US Coast Guard members save a lost dog after spotting him swimming 200 yards offshore in Fort Meyers, Florida. Way to go! Credit to 'U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach'.

Check out these bizarre lights caught in the night sky over Texas.

It's been two hours since this person saw this - and it's still gushing gallons of water on Jamaica Road!

Full credit to: MEGA_AV_INSTALL on Twitter

A thirsty armadillo in Brazil was lucky enough to be offered by this kind man! Way to go! Credit to 'Caio Giovani'.

Certainly the most heart-warming video you'll see today! Incredible!

What an absolutely precious moment! Credit to 'The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs'.

We've all heard the song, "Friends in Low Places". Well this week, this driver deployed the "No Ticket Turkey."

Things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving:

- Having friends in low places like the "No Ticket Turkey"!!!!!

Video credit Livermore Police Department

In the latest installment of strange sky stuff happening in Arizona, we bring you a green fireball. Arizona is no stranger to the strange sky stuff and ever since those infamous "Phoenix Lights" social media explodes anytime there's something peculiar in the sky. The video of the phenomenon was tweeted out by Dr. Lucille Le Corre, a planetary scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson.

Footage from an airplane shows the incredible depth of the Sydney bush fire. Wow!

Full credit to: @omidameri on Twitter

A caring dog at the The Rhino Orphanage (a wildlife orphanage) in South Africa has taken a liking to a 10-day-old baby giraffe named Jazz. Credit to 'The Rhino Orphanage'.

Footage from the White Island volcanic explosion which occured just off the New Zealand coast on Dec. 8, 2019. Credit to 'Michael Schade'.

Firefighters in NSW are impacted by a fire crowning out of the bushland.

Credit Flashover - Australian Firefighting

The OSIRIS-REx team has already pushed the boundaries of scientific exploration -- going from ground-based radar images from Arecibo in Puerto Rico all the way to orbiting a few hundred meters from asteroid Bennu. The team is mere months away from a sample collection attempt at the asteroid surface. Before this attempt, we take a look back at some of the major achievements, surprises and challenges of sampling an asteroid with OSIRIS-REx.

Credits: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Zeus the husky "softly" howls in protest while recovering from anesthesia following a minor surgery. Glad he was okay!

Echo doesn't want his owner to go out! That's too cute.

This kid loves to take care of a cute little kitten. Adorable!

Reaching the edge of the storm from a bird's eye view is incredible!

Full credit to: @AzzedineTDownes on Twitter

Check out this grandpa totally prank this little girl over and over again!

Credit: The Maltbie Bunch
Instagram: @themaltbiebunch

This is what happens when you're not a morning person but your best friend is. Priceless!

Credit: Deaf Dogs Rock
Instagram: @deafdogsrock

This young lady telling the 1st African American CEO of Chase Consumer Banking what it means to see someone who looks like her in that position. Check it out!

Credit: Thasunda

Instagram: @thasunda

If you've ever played the game Skyrim, then you definitely know what this dude is all about!

Full credit to: @JinnKid on Twitter

A bear that goes by the name “T-Shirt” got himself stuck in a dumpster in Kings Beach. He is a local bear and has had prior run-ins with our deputies. They named him “T-Shirt” because of the white patch of fur on his chest. Luckily for T-Shirt, Deputies Bertoni and Staley were able to help him get out of his predicament.

Credit: Placer County Sheriff's Office

This clip is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

Credit: Swayze Nelson

Instagram: @swayzebegs

For anybody who is feeling a little down or sad, we bring you Sir Wolfie (also known as the froggo-doggo) to brighten your day with his extreme happiness about his owner finally coming home after being away for 5 days. That’s more than a month in dog time people, way too long!

Full credit to: Inge Dimphy Gooskens on Facebook

This is Iowa. She got hit by a car and suffered injuries. Thankfully the good people at ReservaWildForest took her in until she fully recovers!

Credit: ReservaWildForest
Instagram: @reservawildforest


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