I had a picture of mine printed on a canvas. It was taken with a GoPro Hero 6 camera so lets see how big it can get without being annoying to look at.

Warning, Wind noise and shaking camera, You might want to avoid watching this one, cheers.

Today I play a bit of Twilight Zone on real pinball machine.

In this video I talk about how we here in Denmark like to see ourselves as really thinking of the environment and thinking about renewable energy, as long as it doesn't cost anything or hurt the income of the friends of politicians.

When I go on a vacation, there's usually a plan, stuff to do, places to see, videos to record.
But on this vacation to Mallorca, I only brought one camera and recorded very little.

In this video, I explain the main reason why I closed my Facebook account a few years ago and why I won't be back.

I challenge myself to produce one video every day for a week.

More YouTube being weird.

Bird watching and the water running.
just for fun.
There's a bird nest in the black flower pot to the right. not sure which bird

Bird watching and the water running.
just for fun.
There's a bird nest in the black flower pot to the right. not sure which bird

A lot of people seems to complain that they don't get their notifications when a video arrives from their favourite YouTuber, some of it might be YouTube's fault and some of it might be your own.

This time I go driving down the Joshua Forest Scenic Road in Arizona, A great road to choose if you are going from the south of Arizona to for example to Nevada or somewhere above.

16 minutes of talk about overpriced meat, saving money, enjoying food, talking about the weather and other wholesome stuff. Also taste testing the Rib-Eye from Spring Creek in Canada.

In this video, I take another look at the water level in Lake Mead and talk a bit about where the water goes and who gets it. The water is in high demand in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico. So the Colorado River dries up before it reached the Gulf of California. Also, a bit of a warning about what people tell you is the "truth." And finally, I end up getting in the mood for another road trip.

In a town, outside a city, in the middle of the desert, there's a rather large fountain that I visited at one point.

A long overdue video about the shipment of wine from Page Springs Cellars. Nothing better than getting more wine to enjoy.
I bought 12 bottles of red wine from Page Springs Cellers and were awaiting their arrival. It had to be timed so it wasn't too hot in Arizona and not too cold in Denmark when it was shipped in order to protect the wine.
A nice present to myself from past me, but was it still a great wine? Check out this video to find out. :D

What I bought :
2* 2015 GMCs SKU: 2015039 $52.20
3* 2015 Super Arizona SKU: 2015057 $67.50
3* 2016 Vino De La Familia SKU: 2016019 $67.50
2* 2016 Cochise Syrah SKU: 2016029 $50.40
2* 2016 Dragoon Pinotage SKU: 2016035 $72.00

And then I paid almost another $300 in import taxes, shipping etc.

Siri activates itself without me talking, I could recreate it time after time by playing the video.

This is the most relaxing video ever, or perhaps just the most boring. So if you feel like sleeping or relaxing then this is the video for you.

Welcome to my channel. the pinnacle of human achievement, running one high-quality Viking power!
This is my channel introduction that is to be played for new visitors to my fantastic channel. I have kept it short so it doesn't continue for too long.

I have been watching Cruising The Cut lately and so I am told that I should prepare some tea and eat a Jaffa Cake or perhaps a whole pack? The only thing is that you can't buy Jaffa Cakes around here, although I believe I have tasted them at some point. But the internet can solve the problem, so I get some Jaffa Cakes shipped from the UK.
Will it work, and what are Jaffa Cakes?

Crusing The Cut:

Video I watched:

Yesterday, I tested the live streaming feature on the Mavic system. So I streamed about 20 minutes from the Mavic 2 zoom using the 4G connection on my cell phone.
As you can see the quality is far from perfect and my advice will be that you make sure that you record it as well.

Jellyfish in Space af Kevin MacLeod er givet i licens i henhold til en Creative Commons Attribution license (

Testing to see how it works live streaming from the DJI Mavic.

Today I am replacing the cushions on my Bose Quiet Comfort 25 ( qc 25 ). 2 years ago I replaced the cushions on my QC 15, so I assume it isn't too hard.

This is my Bellagio Water Show video. I do like those fountains so I have compiled 40 minutes of video here, right from a Bellagio Fountain View room. Now since I do not have the license rights to play My heart will go on by Céline Dion, I had to add some different music instead. But at least you still get go watch Bellagio fountain show, right?
I believe you can call this an authentic Bellagio fountain room experience, without having to spend all your money renting the room since I did that already and they doesn't come cheap as I paid over $500 for one night here at the Bellagio, with a late checkout. All just so I could see the fountains and the water show.

I "accidentally" used $700 on wine one fine afternoon after a wine flight at Page Springs Cellars. But first I went out to take a bit more car footage and I visited Montezuma Castle National Monument and I visit a McDonalds with a peculiar version of the golden arches. And, of course, a bit more mountain biking

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