This video is answering several questions from my discord server about Wrongful convictions. As said by someone in the server: “Whether by mistake or misconduct (witness, police, prosecutor, lab, etc.). How to reduce or prevent? Has anyone been wrongfully executed? Or died in prison then exonerated? What would they do if they found out they had? They can't undo it, and "oops, sorry" would seem inadequate. If misconduct led to a wrongful conviction, should the penalty be dependent on the outcome of the convict? Probably more questions.”

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This video is about Twitch guidelines as well as dance streamers on the platform. If you want to skip the guidelines part of the video you can go to 5:51 to get into the juicy part. But i would recommend watching it all for full understanding.
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Sorry for all the stock images at the start but I had some major teach issues and power went out for several hours. Still wanted to get a creative video out for Father's Day though so here it is. An interesting idea I noticed how Hollywood has prepared fathers over the years.

Gun Problem in United Staes and how fix it according to Google. I took the idea of Guns and ran a phrase through google to see the top results from google about guns being a problem. It was interesting to see the articles agree upon three major things invloving change of culture mindset and smarter simple gun laws. Along with other more exetrme view points.

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This video is my plan for my youtube and discord for the month of June and more. I plan to be way more active. Fell free to reach out to me at any links under. Also feel free to give me any topic ideas you wan't to see.

An introduction video to my school video project.

This video puts focus on mental health/illness. Is mental illness genetic or physical environment related? I will be doing a series of mental health videos. Covering more in-depth with as I believe they are a great help.

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Sources used

Mental Health Basic Facts and info

School Size 1990- 2000

Newer data on school size 2018

How many people we meet per year

The average amount of friends

Genetic Link to Mental Illness

A study from Newsweek article on genetic link

Video on signs of mental illness

Video on Mental Illness is not a Genetic/ physical environment

At this point, the video is old news and has been forgotten...but youtube didn't let me publish it and I spent way to much time on it so I decided to post it here and see what you guys think about my take on the video.


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