Hello there, in this video I am going to talk about the wider and further advancement of censorship throughout all social media plattforms, the internet in general, why they operate the way they do, it's global impact and destruction of freedom. With enough self-respect intact and a base of information, the moment shocking truth hitting reality and so the global population big time, I can very well see these gigantic, 'all powerful' organisations fall in a matter of months.

Just have a look what single year of lies has done to the world. Wait for more, this year is going to be a hell of a ride. A tough, brutal, harsh 2021: and maybe Humanity's first and at the same time final chance to free itself ...

In this video I am going to talk about the Capitol Hill Event, Brutus Pence and some other information I have found so far regarding the Trump/Biden Votes.
So much Information is currently circulating around it is actually very difficult to tell apart truth/lie. Let's see how much is going to be proven right over the next days, weeks and months. It's going to be an epic ride for sure.

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After some vacation time due to all the research I had been doing prior, I am going to talk about three reasons why THEY still want the entire planet under house arrest.

People throughout history have been asking the same questions again and again, their possible answers and speculations mostly led to war, death and poverty. Religion being used to control the masses and strengthen the power of the established leaders during those times. All in the name of God.
It is no different today.

Today more and more people, with the increase of technology and a better understanding of the world through science, lose more and more faith in an all loving God who allowed all terrible wars of the past and the two great ones, WW1 and WW2 to happen, not realising the greater perspective of the entire universe and it's highly potential chance of advanced alien life:

their wars might be way more brutal and disastrous 1x Million times with entire planets, stars and galaxies getting destroyed, hundreds of billions of living beings exterminated through century-long wars, natural disasters happening on planets, entire galaxies getting sucked into black holes, Supernovas devastating everything and everyone in its path ...
The list goes on.

Forget to think about the entire entirety from the point of a human being who got his/her perception about reality from his/her community, family, state and so on. People became more intelligent over time (Information), lack any wisedom though. An Alien will not care nor know about Jesus, Buddha, The Prophet, what You think and what should be done/is allowed or not.

So I am going to talk a lot about God's given Free Will, it's effect on the Past, Present and Future.

In this video I want to remind you folks out there about the very big demonstrations which happened last month in London and Germany, it's results, and of course about the lies "tell-a-vision" tried to put on people's minds during that time. A very big important demonstration is planned for tomorrow, the 26th of September 2020 as well. Allow me in 1-2 additional minutes to take away your fear about a virus which does not exist: well it does in some way, only in the minds of uninformed people ...

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Long ago I have noticed people around myself: pupils, students, friends and co. over time were less and less able to pay attention for longer periods of time. More and more came the smartphone into existence and people have been since then hooked onto a device which literally is "controlling" their lives with great ease, many not being able to imagine a life without it anymore.

No more reading of physical books, no more puzzle solving in reality or in a virtual game, the ability to focus and having patience are declining rapidly: what cannot be achieved fast will be looked at on the internet to quickly move on ; the mind is no longer forced to critically think, AI and Technology are more and more replacing the normal 'problem thinking, trying-out' method.

With less and less Attention Span, less and less energy available for the mind to focus on whatever is required the people and society as a whole are no longer able to actually realise what is being played on them for decades, especially now, nor are they able to successfully live a great life of balance: with less attention span many problems come along. Problems which have huge impacts on the individual, their perception and ability to navigate through life.

Such immense, devastating problems and it's danger, the illustration of the entire magnitude cannot be talked quickly about in a short video unless one is a fool who simply wants to cheat through life, like so many unfortunately do: do it, do what you like, do not cry later on though, okay ?!

A short review of mine on this historic day.

My thoughts on the real purpose on meditation and why it does not work for so many people: it's not about happiness nor relaxing time ...

It's outstanding one is able to say: I did it for a year, nothing changed ...
That line alone tells you A LOT about that individual.
Good luck on cutting wood in half with a hammer.

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Enough is enough.


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