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The demonic oligarchs paid mobs of thieves to steal and rob stores, for months, just so the stores would then lock ALL THE MERCHANDISE into plexiglass cages, for which they're going to need to see our digital IDs (which also will have our current vax status and social credit system points) and if we don't provide it, we can't be allowed access to the items/buy from that store.

I wonder how many phones use such tactics to deceive us and justify the pricing!

Another dirty little secret cabal-controlled governments and councils keep from you.

What else do they lie about?

Pranksters pretending to be Zelensky: "Who do you think is guilty of the Nord Stream explosion?"

Henry Kissinger after a long pause: "I thought you were."

Ukraine Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov just bought this $7 million villa in Cannes, as a small wedding gift for his daughter.

A parent shows a book her child brought home from elementary school in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

“Do you know what Rockefeller was in to? EUGENICS!!!!”

Lockdown and vaccination are now considered the "new normal". What we have experienced in previous years with the corona virus with lockdowns, masks and vaccinations is now becoming the norm, since on the occasion of the recent pandemic, the WHO has concluded a "Pandemic Treaty" that, in fact, will force states to obey the orders of a "central authority" and take action.

and there’s tons of hydrogel in it. This woman is a nurse and put her life on the line by being around sick people daily, and even took the vaccine to be able to continue to do so. Her red blood cells are very inflamed and also have spikes on them. This is not healthy blood. This is Nuremberg 2.0.
I have done something with Lindsey’s approval and will be testing her blood again in a few hours. If this turns out well, we are going to offer this to everyone. I’ll update in a few hours. Prayers for lindsey and all people who got the vaccine. 🙏

Link to her video:

Portion of foundational information regarding the Anglo-American establishment. Primarily, it sources Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor.

Link to blood Video:

Do you or anyone else have any answers for Nurse Lindsey? She wants the video of her blood shared far wide because she senses that she is going to die.

Here is her video talking about her vax injury:

Here is the video of her blood:


2030 UnMasked is a documentary revealing the connection between Covid-19, Vaccines, Masks, the Banking System, and the upcoming “Great Reset”.

This documentary is for anyone realizing something is wrong in the world. Especially for those “just waking up”. It’s uncomfortable to learn that so many things you’ve been told are untrue and this documentary is intended to help make sense of WHY so many things are happening, HOW they are happening, and also WHAT you can do about it.

We can’t obey our way out of tyranny.

Mass disobedience is the best way to move forward and helping as many people become AWARE is one of the first places to start.

This 2-Hour "2030 Unmasked" independent documentary offers an exceptional attempt to make sense out of today's complex and clandestine forces.
The content offered, here. will never appear on mainstream news, big tech social media platforms, nor standard academia. Consider this a must-see and must-share content.

Russell Brand vows to continue to talk about "deep state and corporate collusion, how ordinary democracy is an anathema now, about a military industrial complex that is able to facilitate and start wars that are little more than money laundering operations, the role of big pharma and how big pharma have been able to influence government policy around the world and how they've been able to avoid media investigation, media corruption and censorship."

It's almost like they validate the message of the messenger each time they censor someone who exposes these subjects.
When they fired Tucker, his voice became louder.
When they colluded to stop Russel from talking about these imperative subjects, they get us talking about it more.

Turbo cancers are happening in pregnant women, in young kids as young as 12

Some people are dying in a matter of hours.

Everyone knows about Willy Wonka but most of us aren't aware of the dark origins of this story and its association with cannibalism.
In order to understand this, we break down a lot of Roald Dahl's work and compare it to some other films that Tim burton has worked on to make connections that other fan theories have yet to connect.
This film has been coming back to the collective conscious lately, so let's take another look at these films with new eyes.
There was always something unsettling about these films...

Why was it so popular and promoted by the mainstream media as a fun children's tale?

And "Johnny" Depp/ Deep (the "Johnny" goes DEEP into the Chocolate) is the main actor for this movie... playing Wonka himself. :) Go figure.

The company that owns the screen explained that the error was caused by an Artifical Intelligence system that compared the yellow colour with the word Ukraine and automatically corrected it to a similar consonant word.

Hundreds of humans who identify as dogs gather at a Berlin train station to advocate for the rights of people who identify as dogs.

Dr Tess Lawrie, speaking at a World Council for Health event in Bath, last night, Tuesday September 19th, 2023, urged parents to consider a common sense approach to all childhood vaccines, not just Covid mRNA vaccines.

Link to World Council for Health statement on Childhood vaccines:


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They have blocked my Arcane Pathways channel due to posting the Truth about H!tler and National Socialism.

Link here:

So will continue on thie channel.