Saved from Communist Youtube.

Youtube trying to remove more facts.

The globalists will not remove us. The American people will win this war.

Susan from Youtube has been trying to erase this so i've decided to upload the full briefing on here.

A real ER doctor actually telling us what's going on.

Heard rumors that NBC is trying to take down this video for exposing their Globalist bullshit that is the Golden Globes. Props to you Ricky, for telling it how it is.

Joe Biden's creepy leg hair comments now animated!
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This isn't mine, I thought I would share this on other sites just to get this review around.
Original Video:

Hahahaha, it's about time these lefties start getting some karma served to their asses.

Alot different then what I usually upload but, I thought I would record my favorite division of cars at my local short track, Southside Speedway in Midlothian Virginia.

This is beyond stupid that this poor man would get kicked off this United Airlines plane just for making a pro patriotic comment and then also have a few of the passengers make disgusting and violent comments against him. You know what to do with companies who want to play this game guys, BOYCOTT! Show them were not happy by not booking with their airlines anymore.

I know this is months old but, i'm searching around for stuff to add to my archive of videos on here.

Now this is what you call fucking real patriotism!

More pathetic lies from the mainstream media trying to praise this loser like he is a hero. Hell no, this guy supposedly went frickin a-wall a few times on the Marine Corps. This guy I found on Youtube explains all the details.

Warning Kids! Socialism NEVER EVER works no matter what you try to apply it to society.
Socialism is just Stage 1 to Communism.

Here's a compilation of President Trump talking about running for president and then finally doing it.

Lol this person needs to learn to shut up. If they had this much of a problem with it, learn to ignore it and walk out.

Man what an immature piece of shit.

Had to reupload this due to the last version being cut shortly for some reason. Can't believe it took me months to finally notice that mistake...

Don't believe the fake news media. This violent group is not a joke. They are causing severe damage and harm to anyone that stands in their path. BUILD THE WALL NOW!

Warning kids! Stay away from creepy Uncle Biden!


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