‘free’ west today?

She’s a producer. Her name is Latoya Raveneau. She’s not very smart, which is exactly what Disney want, as she’ll push the propaganda on children, and think that it’s a good thing that she is doing.

Lizards or not, the man is a bloody prophet.

Luckily, for me, I didn’t get myself shot-up, so no issues to address.

*Experimental gene therapy shots. Looks like the ‘clot-shot’ thing is actually a thing.

Hug your mother. Enjoy your Sunday.

So sad, but inevitable, like we said, over a year ago.

Doesn’t anyone want to know? Strange. With all the death, despair and financial ruin, you’d think it would be a top priority 🤡

Oh dear. Propaganda fail from the Ukrainian ‘Muh liberal democracy’ heroes.

Liberal democracy is a propagandised sham. There’s no diversity here, just coercion and lies.

Join the Tesla queue. The future, is petrol.

Have a great Sunday.

They are rainbow coloured 💩libs.

Unbelievable. This was on CNN, the epicentre of ‘Muh liberal democracy’ madness.

Great news. The big dude in the sky is real. Get repenting, now!!!


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