Watch this grandma's reaction after being surprised with her newborn grandchild, who had traveled with his parents all the way from Japan!

Reuben has had it with his couch privileges being denied!

Samson's owner thought he was simply sitting on command!

Watch as these lionesses playful interact with a visitor at a zoo in Utah.

These boaters experience an incredibly rare encounter with a humpback whale. Check it out!

Sheriff Tom Spangler would like to commend our very own TANGO ”Traffic Unit” Officer, Brian Rehg for his efforts in saving the life of a young man that attempted to jump off a bridge on Pleasant Ridge Road On April 8, 2019.

Officer Rehg along with KPD Lt. Chris McCarter grabbed and held onto the young man just seconds before he went over the bridge. Because of their vigilance and quick actions the young man is alive today.

Both Lt. McCarter and Officer Rehg are true local heroes, not just because of this one incident but because they continue to risk their lives daily for the safety of others.

Thank you gentlemen for your continued hard work and dedication to Knoxville and Knox County!

Credit: Knox County Sheriff's Office

Only in Florida can you see a gator holding up a Spirit Airlines plane crossing the runway. Priceless!

Credit: Anthony Velardi
@Horizonless_Nomad (Horizonless Nomad) on Instagram

Gill goes for a ride in his owner's carrier but is probably upset it's all captured on camera.

Credit: @qgill_thegolden

Watch as a playful sea lion "attacks" a diver off the coast of La Paz, Mexico.

Looks like these two Scottish Terriers don't trust the home's newest tenant!

Placer County Sheriff’s deputies received a call from a Kings Beach motel that a bear cub was trapped in their dumpster. When deputies arrived at the motel, they found the cub’s sibling trying to open the dumpster to rescue their trapped brother/sister.

Deputies Bryant, Staley and Nevins quickly came up with a game plan to free the cub from the dumpster. Watch the video below to see how the bear cub was rescued. 🐻❤️

Credit: Placer County Sheriff's Office

This dog must think it's a horse! Hilarious!

Full credit to: Sam Ellis on Facebook

Filmed in Colorado, USA. What do you think it is? The work of video editing, or something else?

Check out the jump rope skills from Adrienn Banhegyi. Amazing!

Now that's a priceless reaction! Credit to 'Miami Beach PD'.

A pair of Daytona Beach police officers rescued two kittens who had gotten stuck between two fences on the beachside during Hurricane Dorian.

Credit: Daytona Beach police department

Zeus is back at it again with his stubbornness!

Now this is an adorable friendship!

Check out this precious clip of a baby crawling with some otter friends. Too cute!

Credit: Sean Kalin Jr and Animal EDventure Park


Imagine finding a lion casually hanging outside your room? Filmed in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Looks like Elvis would rather stay in bed! Can you blame him?

A bear was rescued from a dumpster by Tahoe deputies! This bear found himself trapped in a dumpster in Northstar. Sgt. Nevins brought his trusty step-ladder from the office again, but the ladder was not for the bear this time …

We were able to get “Bubs” out of the dumpster. He was shooed off and left, but not before giving Nevins the hairy eyeball.

Credit: Placer County Sheriff's Office

Who is your favorite? So cool!

Credit: The Happy Kids 🇳🇬 Instagram: @dreamcatchersda

Check out this police captain's hilarious response to a spam call telling her she's about to be arrested. Too funny!

Credit: Apex Police Department

Watch as a baby adorably follows the lead during mom's workout.


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