I thought I was aloneūüė≥

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Terrible tornado

Is this not the coolest mom ever? Check it out!

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This is what happens when mom leaves waffles out in the open! They get stolen from a hungry pup who has no regrets! So funny!

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Totti is fighting very hard to resist the delicious treat. His willpower is really strong!

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Rex loves to walk himself! Once he gets a hold of his leash, he walks with an extra pep in his step. Such a good doggo!

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While driving back from Glacier National Park, these people were caught in a surprise hail storm. On a plus note, they were under evergreens, and while branches were broken off, it smelled great!


That is something you do NOT want to be a part of. Check it out!

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This is the most adorable thing you'll see today. Cuteness overload!

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Watch as this pig wipes out after trying to jump on a ball. Too funny!

Check out this incredible footage of a bright glowing object, believed to be a meteor, flashing above northeast Scotland on Monday night!

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This probably happens more often than you think. Hilarious!

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Breakfast with a view! Insane!


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A massive mudslide hit the local steakhouse of Oak Glean, and its parking lot was filled with up to five feet of debris thick enough to stand on!

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This groom got an epic 'first look' from his friend in a wedding dress, and their reaction was even more fun! The prank calmed everyone's wedding day jitters!

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Check it [email protected] Rigby has some good ball skills!

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This is how you propose. Are you not entertained!

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‚ÄúEven when your surroundings are hectic, maintain your composure, keep your confidence, and own the runway‚ÄĚ.


This is just hilarious! Check it out!

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When she told her grandparents last year she was pregnant and due in June 2022, her grandpa said: " I hope I make it 'til June! Seeing him walking her baby in the stroller so my mom can calmly enjoy her meal, and seeing him smile at his baby boy with a face full of love, makes all our hearts melt. She is so lucky and grateful to still have her grandparents and that they are able to meet this precious baby boy."

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It's safe to say there will be no swimming at this beach today!


Check out this absolutely terrifying hail storm causing massive damage. Wow!

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This guy decided to slide on the water slide in a unique way. He did a handstand on the starting point before jumping onto the water slide and into the pool! You have to check out how cool it looks!

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This girl and her dad got into a playful fight in the kitchen with some milk cart, and the next thing you know, the girl hilariously hits her after successfully dogging a hit! It's so funny!

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Check out the way she hides the evidence at the end. It was her hiding her evidence at the end. These pandemic babies are different!



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