Howdy cowpokes! I hope you like me breaking some vidjas. I still got some more to show!

I was kinda wanting to make these short 5 to 10 minute vids but there's just so much I just had to make a long compilation. I don't get much feed back but I do hope you enjoy regardless. I don't like making long type vids so you the audience can chew and enjoy but the later vids will be long for the time being my apologies hehe.

War... war.... and more war never changes

Just dumping all my vids in my PS4, here for your enjoyment and my free space c:

Shits hard... tries approximately 50+

Bioware isn't very dead... it was very murdered

My friends burb dancing (to nib nob music)

An alien who needs help finding himself

Too fast To furiously (Might make a series of the glitches I've seen over the years)

The greatest gaming of all time...??games ok but its not great either.

Just me playing some Dank Souls beta test... now its a dead game, thanks Fromsoft.

Some trashy old test animation (moving everthing to Bitchute)


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Welcome to the channel hope to put in some content