It started as a welfare check and ended with spirits being raised for all, including "Mr Teo",a 95-yr old widower in need of some help. Credit to 'San Diego Police Department'.

COVID-19 has most of us quarantined indoors these days and we all simply need a good smile to brighten up the day. Check out this priceless dogs moments for just that!

It’s my grandad’s 92nd birthday today. He was so sad he couldn’t have any visitors and then this happened!

Full credit to: @Beth_Pickard on Twitter

So sweet!

Credit/Instagram: @tre_alpacas

Trust level: 1000!

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It's not just dogs who love to do this!

Credit: Papouille

Instagram: @papouillekitten

dog flying in the air


Quarantine has definitely taken its toll on these people. Priceless!

Full credit to: @pelayobarro on Twitter

So close yet so far away! Adorable!

Credit: Mini Australian Shepherd
Instagram: @moose_the_miniaussie

Hope everyone is keeping safe and staying healthy! Watch as Zeus the Stubborn Husky complains, just because he can.

We had to keep our distance but we couldn’t not see our best girl on her birthday!!! Happy 95th Gram we love you SO much!!!😃🎉❤️

Credit: Sara Byrne

Instagram: @sabyrne5

During a random audit of police body cam videos, a supervisor found this interaction (Jan. 10) between Sgt. Nick Boney, Ofc. Jimmy Wilson, and a woman whose daughter had just turned one. The woman was holding a bouquet of balloons trying to get home to her family on a cold night.

Video credit
Gwinnett County Police

Sisters Robyn and Maisie are getting some much needed pupy-love. After the family dog passed, the whole family was feeling like something was missing. So, while the girls were at school, mom and dad brought home Roxi, a 9-week old German Shepherd puppy. Surely there will be no shortage of cuddles from here on out!


Every day, Dayanna sings to her grandfather Daniel. He has dementia, but Dayanna sang "Fallaste Corazón" to him and he remembered the song. As they held hands and sang the emotional song together, you could really see what a strong bond they share.


The show must go on! So awesome!

Credit: "Daniele Vitale Sax"

This foster baby from Best Friends LA has some demands for his new human friend. More scratches!

Now this is absolutely precious! Watch as Charon the German Shepherd welcomes these adorable newborn quail chicks.

Completely empty train...good stay home! Let us essential workers go to and from work safely!

Full credit to: @Citlalizz on Twitter

Learning about the importance of washing our hands!🧼 I wish you all could’ve seen how truly shocked they were that the “virus,” (pepper) moves away from the soap! So much fun and very informative!

Credit: Amanda Lorenzo

Instagram: @mandysmunchkins_

Looks like Catalina is going to win this argument! Your turn, dad!

These people in Naples, Italy find a fun way to beat the boredom. Enjoy!

Credit: Andrea Alfano on Twitter

My reaction when Mom says Kevin’s coming over!


Cute Pomeranians do the daily routine to get treats





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