Max the Boston Terrier just couldn't contain his excitement! Watch as he jumps like a 'pogo stick'.

Looks like Fish is having the time of his life!

As we have been posting about this morning, IT IS THE LAW to stop for stopped school buses. This is to protect the children who are unloading from the bus. With recent reports of infractions, an Enforcement Action Plan was created for a noted bus stop on US 19.

This body worn camera video from Deputy Justin Smith shows himself and Deputy Ashlyn Reese making several traffic stops yesterday morning as vehicles continued driving past a stopped bus as children were unloading.

These enforcement actions will continue. We share this video and the post from earlier today to raise awareness to this issue and help to stop it from occurring any more.

Credit: Pasco Sheriff's Office

Artist Terence Brown II creates an incredibly detailed portrait of legendary Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee on 11 x 14 Bristol, using only pen and ink!

A homemade machine built with Lego Mindstorms, Raspberry Pi, and BrickPi, uses the Kociemba two-phase algorithm to completely solve a Rubik's cube all on its own.

Now this was a close call! Filmed during a free dive off the coast of eastern South Africa.

Now that was a close call! Filmed during a free dive off the coast of Santa Barbara, California.

Watch as this talented dog demonstrates his scooter-riding abilities while cruising around a Walmart parking lot in Kansas, USA.

An incredible moment caught on camera!

Ever witness a sight like this on the highway? Filmed in San Juan, Argentina.

Gunnar can't hold in the excitement!

While boating on Lake Macquarie in Australia, this family is visited by a looming great white shark.

The Washington County sheriff's office has released dash-cam video that show a shootout with a gunman Sunday. The agency said on Facebook that Sheriff Tim Helder chose to release the footage because bystander video has already been posted online and "because of the great public interest it has generated.

Credit: Washington County sheriff's office

This Beluga is absolutely enthralled by the softly played music!

Why is popping bubbles so satisfying?

Check out those priceless reactions!

Troopers Thomas O’Connor and Christopher Warwick pulled an unconscious man from a burning car moments before it became fully engulfed in flames on State Highway 42 in Gloucester Township, Camden County.

Credit: New Jersey State Police

Pashmak is one smart dog!

Check this out! How cool is that train?

Looks like this dog has it all figured out!

Have you ever seen a dog who can control his bark "volume"? Pashmak can!

Watch as this toddler shows off his best moves alongside three playful emus.

Callie, the energetic terrier, goes absolutely nuts at any mention of squirrels!

Have you seen a Great White Shark this close before? Jaw-dropping footage!

A Massachusetts Department of Transportation camera captures the moment a truck's load hit the ceiling of the O'Neill Tunnel in Boston. Credit to 'Massachusetts Department of Transportation'.


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