Out of the Shadows of Shame

Hi y’all! I hope you are all well, I hope you’re all pursuing healing and I miss you all terribly! I wanted to let you know that I will be interviewing Licensed Professional Counselor Kris Godinez on Tuesday. Kris has a fantastic YouTube channel called We Need to Talk with Kris Godinez. Go check it out. No seriously. Go watch her video right now. Any of em. They’re all great. It ok. I’ll wait..... ok. You good?

But seriously I can’t wait to interview her, and I would love to be able to ask her some of your questions. Please leave your questions or comments down below and I’ll get to as many as I can in the time we have allotted. Maybe I’ll make a follow up video for this channel specifically and your questions & answers. How’s that?

Thanks you guys! We’ll talk soon.

In this video I discuss, in very broad layman’s terms, some of the difference between trauma induced Borderline Personality Disorder & Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’m not a doctor, but I have had extensive experience with Cluster B Personality individuals. This is in no way a comprehensive description, but just some thoughts I had on the subject based on a hypothetical situation as a means of an example to illustrate my point.

Hi everyone! I’ve finally got it finished. Here’s s link to the new channel (Out of the Shadows of Shame) and new video. Please subscribe.

What I discuss here are my thoughts and opinions on the subject of the age of consent.

Here’s a link to the channel I discuss in this video

Queer Kid Stuff, targeted towards toddlers :

And here’s a blog post about this video where “ordering a pizza” is discussed in relation to Consent, which was written about in relation to this video by Teen Vogue

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In this video, I present a quick version of a case study of the Smear Campaign. Links below for reference. (I do think these are worth your time to check out)
Katy butler link - the Freyd Family

Ralph Underwager -FMSF

Ralph Underwager and the Mr Bubbles case

Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you know where else you can find me here on YT and alternately in BitChute


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This channel is dedicated to advocating for children against Child Abuse, including mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Since many people are unaware of the extent of absolute vulnerability that these kids face, I have decided to start a channel to raise awareness of the systematic abuse that our kids face, and cover ups that take place in order to keep the conspiracy of silence under wraps.

I was the victim of extreme child abuse, and although I reached out for help, I was ignored at every turn.

It seems that the children who SHOULD be removed by Child Protective Services, aren't.
And the kids who SHOULD be left with their families, aren't.
I'm beginning to wonder what exactly is going on here. I must say that it appears that keeping these children vulnerable is the goal.

Whether it be the family courts, abusive parents, predatory pedophiles and the networks that enable them, their supporters in academia and government, I seek to expose the corruption, collusion, and cover up at every turn.

And no. I am NOT suicidal. I do not intend to take my own life. I intend to fight this wickedness with every fiber in my body. I have suffered with depression in the past, but BECAUSE OF THE SAVING and HEALING POWER OF JESUS CHRIST, I am free, I am free indeed.