This brings everything you wanted to know about the SCAMDEMIC into clearer focus. Join-The-Dots. An old saying: "it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven". PLEASE POST YOUR OPINION ON THIS ISSUE.

A few other short videos for time strapped people to keep up with the LEFTIST craziness.

The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance. Make sure you do your shift as lookout, we need every one of you.

When your arguments are based on pure evil and insanity, this is what you get in return.
"So, you're saying a baby has value the minute a second after it's born, but not a second before it's born". Keep your eye on Nancy Mace she's really smart at cornering the Leftist witches. I POSTED THIS SOME TIME AGO, but this guy has since gone missing on the internet, so time for another viewing in his honour, I hope he's still alive. He promised a part two.Has anyone seen him.

I'M REPOSTING THIS because it's that important, maybe the most important interview I've posted here. 3 MINUTES OF PURE BRILLIANCE. His name is Nick Johnson.

The truth about the school system.

We need more people creating videos like this to combat MSM disinformation, and more importantly, lack of information.

"How do we fight this?". Listen to her answer. We love you Christine.

THIS WOMAN SHOULD BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT, she's the only one with enough guts to get the USA out of the toilet of history, created by the you-know-who's, the unmentionables. They who ran the FED for the past 33 years and now run the treasury, putting the USA into $31 Trillion in debt.

Yes, that's right, it's the elephant in the room that no one wants to be the first to say is there. It's the Emperor's New Clothes, that needed the innocence of a child to point out. It's the BOY who cried WOLF, one too many times, until people didn't believe him anymore.

He tears them apart, limb by limb. Support this man.

WATCH UNTIL THE END, to see how they're messing with your head.

Time to get real people, this is no joke, time to play for keeps. Show this to your white friends and family, try to wake them the F up. Killary & Co need to be given an offer they can't refuse. The left have sold us out to the Z10N1$T$

This is just the tip of the iceberg, watch the whole video here, You'll never fit all the pieces together without this video. Download and put it in a time-capsule for future generations. Yes, it's that important. Thank you Catherine Austin Fitts, a genius and a brave hero.


Be assured, goos Christian people of the USA, your three main enemies, are 1SRAEL1 MainStreamMedia, BigPharma and Politicians. They run all three of these and they're out to kill you, yes KILL you. First your brain, then your spirit and then your heart. Do not believe even one word from a snakes mouth, like Eve did.

The sadness is going unheard, the sheep are too busy eating the farmers food to fatten them up, thinking he's a good guy.

Over 250 individuals allowed to walk into Capitol by police then later arrested and abused. Leftists have been playing the Far-Right Terrorist narrative all this time, when it was a set-up, a trap, all along.

Think how many Indians would have been murdered if Pfizer had their way in India. Btw, I don't believe the world is over-populated and I don't believe there are 8 billion people on earth, in fact, I don't believe any statistic anymore until I see it with my own eyes and brain. EVERYTHING from MSM is total bullshit. Even if 8B is correct, at the same density as Manhattan, we'd all fit into Switzerland.

I love the magnetic energy clip, I'm sure it could run a lightbulb at least. And soem serious Covid stuff. Also look here @NoMandatesEverAgain on Telegram

So much going on, it's hard to keep up with the 17 points of human life the UN-Agenda30 wants to control. ALSO, check out the previous post, and see what real, heartless, crazy is, the jabbing pharmacists reply will astonish and disgust you. Also check out @NoMandatesEverAgain on Telegram.


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