Exposing the corrupt PayPal that knowingly did business with the KKK only terminating business with them because they couldn't make money off them, but hypocritically used the excuse of rejecting service for Alex Jones based on his alleged "Hate Speech". Time Warner even exposed them for their horrible service, freezing funds and dictating "FREE SPEECH" rejecting service from private journalists and media outlets such as WikiLeaks and London Based "Justice for Iran". The list of victims can be viewed on Wikipedia with the words PayPal and PayPal Mafia.

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T.H.E.Y. try & Demonize Graffiti on a building/property,but actually ALL cities ARE Graffiti in the Natural Order of things! Man Always tries to Conquer nature, instead of living in Harmony wit' it. Man ALWAYS wants to build things,BIGGER buildings,Expensive type sh*t ,but it can NEVER compare to the Priceless Earth. Man doesn't Know how to live a SIMPLE existence. Human BEINGS always need to DO something! Man is NEVER satisfied wit" anything! Man is STINGY, ARROGANT,HAUGHTY, and causes Corruption on the planet in his attempts to subdue it. WISDOM is lacking. Too much Irrelevant sh*t is being pursued. This is those Intelligent Lyrics T.H.E.Y. don't want you to hear.
- Wiz Hotep