A video exploring the finances of Netflix to determine if it is the streaming king and what its future may hold

3rd video in the streaming wars

Audio orientated episode advising on all transfers from League 2 to the premiership transfers up to 15 January

Late coming out due to bit chute processing for 15 hrs

only on bit chute

video explaining the collapse of the French football Tv deal and consequences

not yet on you tube

video discussing why few mangers face the sack this season

Also touches on BoE QE loans for football clubs originally put forward in my video Players, Parachute Payments and Plebs

now on you tube

does what it says on the tin
First uploaded to you tube 22nd October 2020

Weird introduction of channel video by a man clearly on the edge

a video exploring the finances of AT&T (Owners of HBO and HBOMax) second video in streaming wars series looking at the finances of the main streaming companies

Video exploring the sustainability of the current Arrangement between West Ham United and E20 the London Stadium landlords made by an Aston Villa Supporter or a 10min rant about the London stadium

My views on his subject have changed a little on this subject
but then i would say that so i can pump out another video

first published on you tube 22nd september 2020

video discussing the effect of parachute payments on the championship football league

Origanally posted on you tube 24th august 2020

this video puts forward that "doing a Fulham" is actually a good tactic for clubs coming into the premiership from the championship explanation on what is "doing a Fulham" and why it may not be a bad tactic

Originally published on you tube 24th august 2020

the first video i made and second published on 22nd august 2020 The Video that taught me doing 2 mins on every Premier club means a long video should have done the math which is common problem for me

40 mins is club by club so pick and choose

the first video i posted to you tube back 22nd Aug 2020
video explaining issues in the championship due to covid based on their finances and my basic understanding of economics- With a summery for each individual club
but still half the size of the next one(which was the first one i made)

Warning narrator Does lose the will to live

Highly speculative video suggesting Rupert Murdoch may be behind the European league first uploaded Oct 29th 2020 on you tube with built in drinking game

my take on the big picture project first published on you tube 21st October 2020

my take on the big picture project first published on you tube 22nd Oct 2020
update i have since seen that Arsenal have gone to the Bank of England for a loan did they watch this?

my take on the European super league first posted on you tube 21st Oct 2020

my take on the big picture project first published on you tube 21st Oct 2020

explanation why west ham were slow to buy players in the transfer window published on youtube 25th september 2020

my take on Bpp and the bailout first published on you tube 21st Oct 2020

My take on the fox /Disney Merger


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