Can anyone even match his energy? Cuteness overload!


Officer Genito, Officer Simpson, and Dog Control Officer McGrath responded to a residence on Viola Rd in New Hempstead for a report of a kitten trapped in the engine compartment of a vehicle. After a lengthy struggle, the officers were able to remove the kitten from the car safely.

Video credit Town of Ramapo Police Department

There's a bunch of new dogs in the neighborhood and this woman hasn't met any of them yet, despite her best efforts!

Credit/Instagram: @its.the.rosenthals

A volcano on the island of La Palma in Spain erupts after much seismic activity. Check out the incredible footage here!

Full credit to: lisa_schroeter on Twitter

she‚Äôs so sweet ūü•ļ #grandma #grandmasoftiktok #foryou #foryoupage #granny

Credit/Instagram: @iampyxie

Check out the contrast in effort between these two dogs when it comes to fetching a stick. Hilarious!

Credit/TikTok: @pipersmomm

This third sibling was so sweet and nice when he was a baby, but look at him now! Too funny!

Credit: @be_kind_of_witty/IG

When your baby is moving and climbing all over the place, you need some peace of mind that she can get down safely. Very important video!

Credit: @totsontarget/IG

Think of what happens whenever two dogs meet while on a walk, and then think the exact opposite for cats. Check it out!

Full credit to: reemmdmn on Instagram

Captain the pug loves the pet store more than anything!

A day before EEVEE the Savanah cat (a cross between a serval and a domestic cat) gave birth she was a little hormonal, but kept it to herself. She was headbutting the entire family, but looks like this little girl got the biggest portion!

Credit/Instagram: @savannahseattle

Hanley would not stop screaming during an airplane flight and nothing was working. But when this stranger offered to help, everything turned around!

Credit/Instagram: @johnna.gleason

You know that person will have some soul-searching reflections when they get home. That was insanely close!


This adorable little cat somehow got himself into the stadium during a Miami University football game and hangs for its life from a balcony. Luckily, a heroic man catches the cat when it falls, and now it's safe and healthy! So amazing!

Credit: @yiannithemvp/IG

This is what happens when you don't give this doggy the attention it deserves. Hilarious!

Credit/Instagram: @pablo.iggy

It's not just dogs who love to play with the water hose - raccoons clearly love it, too!


This guy was truly having a bad Monday!

After being freed by ACO Hoffman, this adult Red-tailed Hawk was transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center to recover.

Video credit Weston Police Department - MA

Since Friday, a three-year-old child missing on a rural property in the Hunter region has been located following a large-scale search. What an amazing kid!

Video credit NSW Police Force

This woman is literally showing her dog the weather report to let him know that it is not raining tomorrow. We absolutely here for this video! Such an amazing woman!


You can really say this was an attack from the sky! This man lost his food to a seagull that knew how to steal!


Check out the look this baby gives their mom after doing too much shopping. Priceless!

Credit: @torreymcleay/IG

Leading up to this day, I was a hot mess about this surgery. Not so much because of the actual procedure but because she is my baby, and they are working on her sweet little eyes to help her see better, and any surgery can have it's complications.

Meadow has been seeing her Ophthalmologist since she was one year old for her Strabismus and Amblyopia.
She was prescribed her first pair of glasses to help with the farsightedness in hopes they would also correct her eyes from turning inward, but after 9 months, the crossing persisted and got worse, affecting her vision to see clearly. Strabismus is when the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object. The eye that is focused on an object can alternate. So when this is happening, two different images are sent to the brain -- one from each eye which confuses the brain. In babies, the brain may learn to ignore the image from the weaker eye, which could eventually lead to her losing complete vision in the weaker eye being her (left) eye, which is what was happening with Meadow and why we moved forward with the surgery.

Meadow has been such a trooper through this whole process. 24 hours we didn‚Äôt get to see our baby girl's eyes. Here‚Äôs dad giving her a pep talk letting her know how tough she is, and then she did it! Even in discomfort, she‚Äôs still smiling, being her silly self. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and kept Meadow in your thoughts and prayersūüíē our baby girl is so loved we‚Äôre so blessed‚̧ԳŹ

Credit/Instagram: @gabriellemonfils

These alpacas are really confused and curious with a lookalike toy. Just wait until the end!


Police rescued a buck that got stuck in a hammock in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Video credit Grand Rapids MN Police


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