A drag queen event for kids in Dallas Tx. on June 4. For more context see ..

This is a clip from the Amazon Prime series Covert Affairs, season 3 episode 13. In this incident the US acted on fake intel from Mossad !

Just like the old Disney, but with drag queens.
This fucking war, guys – just so you fucking get it – is not a war for the Ukraine. It’s not a war for gas, for furs, or for NATO – fuck, not even for Crimea, not for any of that shit. This is a war for the future of the white race, for the future of white civilization, for the future of white Russia. If we fucking lose, that’s it. There will be no more Russia – fuck – no more of our civilization. The white – fuck, it will be the end of all white civilization on the planet. Because we are the only ones left! Because the ones that once said before, like “we are the white race!”, like white Europe, white America – where are they now?

Arabs, fucking niggers, chinks – they’re seeping through every fucking hole. Even fucking faggots of all kinds. Fucking men in dresses, fuck, sucking niggers’ dicks. What’s all that for? Where’s the white race? Where’s the pure white blood? Nowhere! And that’s why the world will be ours. That’s why. That’s why it’s all happening now. We’re the last stronghold of the what man. This war is for our blood, for our genetics, a war so that our great nation continues to exist. So that the great white Russia lives on. So that there’s a future for the white man. This is what we’re fighting for. So yes, only the white Russian man, a mighty warrior, can fucking build the glorious Russian empire. To save the future, so that on this planet the white race continues to exist. That’s our mission!

That’s why we’re here. Not fucking Kiev, not any of that bullshit. For a Russian Russia, a white Russia for Russians.

Couglin was a Catholic Priest with a radio following of 30 million. Now we learn he was the father of 'hate speech'.

Harari is praised by Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the New York Times. See 'Why is Klaus Schwab a Comic Book Supervillain' -

and Russia is Christianty's last defense

The new normal !

From I, Hypocrit's weekly vid

From a PBS interview with Mearsheimer and Evelyn Farkas (deleted).

From I, Hypocrit's weekly compilation of weirdness in the US -

This is a clip from a weekly compendium of the current insanity by I, Hypocrit:

This vid is a CNN report plus additional info from a Johnny Gat vid - see entire JG vid here

The origins and aims of the EU

A one minute summation.

The staggering depravity of the US is explored more fully in the complete clip ...

You don't want to watch this. This is from a vid by Brother Nathaniel -

Forced immigration is turning the west into the 3rd world.

A NJ teacher describes gender identity content for 1st grade in next video, and refers to the Amaze videos.

Libs of TicTok and

You've got to see it to believe it. Source: TikTok or http://stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecudq444woadhzr2plxlaayexnh6eqd.onion/ using TOR browser


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