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At first, she appeared to be in shock and stood still, but then she fainted immediately. We know they will laugh about it later!

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There has been ash rain in four villages in Dukun District due to hot cloud falling from Mount Merapi in Magelang Regency.

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This is the most heartwarming elf on the shelf ever!!!

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When a cardinal appears, an angel is near ūü™Ĺ Do you believe cardinals are a sign sent from above?

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This video was taken on a private beach during a photoshoot. i stood behind the signs where you can stay and went back to the set after. the animal peacefully watched what we were doing and then rolled back into the sea‚Ā£


Toilet filled the bathroom with foam after it malfunctioned and someone has a lot of cleaning to do after this!

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Wow, it feels like you are in a Disney movie!

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The struggle is real, and this clumsy pup it's just the cutest!

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This Shiba Inu can't decide if she likes it or hates the roller! Too funny!
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Neighbors called PLFD to report a deer stuck on Pike Lake. It was struggling to get off of the thin ice. Firefighters put on their protective gear and carefully crawled across the ice. They were successfully able to push the deer to shore! Thanks PLFD! ūü¶Ć ūüĎŹ

Video credit @cityofpriorlake

Paddy is trying to determine if the singing cactus is friend or foe.

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Wow, that was extreme!

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On Thanksgiving night, Coronado PD received a call about a baby sea lion crossing southbound lanes of SR75 near Leyte Road. Officers arrived on scene and found the sea lion being ushered across the road by a couple of motorists who had stopped to assist the animal. Officers were able to get it safely into a crate and transport it to the shoreline where they attempted to get it back into the ocean. Well, the little guy had other ideas. He moved towards the waters edge, looked at the ocean, then crawled back into our crate and refused to move. @seaworldsandiego responded to the scene and took the little guy, who was appropriately named Gobble, into custody.

Video credit @coronadopolicedept

Aye, aye, captain! Too cute!

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She's such a sweetie!

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Even her "meow" sounds like cat bullying! Too funny!


Hope everyone is safe!

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This is just too cute!

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Husky's weekend plans include binging his favorite show, Squirrel TV. Too cute!

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So true!

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A ball that has the panel shapes of a peeled orange. Next time you’re eating an orange remember that you’re also designing a new ball construction.

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Ontario Provincial Police assisted in corralling a stray llama that was observed on Highway 400 north of Toronto this past weekend. The police successfully rescued the llama, and it has since been returned to its owners, ensuring its safety.

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OPP Highway Safety Division

Stay safe everyone!

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During the Hopkinsville City Council meeting, Bolo was officially made a part of the team and sworn in by Mayor JR Knight as HPD‚Äôs very first Paw-trol Officer! We can‚Äôt wait to follow this sweet pup‚Äôs career on the force. ūüźĺ

Video credit City of Hopkinsville Local Government

God bless this couple!

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