This adorable dog named Finn really doesn't want his owners to leave! Watch as he blocks the staircase and shows off his best 'puppy eye' look.

Looks like he isn't a natural after all!

What are the odds of catching this incredible moment on camera? Filmed in Baja, Mexico.

After stealing his owner's shoe, Azlan is asked to bring it back!

This dog refuses to go on a walk without her best friend. Now that's loyalty!

Look how determined this cute puppy is!

Everly was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes. After 4 surgeries, she got new glasses and can now finally see her parents clearly!

Hikers in Alberta, Canada experienced quite a tense moment after encountering a grizzly bear along a hiking trail.

Watch as a Zumbrota-Mazeppa Elementary School fourth-grader gets on her school bus in January. And watch as the driver fails to yield for the school bus with its stop-arm extended and flashing lights activated.

Credit: Minnesota State Patrol

Pancho the rescue cat loves Jinxy so much that he just can't stop playing with him. So cute!

Jake and Zoey get to visit their owner in the hospital for the first time after his open heart surgery.

These newlyweds are just starting their first slow dance, but what happens when the music messes up?

Watch this cat play a classic game of whack-a-mole! Credit to 'coco.ai_mama'.

This stubborn husky thought the middle of the street was a good place to take a nap!

Cute rabbit have fun with a rabbit toy
Credit: Locca
Instagram: @locca.0315

Check out this dude's impressive pogo skills as he performs a flip for the camera. So cool!

Credit: Harry White
Instagram: @xpogoharry

Let's be honest, we've all been here before! Too funny!

Credit: Teya & Mahdi
Instagram : thepoodlegirls

This clip of a puppy playing with a balloon with surely brighten your day. Enjoy!

Credit: Lil Bit of Love Rescue
Instagram: @lilbitofloverescue

Looks like this Great Dane isn't very happy about the family's new puppy.

Birra the Golden Retriever does her best to comfort a crying newborn baby. Adorable!

Now this is just way too cute!

What an amazing family moment!

The bride and her father surprise everyone in attendance with this awesome dance!

Artem and Simona put on a spectacular performance as they dazzle everyone at their wedding with their first dance.

It's true - dogs and cats can definitely get along! Cuteness overload!

Credit: Chamonix, Heidi & Bojangles
Instagram: @chamjangles


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