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Musk is an embarrassment to the white race, groveling before Netanyahu.

It isn't like we haven't been told ... (starting with Tacitus around A.D. 100)

If not Hamas, who ? ?????? Is Israel a crime against humanity?

Getting emotional on cue about a distant relative who died in the 1940s, Try it.

True then, true now. - Mitzvot, any commandment, ordinance, law, or statute contained in the Torah (first five books of the Bible) and, for that reason, to be observed by all practicing Jews.

How much plainer can it be?

This is a podcast, and a little 'academic', but the references check out ...


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This channel focuses on the holohoax, WW II, the Nazis, and the Jews, to contrast the Jewish worldview, which dominates the American (and worldwide) mind, with reality. Expanded to include:

#1 - the holohoax
Introduction to the Holohoax -
Nazi Hunters -
David Cole in Auschwitz -
Memory of the Camps -
Abraham Bomba -
Kate Winslet hopes for an Oscar -
David Irving reveals how the US recognized the Holohoax -
Irene Zizblatt escapes from a gas chamber -
Nazi Concentration and Prison Camps -
Ursula Haverbeck -
Nuremberg - Ernest Kaltenbrunner -
Eric Hunt - The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax -
Planet Auschwitz -
Eric Hunt - The Last Days of the Big Lie -
Eric Hunt - Questioning the Holocaust -
Eric Hunt - The Truth About the Nordhausen Bombing -
Auschwitz kindergarten teacher -

#2 - WW II, Hitler
#3 - immigration and the Kalergi plan
#4 - cultural Marxism
$5 - current events and politics