Best class in the game... except not against the worst class in the game.

I feel it.

Silly druid. Either spec resto or cat.

all your base are belong to us

World of memelocks.

Thought I would give everyone an update on where my head has been at when it comes to the way I handle this channel.

They're not all that bad...

Lets not all pretend like every rogue doesn't think they're some hardass ninja that gets one shotted by warriors.

Of course, they'd be trying to save the Huntard.

In all seriousness this is coming from a place of love because it was one of my first and still is one of my favorite classes to play but... I know what they are.

As someone who used to main Warrior....yeah... we have some weaknesses too.

We all know how dat dem dere spellslingers be.

We know what we are.

Didn't quite nail some of the fills, but jeez Mario is such a beast!

Not a super complicated song, but hella fun to play!

Just messing with some settings on my recording equipment, and I forgot that I was supposed to just record a short bit, so I lost my mind and this is what happened. Not completely terrible, mostly just fiddling around, the snare and toms sound like dookie I know, but eh, not my worst drumming I guess??



We're going to talk about the daddy hit mommy at the dinner table moment of WoW Classic.

Such a fun song to play, awesome jam. Love the deftones!

I discuss some talking points about accessibility and the potential for added quality of life items into Classic WoW.

This song is so much fun to play, just rockin' out \m/

R.I.P. Dimebag. Miss you brother <3

Some memes, some stupidity, and a little bit of reflection back on the good ol' STVietnam days. Enjoy!

Felt like doing a touristy guide-like informational video for STV since that happens to be where I am currently levelling in Classic. Let me know what you guys think! I got all my information sources from WoWHead Classic and WoWpedia. Links below.


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