Sad but true - Osho (Rajneesh) has harsh verdict for democracy.

A report from the George Floyd Memorial Square on the anniversary of his death was interrupted by a drive by shooting.

Irving beards the lioness in her lair.

Christian Zionism predates Hertzl in Britain. WW I and WW II were provoked and fought by Christian Zionists, we’ll skip the references to bring us to the current day when Christian Zionists Trump and Biden and their followers, along with every Christian Zionist in the US govt, i.e. every Christian in the US govt., support, supply, and maintain Israel today.

This is an Adam Green vid that I re-uploaded and retitled.

There is a yearly religious festival honoring Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the famous adage. This year a stampede killed 44 followers.

Dr. M. Tobin testified at Derek Chauvin's trial that George Floyd's blood oxygen saturation was measured as 98% saturated when he died. The same doctor testified earlier that Floyd had died from lack of oxygen -

Target audience: teens. These are dark times

Tucker details the dangerous depravity of the Russian bounty hoax

Dina Babbitt tells the truth, Elie Wiesel lies.

Steve Hilton, weekend reporter at Fox, discovers the Frankfurt School. For a more detailed account see 'Goy Guide to World History, Part 4, the Frankfurt School' on this channel -

New upload as old version appears to be blocked.

David Rushkoff, prof at CUNY in New York, explains ...

I had the foresight to download this vid from YouTube from which it has, of course, disappeared.

The endless wars for Zion examined.

How the Zionists bought and controlled Churchill, who brought Britain into WW II.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota — The Hennepin County judge Peter Cahill overseeing the George Floyd case has made the body worn cameras from ex-officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng available. The video, taken from the body worn cameras shows Kueng and Lane responding to a convenience store on May 25 on a report that Floyd had allegedly used a fake $20 bill. Their former colleagues, Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin, later showed up to assist. The footage follows Lane and Kueng as they apprehend Floyd and two acquaintances. Lane holds Floyd at gunpoint and handcuffs him, and the officers briefly question the visibly panicked man before attempting to get him into their patrol SUV.

After struggling to get him into the police squad, Floyd is eventually held down by officers on the ground. Floyd is heard calling to his mother, repeatedly saying he can’t breathe and that everything hurts. After a few minutes, Senior officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao arrive and help wrestle him to the ground. Chauvin then places his knee on Floyd’s neck, where it stays for over nine minutes. Lane and Kueng hold down Floyd’s back and knees as Thao keeps increasingly agitated bystanders at bay. Chauvin gets up after paramedics arrive and load Floyd into an ambulance. Lane accompanies them and administers CPR as they take Floyd to an out-of-the-way street corner, while Kueng goes back into Cup Foods interviewing an employee about the alleged counterfeit $20 bill and collecting evidence.

This one actually scares me

The history of US wars fought for Israel

Creepy Joe at his worst ..

Trump cheats at everything and always has.


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