If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life! #packer #cupidshuffle #problemsolved #wedoitall

Credit : roselle_disposal IG

She is the sweetest, cutest, tiniest little baby! We are so grateful to have her in the family!

This video was taken about an hour after she was born, like puppies and newborn humans, foals sleep a lot the first few weeks and very deeply. She didn’t mind her little fluffy friend cuddling up with her, nor did her mom! “Sugar”, the mother was standing right next to her sleeping baby. She doesn’t mind the dogs/puppies at all!

Credit: greenvalleyaussies (Instagram)

An international team of astronomers, led by Professor Jane Greaves of Cardiff University, with assistance from MIT, recently announced the apparent presence of phosphine (PH3) gas in Venus’s atmosphere.

This right here is why you should never give up on your goals!

Credit/Instagram: @th_ibaud

Cuteness overload!

Credit: house_of_axl (Instagram)

10 AM on the Golden Gate Bridge. Darker than dusk, sepia-toned, like a total solar eclipse. And the birds still haven’t gotten up. This is what it’s like under the satellite image below.

Credit: Jennifer Frazier
@frazierarchive (Twitter)

Check out how much fun this rhino calf is having at the zoo. Adorable!

Auckland Zoo (Youtube)

Who knew baby owls could be so cute? Check it out!

Credit: @worldwidebird

Macchiato the corgi enjoys a tasty slice of watermelon in this adorable clip. Too cute!

Credit: @corgimacchiato

Momo the trained eagle owl comes in for a landing during a training session. So cool to watch!


The Town of Ramapo Police Department responded to a call about a pup “in distress” after his head became trapped while he was exploring under the sofa.

The police called firefighters from the Hillcrest Fire Company for assistance, and the pup was freed without injury.

Credit: Town of Ramapo Police Department

Video by the Bountiful City Police Department shows a Woods Cross officer climb into a storm drain and pull out one helpless little kitten. A firefighter then climbs into the drain to pull out its sibling.

Credit: Bountiful City Police Department

Check out this massive waterspout that forms on the Florida waters of the Bogie Channel. Awesome!

Credit: Scott Crabtree

M25 lorry fire live: Updates as motorway shut and thick smoke billows over between Heathrow and Uxbridge

Credit: Holly Taylor

Looks like Hudson just wants to enjoy some play time. How cute is that?

Satellite imagery of the Western United States, taken by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), shows the incredible amount of smoke create by the recent wild fires in the area. The National Interagency Fire Center says there are 102 large wildfires and so far, more than 4 million acres have burned. Credit to 'NOAA'.

No good deed goes unpunished! Another reason why firefighting is a risky job! This morning Lauderhill Engine 30 received a call to rescue four baby ducks that fell into a drain. During the rescue, the Engine crew was attacked by the mama duck who came flying in to rescue her babies. Thankfully all four baby ducks were rescued and the Firefighter was not injured!

Video credit Lauderhill Fire Rescue

It worked!!!! Only Just Getting Started. Thanks for all my followers straight up love ❤💭

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Watch how Scout the Golden Retriever dog reacts after meeting his new puppy sister, Rosie. So precious!

This is definitely a cuteness overload! So many cute puppies!

My sister recorded this video of her tree toppling over. She lives near the mouth of Weber Canyon. #utahwind

Video Credit: Cheri Holden

Just Edna enjoying the swing. What a unique cat!

Credit: @edgar_and_edna

Danica and Dude were born to be best friends. Priceless!

Credit/Instagram: @mabeyfamilyranch

The skies near Silverton, Oregon show that the Santiam Fire is very close. My best friend evacuated and I took in her cats and we rescued two kittens from her garage. It’s apocalyptic!

Lebanon has launched an investigation into a huge fire at a warehouse storing aid that erupted in the port of Beirut - one month after a massive explosion there killed more than 190 people.

Full credit to: @selim_mezher on Twitter


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