The Pirate Party Of America

- The Pirate Party Of America

What is Kekistan? Let's explore what Kekistan is, what it is not and how it's portrayed incorrectly by places like the SPLC and the media. I know this is 'explaining a meme', but I've rarely seen a meme adopted and used so quickly by so many people. And if the media won't get it right, we have to do it for them.
This video is free to duplicate and mirror anywhere you like, monetized or not. My only requirement is you title it 'What is Kekistan'.

The most important speech I've heard in the last sixteen years.
This ranks up there with some of Ronald Reagan's or John F Kennedy's best speeches. One a Democrat and one a Republican, both were great presidents. Please take the time to watch and do pass it on, and let's make this speech go viral.For the sake of all children in America and around the world.
I will you with a quote by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
RouteDog a Pirate ARRR!

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth 03 - The First Storytellers

part two of "power of myth"

A friend of mine sent this to me from Facebook and it explains the many forms of government that have happened throughout history. I couldn't have explained it better then this video does.

In this beloved 1988 PBS series, mythologist and storyteller Joseph Campbell joins Bill Moyers to explore what enduring myths can tell us about our lives.

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It’s time for a new American party, lose the Democrat and Republican labels. Join the Pirate Party of America. We will steal good ideas from anyone!
I'm trying to build a political party with social media and in cyberspace in general with both written and spoken words.

I I currently have two YouTube channels and like Styxhexenhammer666 and others I've uploaded a few videos and made some post to the sites list below. I speak better with the written word as I can take the time to edit myself.